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o n e: Shi-Long Lang


The Lang family had many unspoken rules- rules that Lang Zi did not mention; and upholding its honor was one of them.

When that prosecutor (damned prosecutors) had decided to tamper with that evidence, that fatal piece of evidence one of the Lang detectives had found, that very honor was destroyed and Shi-Long had swore to it that it would never happen again. But with every person he met, every new investigator that could possibly get in the way, a new path of danger was unfolded and posed a threat to what Lang had worked so hard to achieve.

Shi-Long Lang would never admit to feeling scared; but even hardest and toughest of men have their fears.


He has scars. Scars all over his body, from many different occasions, mostly depicting how frighteningly close he's come to being seriously, or even fatally hurt. None of them made any difference to Lang, though; that was what he was famous for, after all. It was well known throughout Interpol that many a time he'd been forcibly dragged into a hospital for some terrible wound of some sort, growling and protesting all the way. It was a fact among the forces that if Lang wanted something, Lang would get it. This applied to criminals as well; there was a reason they called him the Wolf of Zheng Fa, and this was it. Lang didn't care if he got hurt in the process; all that mattered to him was conviction.


He'll never forget how brightly the moon shone the night he met her.

Maybe it was the way the light reflected in her crimson eyes, or maybe he just liked the way she grinned at him as she told him her name. Either way, something about her drew him in, and before he knew it he was trusting her with his life-

He regretted every second.


She had sat there, face showing no emotion whatsoever, as he had tried to keep himself from screaming.

To think he'd trusted her for all these years, listened to all her well-spun lies- he almost had to stop himself from agreeing with her when she calmly called him an idiot. A well-meaning, kind-hearted, compassionate idiot. The woman he had respected, the woman who had stolen everything of his- his respect, his trust, his esteem, his love- was the one who had betrayed him.

As he marched her into jail, dragging her by her cuffed wrists, ignoring the cries of Shifu, stop! You're bleeding!, there was only one thing left he was sure of.

Shi-Long Lang would never make the same mistake again.


Many men would be proud to be seen as fierce and intimidating; but Lang isn't sure if that's what he wants.

Sure, he has to be at least somewhat threatening if he wants any chance of striking fear into the hearts of would-be criminals- but sometimes he gets sick of watching his subordinates fret over his every last request like they're death threats. Sometimes he wishes that his whole life didn't revolve around upholding his family's honour and scaring people to death, but he knows he needs to face reality; he's Shi-Long Lang, the Wolf of Zheng Fa, and there's nothing he can do to change it. He knows that this is his life. He's been hurt, used, spyed on, betrayed-

He looks into the mirror, baring his dangerously sharp teeth, and grins.