"Phineas is Mine!"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Time to wrap this up! Who will Phineas say yes to?

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Chapter Eight - A Decision is Made (10.18.10)


Phineas glared unhappily at Isabella and the Fireside Girls stood around him, as well as Ferb and Irving, who was munching on a green apple... to everyone's disgust.

"WHAT? I'm hungry!"

Milly calmly reached in, grabbed the partially eaten apple from his hand, and tossed it in the trash can behind her.

"I guess the jig is up," sighed Adyson.

"Yeah," Isabella said as she turned to Phineas. "Phineas, we all have confessions to make."

"Not me," argued Ginger. "I wanted Baljeet."

Katie gently elbowed Ginger in the stomach.

"Oof, I mean, yes, WE all have confessions," she corrected herself.

"You see," Isabella began to explain, "it all started yesterday, after we got back from the Fireside Girl Jamboree..."

Phineas listened closely as Isabella summarized the last 24 hours.

"We found out there was going to be this dance tonight. A girls' choice dance. Naturally, I was going to ask yo... um, I mean, a friend. But it turned out this friend was the only boy without a date."

"That's where the rest of us jumped in," Adyson cut in. "None of us wanted to go to the dance by ourselves, so I came up with the idea to have all of us compete to see who could ask yo... the friend... out and get him to say 'yes.'"

"We all came up with different ideas to try out..."

"Some crazy, crazy ideas."

The girls started rattling off their plans, informing each other of what they had tried.

"I just did what I normally do," Isabella led off.

"I used a scientific approach," proclaimed Gretchen.

"I baked a cake!" Katie shouted.

"And I helped!" added Ginger.

"I wrote a love song!" sang Holly.

"Which wasn't what I had agreed too," grumbled Irving.

"I dressed to impress, but failed," Milly frowned.

"And I tried to be flirty and fun!" exclaimed Adyson.

"But it looks like none of it worked," Isabella lowered her head.

"Actually, boss," Gretchen tried to prove otherwise. "I actually got him to say... yes."

All the girls, other than Isabella and Adyson, gasped loudly.

"But he didn't know what he was agreeing to, right?" Isabella and Adyson said in unison.

Gretchen gulped. "Yeah... so... I withdraw the affirmation."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Phineas tried to wrap his triangular head around this glut of new information. "Just who exactly is this boy that you all were trying to ask out?"

Everyone looked at Phineas, surprised that he hadn't gotten it yet. The girls immediately started to shoot blatant hints at him.

"How can you not get it?" Isabella asked, dumbfounded.

"Were you not listening to my song?" Holly shouted.

"It was our song," Irving glared at her, "and I didn't like it!"

"I nearly served you a poisonous cake!" yelled a frustrated Katie.

"And I helped!" added Ginger.

"I betrayed the trust of my two best friends for you!" cried Gretchen.

"I embarrassed myself by wearing two apples!" whined Milly.

"I blackmailed Baljeet into helping me," Adyson revealed, "and if I didn't win you, I agreed to go on a date with him."

Everyone froze upon hearing that. Adyson realized what she had just slipped out and palmed her face with her right hand.

"Oh, nuts!"

But then, the reality of what everyone else had done also hit the group, and the girls started arguing with each other.

"You tried to poison Phineas?" Isabella yelled at Katie.

"It was Ginger's fault for not being there," Katie tried to pass the blame.

"I can't believe Baljeet agreed to date you!" Ginger said in disbelief.

"At least I wasn't as desperate as Holly," Adyson said in her defense. "Irving? Really?"

"I had little to work with!" Holly shouted, before turning to Milly. "And what was going on in your little head with the apples?"

"I blame Candace," Milly said. "Gretchen, the message in the sky?"

"I blame Stacy," replied Gretchen. "But I was trying to help Isabella."

"As was I," Adyson cut in, before adding. "Well, after a few hours."

"I wish the song I wrote helped Isabella," Holly admitted.

"I made a fool of myself," Milly thought aloud, "so I guess I was helping too."

"I was thinking of letting Izzy take credit for the cake," Katie said as she twiddled her thumbs.

"And I helped!" added Ginger. "In passing the credit to her, that is."

"Wait a minute!" Isabella waved her hands about to get their attention.

All of the girls looked towards their troop leader.

"After everything that's happened. In the end... you all wanted me to win?"

The six girls nodded in unison.

"At the end of the day, we wouldn't want it any other way, Chief!" Gretchen exclaimed.

