Warning: Crack crossover and pairing! Sometimes really fluffy, sappy het just pours from my pen. This is one of those occasions. Set post-series on Blood Ties, but is set in an AU Smallville where Lana didn't return to Smallville from Paris and instead went to college in Metropolis and then grad school in British Columbia. Just pretend it makes sense.
Written for the fantasyverse mash-up challenge

They meet in British Columbia outside an all-night bookstore. She hadn't known of his books and he had never heard of the Smallville meteor storm. It was easy to talk to him even after she knew that he was a vampire. Actually, if she thought about it, especially after she knew he was a vampire. Smallville wasn't all that strange to a man who had seen Romeo and Juliet in its first run.

Lana wouldn't say that it was love at first sight, but it grew passionate quickly. By the time her student visa had expired, Henry asked her to run away with him to anywhere in the world besides Toronto. They would always call the next six months their honeymoon as they explored Europe by moonlight. Those were wild days when they'd dance until the sun drove them home or drive motorcycles through dark and ancient cities. Sometimes, they would just walk like their first night in Athens when they wandered through the Plaka to see the Acropolis lit up before spending the night talking in Syntagma Square with two friendly stray dogs by their side.

Henry told her about his days with Byron during the Greek War of Independence just before the sun rose. Later he would say that was the night he knew that he would spend the rest of her life loving her.

They reached Paris at the first snowfall of winter. Strolling, hand in hand with Henry, through a lovely neighborhood, Lana saw the house of dreams and Henry had given up by that time in trying to deny her anything. The dream house was soon followed by a dream green car filled with five pugs that Lana called her babies. Lana didn't know how Henry pulled the strings, but soon enough they were settled in Paris. In their quaint house, that was decorated with care and filled with love and fat little dogs, Henry drew his graphic novels while Lana became a fashion reporter for a teen magazine.

She never believed in fairy tales, but after meeting Henry, she definitely began to believe in happily ever afters.