Okay,I have thought about doing this story since I watched Antz about ten times. This story is going to be about Mandible's past. I already did a past about Hopper from A Bug's Life,and now I'm writing about another villain's past. Isn't that cool? :D So anyway,I couldn't wait to work on this,so I thought I could upload it today. Disclaimer: I don't own Antz or it's characters;everything belongs to Dreamworks PDI. Enjoy! Flames and mean comments are not welcome,sorry people.

Everything in the ant colony is in tip-top shape. Workers were busy digging through the tunnels,and soldiers were in training to fight in the military. Their leader: General Feeler is sometimes strict,but he thinks that being strict makes the job easy since he wants a perfect colony and everything right. While working in the military,he settled down and he and his mate had a son named: Mandible. Feeler and his mate, Caltha had never been more proud of their son.

Six year old Mandible was laying in bed,sleeping. Mandible was a little tall and strong for his age,and he tries what he can to make his dad proud. And Mandible thought that his dad being a general was cool and that he would want to be one when he was older. Mandible thought that everything about the military was cool, and he liked everything about it: Camouflage,the weapons,the army,fighting against another army,leadership;everything!

Mandible's dreams were interrupted by a gentle shake.

"Son,wake up," His dad's voice spoke.

Mandible opened his eyes in a tired way.

"Time for school," Feeler said.

Mandible sighed. He hated going to school. At school,most of the girl ants would drool all over him and stare at him,and the boy ants would keep on asking him questions about the army,since every ant in the colony knew facts about General Feeler.

"Okay," Mandible said,pretending to be excited.

Feeler left the room,waiting for his son to get up. Mandible rubbed his eyes and sighed again, "Another day of being bothered." He mumbled,getting up. Sometimes,it would be better if Mandible wanted to be left alone. Mandible hoped that today he would not be stared at or be asked a lot of questions about the army.

Mandible stretched then left his room.

"Good morning,Dibby!" Caltha's cheerful voice greeted, using Mandible's nickname.

Mandible hated the nickname Dibby,but too tired to correct his mother,he said, "Morning." and sat down in a chair. Feeler put breakfast on the table and they started eating.

Thoughts of being stared at and being asked a lot of questions about the army were in Mandible's mind,and he wanted to stick up to his peers,so then he could stop them asking questions.

"Mom?" Mandible finally said.

"Hm?" His mother responded.

"A lot of the girl ants keep on staring at me," Mandible said. "What should I do?"

"Just ignore them," Caltha said.

"Okay," Mandible said. "Dad?"

"Yes,Mandible?" Feeler looked at his son.

"What should I do when people keep on asking me about the army?" Mandible asked. "I'm tired of them asking the same question."

"Just tell them, 'I don't know'." Feeler said.

"Okay,thank you," Mandible smiled and continued eating.

When Mandible finished eating,he got up,walked to the door,waved to his parents goodbye,and left his home. Mandible walked to the side of the houses,getting out of the workers' way.

"Hey! Hey,Mandible!" Two male kid voices called to Mandible. Mandible turned around and saw two of his friends running up to him.

"Hi Jack,hi Alban," Mandible said.

"Are you ready for another day of being stared at by girls?" Alban asked teasingly.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny." Mandible said sarcastically as the three of them kept on walking.

"You know,you've been stared at by girls. You should be used to it by now," Jack said.

"I wouldn't call being used to it," Mandible intrigued.

"What would you call it?" Jack asked.

"Being watched," Mandible answered.

"You really shouldn't let it bother you," Alban said. "I've been bothered by my little brother before,and I decided I didn't care."

"That's easy for you to say,you don't care about anything that had to do with being left alone." Mandible replied.

"Just relax,and hope for the best,Mandi." Jack said.

"Okay," Mandible said, "I will."

The three of them have finally reached the elementary school,and Mandible gulped,feeling pessimistic about being the center of attention. Jack and Alban noticed this and told Mandible not to worry about it. Once Mandible and his two friends went inside, there were a lot of kid ants talking to each other about what they did over the weekend,and laughing about funny things that they heard about.

Mandible smiled,happy that he isn't bothered. "Come on guys,lets go to class." Mandible said to his two friends and they walked down the hallway. Mandible's smile faded from his face to see that there were four of the girl ants from his class that are staring at him,and smiling. The four of them whispered to each other. Mandible glared at them then walked away with Jack and Alban following him.

When the three boys entered the classroom with a lot of kid ants sitting at their tables chatting,Mandible,Jack,and Alban sat at their group tables,waiting for the other peers to get in the room. "Okay,that was one time today four of the girls stared at you," Jack said.

"And it's still annoying," Mandible mumbled,reaching for a pencil.

"It might not happen again during the day." Alban said,smiling.

"What do you know, Mr. Fortune teller?" Mandible asked dully.

Alban ignored Mandible's dull voice and said, "Well,what I know is that I think the girls will be busy listening to the teacher and that they will forget about staring at you."

"True," Mandible shrugged. "But that doesn't mean that they won't stare at me during lunchtime."

"You'll never know," Jack said. "This day could go by fast."

"You always say that," Mandible sighed in a bored way.

"And I mean it." Jack said excitedly. "You're really lucky."

"I don't believe in luck. You know that," Mandible said. "I told you a hundred times."

"Why don't you believe in luck?" Alban asked.

"I just don't." Mandible replied. "Is that a problem?"

"No,I'm just asking," Alban said,not meaning to infuriate his friend.

"Well,I don't." Mandible said. "But I think I will believe you two this time."

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