"Besides," Adyson put her hand on Isabella's shoulder, "there's no way any of us could see what you have for years in less than a day!"

"Yeah!" the others agreed.

"So..." Isabella looked at them, "the past 24 hours?"

"Are nothing more than a distant memory!" answered Adyson. "It was wrong for all of us to do what we did. For me, especially. I should have known not to mess with true love."

"Really, Adyson?"

"Yes. I don't know what it's going to take for you to forgive me. But I truly am sorry for all of this. Only one girl deserved to win, and it was you."


Isabella and Adyson hugged, and the rest of the troop cheered as they saw the hatchet being buried, to their relief.

"Well, isn't that nice?" Phineas smiled as he saw Isabella and Adyson make up. "Glad you two are friends again... though I'm not sure why you had broken up in the first place. Still... good for you!"

Isabella and Adyson glared at Phineas.

"Um... did I say something wrong?"

"Isabella? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"I think so, Adyson, but if your dress really looks like the one in that photo, I'm telling YOUR mom!"

"Uh," Adyson blinked, "I was talking about..."

Adyson whispered the rest in Isabella's ear.

"Oh! Yeah. I'm pondering that too."

The two then looked Phineas' way, with smug smiles on their faces. Realizing what was about to happen, Ferb sidestepped out of the way, leaving his stepbrother by his lonesome self. Adyson ran behind Phineas and grabbed him by the arms, keeping him from moving. The young boy got a little worried as Isabella approached him.

"What do you think they're up to?" Milly innocently asked.

"I think Chief's about to pop the question," deduced Gretchen.

Irving was about to jump in and interfere, but Holly, Katie, and Ginger jumped him instead, pinning him to the ground. They tied their sashes together and used them to bind his arms and legs. Then Ferb came in with a piece of masking tape and placed it over his mouth as the girls took a seat on his back to keep Irving grounded.

"Should I be worried?" Phineas asked aloud.

"Oh, be quiet and let it happen," Adyson told him, in a scolding tone.

"Phineas?" Isabella squeaked meekly, looking into his eyes.


"I... I... I have something to ask you."

Phineas turned his head to look back at Adyson, then back forward to look at Isabella again.

"Um... okay."

Isabella was elated. Her moment had finally come!

"Phineas, I was wondering..."

She took a deep breath, then went for all the marbles.

"Will you..."


Candace had walked onto the scene, and, as usual, she was determined to bust Phineas and Ferb. Her mom was right behind her, waiting to see what they had done. Or hadn't, as the case normally would be.

"See?" Candace shouted, pointing out the kids.

"See what, honey?" Linda asked with a frown, as she put her hands on her hips.

Candace looked around and saw... nothing. The boys' idea-of-the-day was inexplicably gone, and so was the crowd that had come to see it.

Okay, there wasn't exactly nothing. The stage was there, albeit empty, and so was the cardboard box with the cake Katie and Ginger hadn't baked in it. And that's what Linda walked over to take a look at.

"Oh, how cute! Who baked the cake?"

Katie oddly tried to raise her hand to take credit, but Ginger grabbed it and stopped her.

"Regardless, it looks fabulous! What do you say we take it home so we can all eat it?"

"Yeah!" everyone shouted.

The entire group started to walk off, even Phineas, whom headed off after Adyson had released him during the 'distraction.' All except for Isabella, Adyson, and Candace.

"So... how did you all get here?" Linda asked, her voice trailing off. "I definitely don't have room for all..."

Adyson walked over and gave Isabella a pat on the back.

"You were this close," Adyson said to her, indicating so by showing her right thumb and index finger an inch apart. "No thanks to Candace."

"Hey!" Candace objected.

"There's still time," Isabella tried to look positively. "The Girls' Choice Dance is a couple hours away, and I have the whole car ride back..."

"The dance got canceled," the redheaded teenager interjected.

"WHAT?" Isabella and Adyson shouted simultaneously.

"Yeah. They couldn't find a suitable venue. It's been all over the news all day. Haven't you heard?"

"About that," Adyson replied, "we've been kinda preoccupied."

"We were all competing to see who got to ask Phineas out to the dance," explained Isabella. "But since there's no dance..."

"Wait!" Candace glared at them. "You mean to tell me you and your friends were NOT helping Phineas and instead we're trying to compete to win his heart? But I thought..."

"Isabella's the only girl for him?" Adyson cut in. "Yeah, we figured that out."

"After about 24 hours of unselfish panic," Isabella reminded her.

