DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. The creators of Pirates are men, and I, am a girl. Therefore, I clearly did not write this masterpiece.

Chapter 16: Epilogue


"Ashley!" Someone called

"Who are you? Show yourself", my voice said.

A beautiful Latina girl came out from her hiding place. She had beautiful light-bronze skin, and hair the colour of chocolate. Her eyes were a dark brown, almost black. And her hair, was a dark-reddish colour. I knew her name before she even had the chance to tell me.


"I am Angelica Teach. And I see you have found love with Jack."

"Captain Jack Sparrow is none of your concern."

"Aha...but there is a catch. You do not belong in this world."

"Of course I don't. But Calypso brought me here for a reason. Do you really want to argue with the goddess of the sea?"

"Ha! You do not know who I am, Miss Ashley Winslet. I'll challenge Death if I have to. You're nothing. And one day...we will meet. And you. You will get exactly what you deserve." Angelica laughed evilly as she walked towards me and pushed me into the rough black waters of the sea.

"No!" I yelled as I sat up.

My eyes flung open as I realized where I was. On the docks of Tortuga. Gibbs was next to me, snoring away, as Jack was followed by two wenches, Scarlett and Giselle.

"Jack! Oh please tell me more about your adventures!" The blonde one with the enormous breasts whined.

"Oh Jack, you promised you'd bring me on the Pearl." The redhead complained.

Jack winked at me, just as he first did when we had met.

"Good mornin' love." He said as he helped me up.

He then turned to Gibbs and scowled. He took a bucket of water from the side of the dock and threw it on Gibbs, waking him.

"Ah!" He yelled as he clutched the ragged teddy bear.

"Where is my ship!" Jack demanded.

"We're on the ship..." Gibbs droned.

"No we're not!"

"The Pearl...Oh! The Pearl!" Gibbs exclaimed, getting up.

The blonde girl then gave a knowing look to Scarlett and then slapped Jack across the cheek. Scarlett did the same, right after, as they linked arms with Gibbs and walked away, Gibbs mentioning something about sea-turtles.

"The Pearl is gone." Jack said sadly, gazing into the sea.

"Don't worry, Captain Sparrow." I smiled. "You'll get it back from Hector Barbossa one day. I promise."

"I suppose, love. But it just isn't the same. No ship is ever the same as the Pearl."

"Then what do you say, Captain?"

He brought out the cut out map from under his jacket. Agua de vida was scribbled on the circle chart. "London is our best bet for a crew."

"And a ship."

"All hands, slaken-braces to London!" He demanded as we headed for the tiny, wooden boat at the end of the harbor.

"Aye, aye, Captain!" I replied.

A crew of two was just enough. If they were as fearless as Jack and I.

But the only thing I was worrying about was Angelica's evil laughter as she pushed me into the sea. To my death.

"You're nothing. And one day...we will meet. And you. You will get exactly what you deserve."

Bring it on, Angelica Teach.