Set: Post-Series So Weird and around the second season for Supernatural.
Written for the ultimate multifandom drabbleathon and the prompt, Sam/Fi, spooky.

Sam Winchester was on the trail of restless spirit and he had found its grave in an overgrown and isolated rural cemetery. Walking through the underbrush, he saw the flicker of fire in the distance. The burning corpse illuminated a familiar face.

It was only after the second beer in a highway honky tonk that he got around to asking why she was back in the game. The last he heard, back when they were both angsty teens bonding via the internet over the supernatural and their weirdo families, that she settled down for a normal life.

"Probably for the same reasons I never shut down the site. Just because you don't want to believe anymore, doesn't mean that all goes away. Besides normal didn't really work out." She shrugged and took a drink of cheap bottled beer. "What about you? I thought you were doing a Alex Keaton-style rebellion and going to Stanford."

"I guess normal never worked for me either." Sam brooded, gazing away, on the burdens of the past and destiny.

"Cheer up, chuck. Normal's overrated." Fi smiled and raised her bottle.

Sam put a grin on his face and returned her toast. "I'll drink to that."