Warning: I do not own anything in this fic and it is my first one so please no flames.

(this takes place during Star Wars episode 4 during the attack on Yavin 4 by the DEATH STAR while Luke Skywalker is in the trench after Darth Vader went flying)

BOOM went one of the turrets lined in the trench; Luke had to use every ounce of concentration to keep his fighter under control. He pushed a button and the targeting system came online.

Luke looked into the visor and looked for the target suddenly a voice came into his head "use the force Luke"

Luke looked around, puzzled he thought he heard Ben, but he was dead. Wasn't he? He looked around and all he could see were blinking buttons and the joysticks.

He shrugged and got back to the targeting system but then the voice came again "use the force" Luke thought about it for a moment and then turned off the targeting system. He got a call on his radio "Luke are you okay?" "Just fine" he answered.

Luke concentrated and cleared his mind; his finger hovered over the trigger for the proton torpedoes he swallowed and tried to ignore the sweat rolling down his face. He frowned "almost there, almost there" he thought.

A buzzing noise filled the cockpit; there was a fly in it! Luke lost his concentration to the buzzing noise. He finally saw the fly and slapped it. Then he turned back to the job at hand, he pushed the trigger but he was too late! The torpedoes hit harmlessly against the wall completely missing the duct!

Luke pulled up from the trench "what will we do now?" he wondered.