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Chapter 3: EVACUATE!

(last time the DEATH STAR approaching the rebel base but was experiencing technical difficulties so the rebels are taking this time to evacuate and Luke is angry that he missed)

The rebel base was in chaos, people were running left and right trying to evacuate the base. "What's going on here?" asked Han Solo to Leia, who was hurrying to get to her ship, and just barely dodging a screaming rebel running around in circles yelling "were going to die!"

"Didn't you hear?" Leia questioned "Luke missed the targetand we are evacuating."

Han rubbed his head and mumbled "I can't believe the kid missed." Han's head rubbing was interrupted by Chewbacca telling him (in Wookie) that if they didn't leave soon they would get blasted! Han nodded and ran to the Falcon to get ready for launch.

Leia stared after Han for a while and then hurried to her ship.

Meanwhile on the Death Star…

"WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG" screamed Tarkin holding his head, he was just sick and tired of that elevator music.

"Just a few more minutes" replied a technician who was humming to the elevator music. "But isn't this music wonderful"

A vein started to pop in Tarkin's head and he screamed "JUST HURRY UP!"

The techie shrugged and continued to hum to the tune.

Meanwhile in the reactor of the planet destroying beam two techies were trying to find out what the problem was. "We've looked everywhere" complained one. "We still haven't checked the main power source" Countered the other. The first sighed and went with the other.

They looked around for awhile and number 1 found the problem "Aha" he cried, "What is it?" asked the other. "The core was jammed" exclaimed number 1 while he pulled out a jar of blueberry jam. Number two grumbled something about hating blueberries and they both left. Neither of them noticed a jar of peanut butter hiding in the wires.

Destructo13: oh the suspense, will the DEATH STAR fire or will the overlooked peanut butter cause some unforeseen difficulties?

Luke: (top half) I hope so for my sake.

Destructo13: we'll wait and find out.