I was inspired by We'll be a Dream by We the Kings ft. Demi Lovato. Truly I just fell in love with this song and had to write a songfic. Hope you all enjoy. Please comment on anything at all. :D

She couldn't feel anything else besides the hurt that plagued her as she walked in on them. It was absolute betrayal. She felt the tears slide down her cheeks. She felt numb. How could she be so dumb as to think that she would be his? Sure she had kissed him but it was only one-sided. It was obvious that she had misread everything. She had never felt so stupid.

She turned on the light as they both scrambled under the covers. He stood there shocked and she was there pulling on her shirt with a smug grin. It killed her almost immediately. She left, storming out in sobs. He ran out to her.

"Please Camille! Wait!" He called out but it was too late. She had already returned to apartment 3B. Her cell phone started to ring off the hook before she turned it off. She logged out of any instant messenger or form of communication and cryed herself to sleep.

She bareley walked out of her apartment for two weeks. Jo tried to cheer her up, Stephanie had eaten pint after pint of ice cream with her and yet there was nothing. It seemed as if her heart would never recover from this.

It was only when she walked out to the pool for the first time that she talked to him. He ran up to her.

"Camille, you have to talk to me sometime. Please?" He asked.

"I'm sorry but you're dead to me. Please go away." She said and he was only left to go walk back over to the cabana and pray that something would work out.

It wasn't until the one day that she was at prom. She had gotten dolled up in her dress and had agreed to go with Guitar Dude. He showed up of course and he led her onto the dance floor. Again she saw Logan, looking as handsome as ever with his tux. It killed her as Rachael walked over and briskly took him onto the dance floor.

Rachael had spent the last hour talking about her interests, her career, her job. It was only then that she started whispering things in his ear repeating things that could only make him cringe. He was barely interested anymore.

"Maybe we could take this back to my apartment?" She asked with a grin.

"No." He said.

"I'm Sorry?" She asked looking astounded.

"Rachael, you're nice but- I can't be with you." He said. "I screwed up the one chance I had with the girl I love." With that he ran onto the stage.

"Excuse me please. I need to say something. Camille, I know you hate me. I don't blame you. But it was a stupid STUPID mistake I made with a girl I didn't love. I know this now because it's been 3 weeks without you and I can barely eat or sleep. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am so so sorry. And that I am undeniably in love with you." He said.

It was almost immediately that the crowd parted and there stood Camille. She had tears pouring down her cheeks as a smile formed across her face. Logan had a broad grin as he almost jumped off of the stage and he ran up to her.

"Does this mean that you forgive me?" He asked hopeful. She nodded as connected their lips in something that they had needed to do since the 9 months that they had met.

It seemed that they were perfect. Never once were they ever so in love. They were simply, a dream.

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