(A/N): This fic is meant to be read in ½ alignment.

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» second best «

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Zack gives Ven some pointers for becoming the best hero. …Well, the SECOND-BEST hero, that is.
Drabble. A small thank you gift for RoyaltyRed.
Some Ven/Teen!Zack if you squint.

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"Swing harder!"

Ven surged his weapon skyward. It was instantly blocked by his opponent's solid blade.

"Not at the sky, you dope! At me!"

The blonde boy scowled at his adversary's comment and took a step back to wipe the sweat from his brow.

"What? You tired already?"

"I'm not tired," Ven protested, "But it's just that-!"

"C'mon, with that kind of attitude you'll never get into the finals!" Zack teased. "Maybe you should consider using something other than that Key…thing."


"Yeah. Whatever." The cocky teen twirled his sword's handle expertly between his fingers as he started to pace back and forth.

"I'd never use something else other than Wayward Wind," Ven mumbled back. He glanced down to look at it, where it was firmly grasped in his right hand. "If I didn't use this, then what's the point of me trying to become an apprentice?"

"Embrace your dreams."

"Huh?" At this, Ven turned to look over at his dark-haired friend. He had his forehead gently pressed against his blade's cold metal surface. His eyes were closed, his body motionless.

"Without dreams, you'll never get anywhere." Zack's slowly opened his eyes and glanced over at a dumbfounded Ven. "You said you wanted to be an apprentice, right?"

"W-Well, yeah," Ven answered, "But it's not like I'll be getting there anytime soon." There was a tinge of bashfulness as he spoke, as if admitting such a challenging dream was stupid. He hung his head low in dismay and turned to look down at the cemented battlegrounds.

Suddenly, he felt a firm hand grasp his shoulder and seize him backwards, making his head sway back and look into the determined blue eyes of his adversary.

"Cheer up, Ven! Don't get all mopey just because I beat ya!"

"I-I wasn't getting mopey!" Ven cried. As he frowned, he could feel his face turn pink out of embarrassment.

Zack laughed as he pushed Ven upright so that he could face him properly.

"Well, I wanna be a hero!" Zack gallantly declared. He lightly punched himself against his breastplate. "And there's nothing that's gonna stop me from reaching that goal!"

Ven's expression quickly changed as he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, me too."

"But remember this, Ven! You'll always be second best to me!" He winked as he placed his hands firmly on his sword's handle. "There's only room for one hero, and that's gonna be me!"

Ven couldn't help but laugh at his friend's smug remark as he, too, drew his Keyblade once more. "We'll see about that!"

"Bring it on!"

"You got it!"

"But promise me that you won't aim for the sky again, alright?"


(A/N): Whaat! This is the very first Ven/Teen!Zack fic! Where's the love for this pairing! Anyway, bonus points to anyone that knows where Zack's "embrace your dreams" quote came from. This drabble was also made the day before KH:BBS comes out in America. ;D