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Walking Free


Severus Snape had never been one to follow orders. He much preferred to do things his own way and to figure things out for himself. There was, however, one man, of whom everyone feared, that everyone obeyed, even Severus Snape. No matter how ghastly or preposterous the task, one must do as one is told. That was exact position the potions master found himself in.

As Severus glided through the atrium of Malfoy Manor, he held himself steady. Walking in the direction of the dungeon, Severus passed the library. In the doorway was a rather distraught and ill looking Draco. The boy looked up as Severus passed but he paid him no mind.

He continued towards the bottom of the house and descended the dark stairwell. Standing by the door to great him was a giddy Lucius Malfoy.

'Lucius,' Snape nodded towards the blonde.

'I'm glad you could come today, Severus. I know you'll enjoy this; the Dark Lord has prepared a little something for us all. Draco has already has his turn.'

Snape felt his stomach drop. He wondered what they had made him do, and guessed that was the reason the boy looked so unlike his usual self.

Lucius opened the door and walked in. Snape hesitated before following the man.

Snape couldn't see. The room was completely drenched in darkness. As his eyes became accustom to the dark, he could begin to make out shapes of different objects.

Squinting his eyes, Snape spotted a body. It was magically tied up with ropes and was slumped up against the wall in the far corner. Stepping closer, other objects came into view. To the right, shackles were bolted into the walls, to his left, a large basin of water sat up against brick. A puddle of the water had gathered around it and the water continued along the floor towards the captive.

The captive itself, made no movement as Snape approached. The Death Eater looked down at the tortured soul and realised that their head was covered with a cloth bag. It was unlikely that they could see or hear anything, making the whole ordeal that much more terrifying.

'The bag is to hide his identity.' Lucius stated obviously. Snape rolled his eye.

'I can see that.'

'Hmm, well just don't remove it.'

Snape waited for the blonde to leave but when he made no attempt to exit, Severus sighed.

'I better get this over and done with.'


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