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for Talk of Tomatoes

Lovino groaned as he slowly slipped out of sleep and into the realm of consciousness.

Mother fucker, his whole body ached like hell.

One day, he would learn how to properly say no to that tomato bastard.

Hmm. Speaking of tomato bastards, he noticed that his bed seemed devoid of one. Groaning again, he assumed Spain had gone down to make breakfast or something. He pulled Antonio's pillow towards himself for extra comfort. It was then that he saw a note fluttering onto the bed. It had been written on a scrap piece of paper, and the handwriting was unmistakable.

Sorry to leave so abruptly. Call me when you can.

Love, Antonio

Lovino let out and irritated sigh and rolled his eyes. Of course the tomato bastard would have left so suddenly. Probably just remembered that he forgot to feed his stupid turtles or something.

He considered calling Antonio right at the moment, but decided he had better things to do, like eat breakfast or write in his journal about the amazing sex that they had the night before.

Not that he was girly or anything for consistently keeping a journal or taking it around everywhere he went or anything. He just liked keeping record of things.

He rolled over and reached to open his top bedside drawer, where he kept his diary hidden under multiple novels. He rummaged through, but could find neither the key nor the journal. He shrugged and closed the drawer. He had probably left the book somewhere in the living room or something.

That meant breakfast had moved up on his priority list. Normally, he would yell for Feliciano to make him something but his younger brother was out at Germany's doing-

Ew. Puke. Lovino did not to be thinking about that the first thing in the morning.

So he swung his legs over the bed and got up, wincing slightly at the pain that shot through his lower back.

Well, wincing a lot. Antonio hadn't exactly been gentle the night before. At least it was good, though Lovino would shoot himself in the foot before saying it out loud to the tomato bastard.

Pulling a baggy white t shirt (Antonio's, most likely) from his closet, he slowly padded downstairs towards the kitchen. When he got there, he found his journal sitting on the counter, key lying beside it and a tomato on top of it.

Lovino furrowed his eyebrows. If that damned tomato bastard read his journal, he would have to give him a swift, hard kick in the testicles. And then one in the head for good measure.

He took the tomato, and after wiping it off on his shirt, proceeded to take a big bite out of it. At the same time, the phone rang. Lovino looked at the caller ID and picked it up, extremely irritated that he had been interrupted in eating his food.

"What?" he spat out, flecks of tomato flying out.

"Lovi! You're awake?"

"Take a guess, bastard. "

"Ahaha Lovino, there's no need to be so cranky~"

Was it just him, or did Antonio sound a little bit tired?

"It's your fault I'm like this, dumbass. What do you want?"

"Ah, it's about the birthday present..."

"Yeah, the one I'm getting today, right?"

There was a long silence, and Lovino scowled. Remembering that Spain could not see his face through the phone, he decided to talk instead.

"Right, tomato bastard?"

"Ahahaha, well you see, Lovi, that might actually not be happening..."

Another pause then-

"What the hell do you mean I'm not getting my present?"

"Well, I don't really think I should give it to you anymore."

Stupid, stupid, stupid tomato bastard! What the hell did he mean he wasn't giving Lovino his present anymore?


"Lovi, there's no need to yell-"


Lovino heard Antonio sigh softly on the other line. Lovino was positively fuming. It had been over two weeks since he was supposed to get his present, and now Antonio decided to suddenly not just give it to him?

"Hey bastard! Did you die or something? I asked, why the hell am I not getting my present?"

Another sigh, and then

"I don't think you'd like it..."

"Huh? What makes you say that?"

"...Please don't hurt me Lovi, but I read your diary.."

Lovino didn't reply. Instead, his face was busy getting red with fury.

"Ahahaha, I can feel your face burning up all the way from here!"


"Well after last night, I had been awake and I saw your diary just lying on the bedside table, and I was curious so I sort of flipped through the pages and.."


"And then I read a couple of the latest ones, and I thought that it would really not be a good idea anymore to propose to you."

In a fraction of a second, the colour in Lovino's face absolutely drained.

"P-propose? What the fuck do you mean propose?"

"Well from the looks of it," And he'd be damned if Antonio didn't say this with a sad tinge to his voice. "You don't really love me, so I wouldn't want to...ehh...this is hard."

Lovino could not think of an appropriate reply, so instead, he just slammed the phone down on the receiver, hanging up on Antonio.

Stupid. Fucking. Diary. What the hell had he written in there that Antonio would have read and used as an excuse to not propose to him? What would he have read to make him think that Lovino didn't love him?

Well not that he did or anyth-

Ah, who the hell was he kidding. As he scanned the entries with narrowed eyes, he knew that he loved the damn bastard.

Loved him. Damn.

There. No fan fare upon the big realization. Just acknowledgement as he sifted through pages, and maybe some self-pity, because Lovino thought-no, knew, Antonio was the densest thing to walk on the planet.

He still couldn't find out what the hell Antonio was talking about. He had written about Antonio so much, so why the hell had Antonio thought that he hated him or something shitty like that?

Feeling an extremely angry rant coming on, Lovino flipped to a blank page in his diary, reaching for the matching pen that had come with it. Midway through writing the date, he remembered that the stupid book had been the cause of all his problems.

Fuck, was he pissed.

x A few hours, tomatoes, a hot bath, and a few rants to himself later x

"Hey bastard! I know you're in there! Open up!" Lovino banged the door harshly. "Stupid! Spain! Come!"

The fifth time he attempted to hit the door, it swung open, and Antonio answered, looking surprised.

"Lovi? What are you doing here?"

"I think you damn well know." Lovino snapped, not moving from the door step. Antonio still looked slightly confused. Wait- but where those his eyes fucking twinkling?