"I apologized! Sheesh!"

"That explains why you all were acting less normal than usual," Candace concluded. "But I don't get why Milly would buy apples as a gift."

"You don't wanna know the real reason," Isabella assured her.

The three girls started to head off, feeling that everything had been resolved, even if not as expected.

"Say," Adyson suddenly spoke up as she looked at Isabella, "I have this feeling that there's something we forgot to resolve."

"Like what?"

Behind them, Irving's muffled screams of help could be heard, as he tried to inch around on the ground after the girls.

"It's the cake."

"What about the cake?"

"Katie told me the cake she made... you know, the one they accidentally put poison in... was a red velvet cake."

Isabella remembered looking inside the box the cake was in as Linda had walked by her a minute ago.

"But... that just looked like a plain vanilla cake. With one paw print in it."

"Yeah. So... what happened to the tainted one?"

"I guess we'll never know. But I'm sure there's nothing to worry about."


Isabella and Adyson stopped upon hearing the bark and looked down to see Pinky in front of them, panting heavily with glee.

"Ah, there you are, Pinky! I thought I left you back at Phineas' house!"

Isabella picked up Pinky, and she and Adyson resumed their walk. All the while, Pinky shook and shook and shook.

A short time ago...

Pinky, wearing his secret agent hat, was at the table where the cake had been put down by Katie. As Katie and Ginger argued off to the side, Pinky grabbed the box on the table and replaced it with a similar one that he had with him.

He then dragged the box with the tainted cake with his teeth over to a nearby garbage can, and tossed it in without anyone seeing him.

Pinky then turned around and saw Perry, also wearing his secret agent hat, undo a belt that bound him to four remote-controlled rockets. Perry then attached them to different parts of the boys' Virtual Reminder Bulletin Board Projector. The rockets then activated, and lifted the large device into the sky. Strangely enough, in the direction of Doofenshmirtz Evil, Incorporated.

The deed done, Perry saw Pinky standing there, and the two winked at each other.

"Oh, there you are, Perry!"

Phineas picked Perry up from the ground as Isabella, still with Pinky in her arms, walked up to him.

"So," Phineas suddenly said to her, "I believe that you were going to ask me something?"

Isabella shook her head.

"Forget it. It was nothing."

"You sure? Because it sure didn't seem..."

"SHE SAID IT WAS NOTHING!" Adyson shouted, jumping in between them.

"Okay, okay!" Phineas surrendered.

Phineas turned to walk away, and Isabella shot an annoyed look at Adyson.

"C'mon, we all know what was going to happen!"

"You're right," Isabella agreed, with some reluctance.

She then looked up at the sky, which was growing darker as the sun set in the background.

"But he'll get it one day. I know he will."

Adyson nodded in agreement.

"So... you and Baljeet..."

Adyson already had her phone out to break the date.

"Aw," teased Isabella. "But you'd look cute together!"

"Don't start with me, Garcia-Shapiro!"

The End

Author's Notes:
During the course of this story, a number of things changed. The ending was one. Originally, the final chapter was going to take place at the dance itself, and it had all the girls showing up and telling their stories (in other words, their attempts at winning Phineas). But then they would learn that Gretchen's intel was wrong, and that there were plenty of boys attending that were dateless. The one thing that didn't change about the ending was it ending with Isabella 'presumably' the winner, maintaining the status quo of the show. But with a caveat... that Phineas skips the dance because he forgets about it over the course of day. Naturally, the ending evolved into the version you're reading here, as it became harder and harder for that original conclusion to be feasible.

The story's evolution was also due to a number of chapters ending sooner than I wanted to. The most notable example is Chapter 5, which was originally supposed to end with Candace and her mom coming across Milly with the apples still taped to the front of her shirt. And Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher berating Candace for 'mentoring' Milly to do that.

More notably, all of the chapters were supposed to end with each of the girls actually getting to pop the question to Phineas... although all weren't going to get an immediate answer. That, again, had to be changed when the chapters were constructed.

I still think the fanfic turned out well regardless of the changes from my original vision. The fact that the chapter endings were no longer formulaic and predictable ended up for the better.

Thanks to all of you have read this tale, and especially if you've reviewed it! I also invite you to check out another Phineas & Ferb fic I'm currently writing, called "Doofy and Doofus," starring Vanessa! Also, don't forget to follow my Twitter account at freefightwriter for the latest information on all the stories I write, and new story announcements before they're posted on my profile page or on my website!