"Phineas is Mine!"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Okay, so here we go with my second 'Phineas and Ferb' story. You all know that Isabella absolutely loves Phineas, and that everyone in her Fireside Girls troop supports her crush on him.

But what if circumstances forced the troop to reconsider their stance?

If you're tired of reading Phinabella stories, you'll love this. If you must read all of the Phinabella stories, you'll love this. Basically, all P&F fans should love this. But we'll see.

I usually upload one chapter a week for my stories. That won't apply here, as new installments will go up as soon as they are completed. That potentially means several updates a week and a quick turnaround... or a possibility of updates once in a full moon. Hopefully, it will be the former.

That's all I have to say, I think. Time to start the story!

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Chapter One - The Challenge (09.06.10)

Danville International Airport

"Who are we?" Isabella yelled.

"Fireside Girls Troop 46231!" her troop shouted.

Isabella and her troop walked into the airport terminal, having just returned from a Fireside Girls Jamboree on the other side of the country. They were upbeat as they headed for luggage pick-up, where they not only retrieved their bags, but a medium-sized box.

"What are we?"

"The best Fireside Girls Troop in the country, no matter what anyone says!"

"Darn right, we are!" Isabella added for emphasis.

Katie and Holly pulled the box off of the conveyor belt and opened it right there and then. Gretchen reached in and pulled out a silver trophy cup, with the words 'Troop 46231 - Second Best in the Country.'

"Don't let it bother you, chief," Gretchen said to Isabella. "We know we're the best."

"Yeah, but we still should've won," Isabella responded. "I mean, the winning troop clearly used visual aids in the final singing competition. Might I add, which the rules stated weren't allowed, yet the judges didn't disqualify them for!"

"I say they bribed the judges," suggested Milly.

"Let them have their moment in the sun," Isabella said as they headed out of the terminal, with Adyson helping Gretchen carry their trophy. "The result'll be overturned once our appeal goes through."

The girls exited the terminal and found Isabella's mom, Vivian, waiting in her car at the pick-up/drop-off zone.

"Hola, Isa!" she greeted her daughter as she got out of the car.

Mother and daughter shared a hug, glad to be together again after being apart for just over a week.

"How was the trip?"

She then saw the second-place trophy Gretchen and Adyson were carrying and was overcome with joy.

"Second place, wow!"

"It'll be first place soon," Isabella predicted. "But I'll explain later."

"Of course, of course! I bet you're all tired from the long plane trip. Let's get you all home."

"Yes, ma'am!" the other girls said aloud.

Somehow, Isabella and her mom, the entire troop, and all of their luggage managed to squeeze into her station wagon with room to spare, and they were off to the suburbs.

"Before I take you all home," Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said aloud, "how about I make you all a 'welcome home' snack. Ice cream sundaes okay?"

"Hurray!" all the girls cheered.

"Thanks, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro," thanked Katie, on behalf of the entire group.

"I bet you're glad to be home," Isabella's mom said to her daughter, "and you're looking forward to the Neighborhood Girls' Choice Dance!"

Isabella did a double-take. Did her mom just say what she thought she had heard her say?

"Neighborhood Girls' Choice Dance?"

"Si. Tomorrow night. You mean you didn't know?"

Isabella shook her head.

"Cell phones and the like were forbidden at the Jamboree, remember?"

Gretchen pulled a laptop out of her bag. She handed Adyson, who was sitting next to her, a wireless antenna so that Gretchen could try to connect to the Internet.

"Regardless," Isabella calmed down, as hearts appeared in her eyes, "I know EXACTLY who I'm going to ask out."

Isabella then heard Gretchen gasp from the back seat. All of the girls turned their attention to the troop's resident brainiac.

"According to my sources," she said with some fear in her voice, "almost every boy our age in the tri-state area already has a date for the dance!"

The other girls shared a collective gasp, nearly sucking all of the air out of the station wagon.

"Even Baljeet?" Ginger asked, hoping beyond hope he wasn't taken.

"He has at least three," replied Gretchen. "In fact, the only boy that's still dateless is... Phineas!"

"Yes!" Isabella pumped her fist with glee.

Isabella then ceased her glee when she saw the sad looks on her troop's faces.

"Don't worry," she said, trying to lift their spirits. "I'm sure that there'll be other dances."

Feeling that she had done her job, she started to think about how to approach Phineas. The others, though, weren't satisfied... though they wouldn't dare voice their complaints to their leader.

Or would they?

The station wagon pulled into the driveway of the Garcia-Shapiros, and the group started to emerge from the vehicle. Isabella's mom immediately went to the front door, unlocked it, and headed in, off to start preparing a snack. The troop left their things in the car, and were about to head inside as well. But then they saw Isabella start heading across the street, to the Flynn-Fletcher house. Before she could set one foot on the street, though, Isabella felt a hand clasp onto her left shoulder.

Isabella turned around and saw that the hand belong to Adyson.

"Where are you going?" Adyson asked her fearless leader.

"To go ask Phineas out," answered Isabella.

"I don't think so."