"The proposal, dumbass!" Lovino prodded Antonio in the chest. "I want to know why you wouldn't propose to me."

"Eh, I thought I already explained it on the phone.." Antonio raised a hand and scratched his head. "Because you don't love me..hey, you're becoming red again! Ahaha, cute!"

"WHY." Lovino balled his fist and hit it against Antonio's chest, not too hard but hard enough to make him wince. "WOULD." Hit. "YOU." Hit. "THINK THAT, BASTARD?"

The last line was punctuated with a smack upside the chin, and Antonio frowned.

"It's not very polite to hit people, Lovi~"

"Polite, my ass. You read my fucking journal!" Lovino dug the offensive book out of his jacket, and threw it Antonio. Antonio caught it, and gave him a curious look. "Read it! Tell me what the hell was written in there that made you think I didn't love you!"

"Lovi? Do you-"

"Read it and tell me before I shove your head up your ass, bastard!"

"Eh...alright...do you want to come in though?"


Antonio looked uncertainly at the raging Lovino, then down to the book.

"If you say so. But come in."

And before Lovino could protest, Antonio grabbed him by the elbow and dragged him inside, through the large house, and into the living room. He sat him down on the large sofa, then plopped down beside him.

They sat there for a silent, as Antonio looked through the pages and Lovino looked at him expectantly. After a few moments, when it seemed like Antonio wasn't actually reading anything, Lovino grew impatient.


"Um...well...this is sort of awkward?"

"No shit."

"Uh, here...see...you said you spent an unhealthy amount of time with me.." Antonio began, sounding unsure and looking at Lovino.

"I do." Lovino replied curtly. "Continue."

"And that I'm an annoying bastard.."

"You are."

"..and you don't feel the need to tell me you love me."

"So?" Lovino deadpanned, still not seeing Antonio's point.

"So...I think it's pretty obvious you don't love me."

Lovino stared at him for a good fifteen seconds. Was that really all that it had taken? He raised his palm to his forehead, but then caught the pitiful expression on Antonio's face.

"Hey, bastard, don't look at me like that."

But Antonio continued looking slightly crestfallen. Lovino sighed, and tried, for once, to talk in a less violent way.

"Antonio.." Green eyes perked up at the use of something other than 'bastard'. "You're stupid. Like, really fucking stupid."

Antonio pursed his lips, as if he was on the brink of a reply but decided to just shut up for a change.

"I mean, I obviously like you. I fucked you didn't I?" Antonio grimaced at the word and Lovino rolled his eyes. "Fine, we made love. Whatever. I think that is an indicator unto itself."

"But Lovino, it's not just physical."

"Well no shit it's not, but it's part of it, right? "

"Yeah but.."

"I'm Catholic. I should be screwing a hot chick like Belgium or something, not a man like you. But since I am, it's got to mean something, right?"

"I suppose.."

"Look, bastard. Am I really the person who would go on declaring my love out loud?"

"It would be nice." Antonio muttered, looking down at his lap. Lovino glared at him.

"Well, I don't. " It was kind of killing Lovino on the inside, having to be so direct with his feelings, but he knew that it would be the only way Antonio would really understand. "I call you a bastard, because you are a bastard, but I'm alright with it. Sort of. And if I didn't want to spend all that time with you, I wouldn't have."

Lovino paused, taking time to gauge Antonio's reaction, before plodding on.

"And, I don't feel the need to tell you I love you because I assumed you would already know. Especially after what we've recently done."

Antonio remained silent, before quietly replying, "You know what they say about assume.."

"Yeah yeah, makes an ass out of you and me."

It was Antonio's turn to sigh, and he lifted up an arm and wrapped it around Lovino's shoulders. Lovino let himself be brought closer to Antonio, but made sure to keep a scowl on his face.

"You're very hard to read, you know." Antonio murmured, then pressed a kiss to the top of Lovino's head. "I can make others happy easily but with you I can't. It's not as hard to make you happy as it is to keep you happy. And I don't want to mess things up by getting too ahead of myself."

"I have been happy, stupid." came the mumbled response. "Fucking rainbows and shit and all that, you know."

"I'm sure." Lovino could feel Antonio's smile on his scalp. "Ahh, it's cute to see you so honest."

"..don't push this, dumbass."

Antonio chuckled, as Lovino pulled back at him and looked at him.

"So, what about you?" Lovino asked.

"Hm? What about me?"

"Bastard, what do you mean what about you? Do you love me?"

"Eh, and you were calling me dense..."

"Fuck you." Lovino stuck his tongue out, the gesture childish. Antonio smiled, and then kissed Lovino's cheek, feeling the blush.

"I do."

"Well good. Now propose to me." Lovino crossed his arms and looked at Antonio expectantly.

"You're very blunt, aren't you."

"Yes. Now propose."

"It wouldn't be very romantic if we did it now..."

"You had your chance for romance over the past two weeks. Just do it, dammit."

"...If you say so."

Antonio reached into his back pocket, and pulled out a small, black ring box. When he popped the box, Lovino stared at the ring. Two small snakes were winded around each other, each with a glistening ruby eye.

"Christ on a pony, Antonio, I thought you were the country of passion."

"Ahaha, well," Antonio said, scratching the back of his head. "I thought all the other rings were a bit too... girly for you, and would have earned me a sure rejection."

Lovino looked at the ring again. Yes, he probably would have been less than happy if he had gotten some girly wedding band. At least this ring looked pretty badass. Almost as badass as him.

"So, Lovino Vargas."

And the use of the human names were very significant, because this was not the joining of two countries, but two people.

"Yes, Antonio Carriedo?"

Antonio leaned in and pressed a swift, chaste kiss to Lovino's lips.

"Marry me."

"Fuck yes."

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