Chapter 1

Prologue the Queen Caroline

My POV (:

L is for the way you look at me…

Nat King Cole's Love blared out of two big, black speakers at the end of an elegant ballroom on board a ship called the, "Queen Caroline." Couples whirled and danced across the floor, staring lovingly into each others eyes. These couples whirled around another couple, just married.

The bride was wearing a long, white silk gown, with a white veil braided neatly into her almost waist-length dark brown hair. Her smile was lovely and matched the cherry red of her nail polish, and her skin was cream and rose under the florescent light of the large crystal chandelier above them.

She breathed her sweet smelling breath against her husband's crisp, black tuxedo, which held a perfect violet in its pocket. He was taller than his bride, of course, as her head only came to his chest. His eyes were deep green, and stared down at her with such a serious playfulness that could only be described as true love. His lips were curled in that half a smile that she loved, and would walk miles to see. And she could run her hands through his bronze colored hair that never seemed to want to stay flat forever. He had not, although, inherited this from his father, Carlisle Cullen, who danced proudly with his wife, Edward's mother, Esme, just a few feet away.

Edward's new wife was Isabella Swan. Bella, she preferred, and he would call her nothing else. As the song ended, cheers erupted around them, as a man dressed as elegantly as Edward himself, lead them both to a back table, where they signed a clean piece of paper that would one day become yellowed with age. This was a marriage certificate, and when signing it, they could not be any happier.

They then sat down at a long table with a nice white lace table cloth and nice china, where a waiter named Emmett McCarty, not to mention Bella's butler and close friend, poured the finest red wine the couple had ever seen into there glasses. With this, they both held them up, and smiled at each other as they toasted, just as a camera flashed and captured the picture perfect scene that would one day be just a memory to them, and a half a crumpled up old photo to their two little girls, who had no idea that the other even existed.