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Elf Dawned Book 1: By Chance...


He watched her like he always watched her nowadays. A delicate little thing, slowly growing up into a fine woman. He respected her. Loved her, even...

Her golden hair, impossibly long, was silver in the moonlight. Her pale face was cast in dramatic shadows; her lips puckered in terror.

She was the goddess of shadows. Underneath that delicacy, a ranging storm. Always like that. Always.

The nightmares seemed to haunt her more frequently now. Five nights in a row he had seen her clutch her blankets in a death grip. After three years, it seemed unlikely the dreams were about him. He knew for certain now.

She would never remember.

To her, he would forever be a stranger, long gone. Like a boring uncle a five-year-old met once, but never again, and was shown a picture of twenty years later. Filtered away in a brain too young to pay attention.

Of course, she would still remember him if it weren't for him.

Shaking his head, he took three steps across the room, standing in front of her. Gently, he reached out and touched her tense face, ready to disappear if she stirred.

She didn't.

His hand shook as he moved some stray strands of hair off her face. What he wouldn't do to feel her press up against him again. He missed the feel of her heart, beating along to his. The soundtrack to his love for her – gone.

What he really missed were her eyes. Cerulean eyes that would gleam up at him trustingly, even that last time, after he betrayed her. She could have asked for anyone's help.

She asked for his.

It didn't matter now, though. She wouldn't fit into his world anymore. Wouldn't know her way.

No one would trust her readily, though, even with his approval, so it didn't matter. She was a walking reminder of a failed rebellion. A reminder no one needed, even now.

He leaned down until his lips were close to hers – so close, he could almost feel them. One tiny jerk, and they would be touching.

Then, his vision was swimming in a pool of blue. Beautiful.

And then he was gone, three whispered words left behind for her to figure out...

The night was the time she dreaded. It was when the nightmares came – images of her parents, begging her to run.

Something was after her. Something great – powerful. Destructive.

She tried to run, she really did. But each time, her feet would stick to the floor, glued, and she would struggle, watching her parent's faces become contorted, monstrous. Watching them continue to beg, plead, for her to run.

And then, their faces would stretch and start glowing until they were yellow, a sight that made her pulse quicken and palms sweat. Her thrashing would get only worse, then, because she knew it was coming. He was coming.

She yelled, she tore, she struggled to get free, but his voice haunted her anyway. It entered her ears; licked her soul; did terrible things to her insides.

"I'm waiting."

But he didn't say it like that. He prolonged the words, tasting them on his tongue like chocolate. It sent chills up her spine, and as she watched, her parent's faces would turn into a pair of eyes. Green eyes, glowing like a cat's.

"Please, what do you want from me?" she would beg.

She received the same answer each time.

"You. Your blood. To see you scream for real – loudly, as if you'd never stop. My only wish."

It would continue, then - her begging for him to stop, him enjoying her fear, tasting it, feeding hungrily on it. Then, at last, he would whisper in a voice that would haunt children anywhere. If the boogie man had a voice, it would be his.

"Will you come willingly? Will you make my wish come true? Into reality? Will you die for me?"

She would normally bolt straight up, stifling her hysterical screaming that awoke her Aunt Rose the first few times she had the dream. She had scolded her, told her she was being rude, probably waking everyone in the neighborhood.

The first few nights she couldn't stop screaming. He terrified her, made all the bones in her body shake. Her aunt's contradicting tone had at first calmed her. Then she threatened to get a therapist.

That was when she started to force her screams down her throat. The last thing she wanted was a shrink.

Today was different. When she woke up, she couldn't bolt up. Something was holding her down.

She was going to scream, scream loudly enough to wake Aunt Rose. It was him – he had come to get her! No! Nononononononono!

But then she saw his eyes. The color of the sky at night, almost black with desire. They weren't brown, she knew, but somehow, blue didn't seem right to describe them, either. Too simple. Too washed out. Not like his.

Her open mouth brushed his just barely, not like a kiss, just a mistake, and she pushed her head back against her pillows, the scream dying in her throat. Her body relaxed under his, which she realized in the back of her mind not to be the proper response, but waved away completely.

He didn't seem to notice her for a second, the exact time for her to see that his ear seemed off, somehow. Non-human.

Then, his eyes were on her, wide, and he disappeared.

But before he left, he spoke three words in a silky tone, soft as the wind – so soft, she wasn't sure she heard him right -, that made her body tense and cold all over.

"He's found you..."


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