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Elf Dawned Book 2: By Chance...

Chapter 11:

We had returned to the castle and I was brushing out my hair, when I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped myself in it, feeling a little too open in the nightgown. I expected to open the door and see Endymion, but it was Nephrite.

He grabbed my arm, "Serenity, please, I need to talk to you."

I furred my brow and looked at Endymion's closed door. "Should I get Endymion?"

He quickly shook his head. "This has more to do with you than it does with him. But you have to trust me. May I come in?"

I opened my mouth, feeling a little suspicious, about to say no, but the word stuck in my throat. Instead, what came out was a reluctant "yes."

He pushed past me and sat cross-legged on the floor, gesturing for me to join him. I closed the door and bent to sit across from him, wrapping myself tighter in my blanket than before.

"What's this about?" I asked.

"Serenity, Amelia made a mistake."

I frowned. "About what?"

"About telling you to not look into your past. She was trying to protect you."

"No, no she had a vision. She told me I would fail-"

"You don't believe that. I know you don't. I can help you see." He looked at me, looked through me, and I was drawn back to this morning when I chopped off my hair and promised myself to know the truth, to get back the power I'd lost. And then later today, when I had decided to talk to Nephrite. I knew that I've been seeing more and more visions. Now here was a man who said he knew how to help me. Frankly, I was tired of the visions and of people telling me to trust them because I had once before. I was tired of taking people's word for things and working around other people hinting of The Big Bad when I didn't even remember it happening.

"You'll help me remember?" I asked.

He nodded. "It'll only take a few seconds. You want to remember. You already see your stars; you just don't know how to read them."

I nodded. "Will it hurt?"

He smiled, in amusement. "No, Serenity. We've done something like this before. You just have to trust me." He held out his hand, looking me in the eye. "Do you trust me?"

In response, I gave him my hand, and then I felt my world slip out from under me. I felt like I was falling, the blackness swallowing me up. It was getting hard to breathe and I felt myself panicking.

"Serenity, relax."

It was Nephrite's voice. Vaguely, I felt my hand being squeezed, and that pulled me towards a sort of ground in the darkness. It was calm for a few seconds, giving me time to catch my breath, but then images and sounds and laughter and tears were all rushing past in one blur. Vaguely I could make out some images. Dancing and failing to do anything right, feeling upset with my Aunt and upset with the world in general for taking my parents away from me. The growth, and walking in.

I saw Elf City, but it was different. It was beautiful and friendly and safe, a dream that awoke me from my nightmare. Then Endymion, and next to him, Beryl.

I looked into her emerald eyes and felt myself slipping again. The pictures changed, and I was lying on the floor with her standing over me, laughing with Endymion on her side, feeling the confusion fading away and seeing both of them laughing. Then, worms, small, all around me, growing taller than I've ever seen, crashing down and bringing the world up until all I could see was black. The blackness surrounded me, and the soundlessness and emptiness was like a constant shriek, only more unpleasant. Then there were two red dots that became brighter and swallowed up the emptiness and turned into fire that swallowed me up until I couldn't feel anything. Then the red faded into blue and I saw his eyes.

I gasped and opened my own eyes, finding myself lying on the floor, out of breath. Nephrite was still holding my hand, but someone else was brushing my hair out of my face. I looked up and saw Andrew.

He looked up at Nephrite. "Is she alright?"

Nephrite nodded. "Just let her relax. It'll click, she just needs some time."

"How much time?"

He glared at Andrew. "As much time as it takes."

Then they were both quiet, but I wasn't thinking about anything in general. I realized that I should probably be trying to put the pieces together, but all I focus on was how nice of a color my walls were and how much I hadn't realized I'd missed Andrew.

The made up memories were clashing with the real ones. I knew which one to believe, but the one that told me it was all dream screamed dominance.

I looked at my door. Endymion was right next door, sleeping, not realizing what was going on.


I've been hurt and I've been fooled. The part of me that thought of all those things he's done to me and all those things he's let Beryl do made me sick. But the other part, the part that remembered his softness, his kiss, his closeness and rationalized that he was under her spell fought back just as hard. And I knew what happened before my world collapsed in on itself. It was he who fought his way to me, and grabbed my hand. It was his eyes I looked into for strength that he gave willingly. In his thoughts, I remembered the love. But I also saw the fear and I remembered my own fear. Every bit of me hurt to remember the abuse I hadn't minded because I knew it wasn't him. Now there were two faces. A monster and a friend, one that made me feel cold and the other warm and loved.

I looked at my wall again. He was trying. He's suffering. He hates himself for what he's done.

I reached up and touched Andrew's hand with my free one. He clasped it hard, as if he was afraid to let go, and all I could do was let the tears fall as he and Nephrite just held me down, not letting me get too far into myself.

It was morning when I woke up in my bed, hearing the tap on my door. Nephrite and Andrew were both gone and despite sleeping for over nine hours, I felt exhausted.

There was another tap on my door, before the handle turned and Endymion peeked in. "Hey," he whispered when he saw I was awake.

"Hi." My own whisper was coarse, as if I hadn't spoken in a long time.

He looked unsure. "Can I come in?"

I hesitated, imagining him strangling me and laughing. "Yes."

