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Hotch's POV

I looked at Jack, he was just confused.

"What did you win?" He repeated.

"Nothing." I told him. "I was just playing around."

Haley looked at me like I was pathetic. "Is didn't know adults played games too!" Jack laughed and I picked him up.

"So what are you guys doing here?" I asked Haley as we began to walk towards the office.

"Jack wanted to come and see you. I said he could come down for an hour or so." She told me. I nodded and opened the door.

"Daddy, what are you guys playing?" Jack asked me.

"Yes, what are you guys playing?" Haley asked, I looked at everyone else who was just laughing.

"Truth or dare." Reid told her through laughs.

She nodded. "Okay then, well... This obviously isn't a good time, I'll come back later... Drop by the house, Jack will want to see you then." She smiled and took Jack from me.

"Alright then..." I kissed Jack on the forehead. "Bye, see you later tonight."

"Bye bye daddy." He said as they left quickly.

J.J. looked at me. "Hotch... We have a case." She told me, everyone was just back to normal.

"Alright everyone, let's get back to work!" I called out and walked into my office.

What a strange day.

Done, I will be writing other stories!