"What?" Isabella's eyes grew large with shock.

"What?" the other girls reacted shortly thereafter.

"You heard Gretchen," stated Adyson. "There's only one boy that hasn't been asked out yet, and that's Phineas."

"Uh huh. And your point?"

"How does that give you and only you the right to ask him out? We obviously don't know if he feels the same way."

"Excuse me, Adyson? This is Phineas we're talking about! Of course he likes me! We're meant to be together!"

The others gathered around the pair, surprised at this turn of events.

"If you're meant to be together, then how come he doesn't like you like you like him?"

"Of course he likes me! He just... hasn't found the right way to say it yet."

"Face the facts! He's just as likely to say yes to you as he is to me!"

"Wait... you wanna ask Phineas out?"

Adyson nodded.

"If he doesn't like me like I like him, as you say," growled Isabella, "then what makes you think you have a better chance at getting him to say yes to you than me?"

"The numbers don't lie," Adyson debated, before turning to Gretchen to get some supporting evidence. "Gretchen?"

"She's kinda right, chief," Gretchen meekly sided with Adyson as she showed a bar graph on her laptop. "My calculations show you have only a 35 percent chance of Phineas saying yes to you, with 7 percent no, and a majority 57 percent chance he doesn't understand the request and or doesn't see it as a date."

Gretchen then flipped to a second bar graph, which compared each of the girls' chances of asking Phineas out and getting a 'yes' response.

"In fact, if I run a simulation putting any of us in your place, the percentage that any of us is successful in getting a yes from Phineas runs from the mid-20s to the low-30s. Even Ginger scores a 24, and she'd prefer Baljeet over Phineas."

"Essentially," Adyson simplified, "the chances of any of us getting Phineas to say yes to a date proposal are about as good as yours."

"But you don't even like Phineas that way!" argued Isabella.

"Maybe so. But seriously... do you think I want to go to the dance by myself? No way!"

The other girls started murmuring amongst each other, as they seemed to be buying into Adyson's reasoning. And Isabella only had to look at their faces to see that Adyson was, indeed, winning the argument.

"You all would try to ask Phineas out just to avoid going to the dance by yourselves?" Isabella asked, trying to get a firm confirmation out of the others.

Adyson and Milly instantly nodded in agreement. Katie followed two seconds later, followed by Holly and Ginger soon after. Isabella then looked at her second-in-command, Gretchen, with a sad look on her face. Gretchen had a similar look of sadness as she contemplated the pros and cons of the debate.

"Please," pleaded Isabella, "not you too, Gretchen!"

Gretchen looked at Adyson, who was glaring at her, giving her what seemed to be an 'agree or else' look. She then turned back to Isabella to render her decision.

"Sorry," Gretchen apologized, "but numbers logic triumphs over true love."

Seeing this, Adyson immediately called for a motion to vote.

"Alright," Adyson said, "all those in favor in stating that Phineas Flynn is a free agent, in terms of who can ask him out to the Neighborhood Girls' Choice Dance, say yea!"

"Yea!" everyone said in near perfect unison, except for Isabella.

"All opposed?"

"Nay," grumbled Isabella, with a hint of venom in her voice tone.

"Motion granted! Phineas Flynn is a free agent!"

All the girls cheered with glee, save for Gretchen, who was still very apprehensive about betraying her best friend, and Isabella, who was understandably unhappy about this development.

"Technically," Gretchen stepped in, stopping the celebration, "since Isabella is troop leader, she is the only one who can request a motion to vote."

"I appreciate your reference to the Fireside Girls rulebook," a sad Isabella said to Gretchen, "but I think, given the circumstance, I have to let this one go."

"Really, chief?"

"Really?" gasped Adyson, having believe Isabella would have reneged on the vote.

Isabella's face had turned from one of sadness to one filled with hope and determination.

"I'm letting it go... because I know, deep down in my heart, there's absolutely no way that he'll say yes to anyone but me! But I feel it's prudent that we set some ground rules."

"Like what?" Adyson asked.

"First off, the 'competition' does not begin until eight o'clock tomorrow morning. No one is allowed to even talk to Phineas before then. After eight a.m., he's fair game until either someone succeeds in getting Phineas to say yes... or the dance starts at eight p.m. Second, no team efforts! No double-dating attempts and such. Third, no sabotage attempts! Not that I THINK anyone will try to do so. As such, only one person is allowed to be around Phineas. If more than one of us is present at any time, none of those around him cannot ask him out until only one of them remains with him. And fourth, and most importantly, the first person to get him to say yes, wins."

"Those sound fair and impartial," voiced Gretchen.

"Definitely," Adyson agreed.

The others also nodded their approval.

"To make it official," Isabella stated, "all those agreeing with the rules, say yea!"

"Yea!" everyone shouted.

"All opposed?"


"Motion granted! Tomorrow, for 12 hours, the members of Fireside Girls Troop 46231 will be focused on only one thing!"

Isabella paused for a moment to clear any second thoughts out of her mind, and then made it official.

"Trying to be the first to get Phineas to say 'yes!'"

To be continued...