He walked in and closed the door behind him, but stayed close to it, as if he wanted to flee. "Andrew told me what happened."

"Oh." I dug my fingers in the bed, not able to look at him anymore, so I turned my head to the ceiling.

"Serenity, please. I'm sorry. I didn't want to-"

"Stop," I mumbled.


"Please stop." I looked back at him. He looked like I'd slapped him, defeated. I held out my hand to him, wanting to take away the pain. He was looking at my hand as if it were a foreign object, never seen before. Then, slowly, he made his way to me and entwined our fingers, sending my heart galloping and my blood warming. I scooted over and pulled him into bed with me. He sat on it, rubbing my fingers with his own, not making eye contact.


He looked up, guarded. His fingers froze, as if he was expecting to be yelled at or tossed around. He's scared, I realized. He's imagined this moment so many times, and now that it was here, all the horrible things he's thought of were playing through his mind.

I sat up and slowly touched his face with my free hand. He flinched, and I ran my hand down to his jaw, then back up and behind his ear, which turned down into my palm.


"Shh." I leaned in and touched my forehead to his. "It's alright. It wasn't you."

I was swimming inside the blue of his eyes, so familiar, yet guarded from disbelief. Slowly, I leaned my head and captured his lips with mine, just tasting them once. I waited, our lips separated by half a centimeter of space. Then he finally leaned forward and kissed me back, igniting a fire inside me I had forgotten could exist. I loved the nearness of him, the gentleness. This was the Endymion I had lost, this was the fire I had missed. It was delicious and addicting and I could feel myself letting go of the mistrust as I felt his arms wrap around me, holding me up to make sure I wouldn't fall, bringing me flush against him in such a way I ceased to remember my own name. I remember I had read about the forbidden fruit, how it tasted so much sweeter and more addictive, a little wrong and a little mischievous. He was my forbidden fruit. I had been denying myself this for so long, it had been like a part of me was missing. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if he had gone.

His mouth left my lips and ran a trail of kisses down my cheek and to my ear, where he bit the soft spot that sent tingles down my spine. Then he exhaled. "Did you know that Blood Hounds have a special place in their hearts that's dedicated to a second half of them? When they find it, they go crazy trying to get closer to it. There's nothing else in this world that matters as long as that second half is near."

I breathed his scent in, memorizing it and trying not to lose myself to this sweet desire. "Are you my second half?"

He laughed quietly, trailing another set of kisses along my jawline. I could feel myself going crazy, needing more but too afraid of it. "Elves are so much different from Blood Hounds. Their heart is born empty, and is filled by laughter and love of others. But once they find their mate, they are all they can think about. It doesn't happen often. A mate is as sacred as a whisper in the universe. They would do anything in the world to make them happy and keep them safe, and all they'd want is to be with them forever. When an elf loses their mate, they are lost. The world is black and they shake for days. And when they stop shaking, they can still feel the rattle in their bones, and the coldness in their hearts. Serenity, I lost you, and then I lost myself. You are my mate."

I could barely think about anything but his words. "What about now?"

"Hmm?" he asked. He brought his face up and rubbed his nose against mine. Then he opened his eyes and stared into mine, and I saw a fire inside them that sent shivers and goose bumps throughout my body.

"Are you lost?"

His lips found their way to mine and he brought us both down into a lying position, pulling me closer to him and enveloping me in his body. "No. Are you?"


He played with my hair, curling it between his fingers and tugging at it gently. "I don't remember who told me about mates or when I started to resent the idea, but I had thought that having a mate would be the worst possible thing that could happen. To put that much of yourself into one person and expect nothing from them was awful. What if they didn't feel the same way? You'd be left following them around for the rest of your life, yearning for a closeness you can never have."

His words sent chills down my spine.

"I expect nothing from you, and I don't know what will happen tomorrow. I just want to hold you here with me forever, and hope that this moment never ends. You have no idea how long I've waited for you."

I ran my fingers through his hair, watching his face. Somehow, without realizing it, I had forgiven him and forgotten about everything he's done. I've put my trust back into him. He's been helping me from the beginning and all I've been doing is denying myself of what I really wanted.

I sat up fast, looking at him quickly. "Oh my God."

"What?" he asked, sitting up and grabbing at my arms, as if he were holding me down from fleeing.

"The footage was wrong. The camera? I hadn't gone straight from your room to your secret room. I'd first had breakfast with the girls. The footage has been changed."

He furred his eyebrows, as though trying to figure out my train of thought.

"We knew the footage has been messed with, but the guy who did this made a mistake. Listen, I met Thyst. He was at Amelia's house looking for the slip of paper I found. He kept saying how someone was there and watching and he looked exactly like the guy I saw with the tattoos, only without the tattoos."

"You what?!" He looked at me, mad. "You went alone? Are you insane? You could have been killed!"

I took out the slip of paper. "I meant to tell you yesterday, but you insisted on going out."

He quickly read it. "What did Thyst say? '–up your blood'? What is that supposed to mean?"

I shrugged. He quickly got up and stalked to the door, then paused and looked back at me. "Don't. Move. Don't leave this room. I'll be right back. Do you have your necklace?"

I nodded.

With that, he opened the door and stalked out.


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