Set: Pre-movie when the queens were princesses. Set pre-season five on Xena.
Warnings: Cracky crossover, but I feel its semi-possible because old 'dite is a goddess.

Aphrodite rode the metaphysical waves between dimensions to her favorite non-earth hideaway. A veritable wonderland, she hung loose at the bitchin'est castle with the White Princess. The princess was totally morbid, with her love of gross magic and all, but definitely held the best bashes around. Masquerading as a simple duchess, she whirled on the dance floor before gabbing with the princess and her big headed sister by the refreshments.

"Your majesties," she bowed, holding back a smirk from playing as mortal, pretending for a moment that the two shouldn't be prostrate in worship before her.

"You. Give me the truth of it." The Red princess asked, "do you find my head unusually large?"

The White Princess gave her a look of full meaning, but Aphrodite didn't care to decipher it.

"Heavens, yes, I don't even know how you stand up the morning!" Aphrodite tilted her head to examine the noggin in question. "Like, doesn't it hurt your neck?"

A silence spread over the ballroom as every eye in the court turned to them.

The bobble-headed princess began to sputter and turn red before she screamed out. "Off with her head!"

"What I say?"