What is happening to me?

Where am I?

Yesterday, I was investigating a normal case, a homicide, next I woke up in black.

Who am I?

These were the first three questions that aroused me when I woke up. But that was just it, where had I waken up? I wasn't in my home, not at my mother's, or father's, or was I? All I can seem to remember was the victim lying on the pavement where her attacker had left her, her final casting call. She was so young, that was the last thing I remember thinking, then black. Never a sound, a move from anyone, I was gone floating in the air, and now I'm here.

How am I going to get out of here? I reached in for my cell phone, I knew I wouldn't be without it, now where is that thing, did I bring it with me? Wait there it is, ok now that I had my phone; I need to find out where I am so I can call the office. Being a detective someone had to have noticed I was missing, maybe they didn't. I hoped they did; please let someone notice that I was gone. I picked up the phone, great, this perp took my battery. I'll give it to them they knew who I was and what measures to take so people wouldn't know that I was missing. What if I ended up like all my unsolved murder cases? All those people that had come to me for help and I couldn't help them because I couldn't solve the case. I hated the big cases like that, my specialty was missing and exploited children, I did it all but the children cases where always so much more critical. A death was a death, but some sicko that would kill a kid just got to me. I wanted to get them all. If only someone would come and get me out of here so I can get back to my 17 year old case (the young girl).

As if someone heard me, the light in the end of the hall flicked on. I listened, trying to think if I wanted to call out to this person, or remain silent. Before my mind was made up the light flicked off.

"Hello? My judgment got the better of me. Nothing, absolutely nothing, but darkness, just darkness. then the light flicked on. They heard me! Oh thank goodness I was getting out of here! The footsteps grew faster and faster with the anticipated approach of this person.

"I'm in here, please get me out of here!" Now that the light was on, I could recognize where I was, I knew this place, I came here all the time, the light shined on my "capturer" and I recognized him, it, it, it was my boss. He had a key in his hand and I was looked in a jail cell in the precinct that I worked in. I screamed as the face of my boss turned into someone that I didn't know, as they pulled out a gun and shot.

I woke up in a cold sweat before the bullet hit my chest. My hands were clammy and I was drooling on my keyboard. It was just a dream. Thanks goodness. Then I saw why I had fallen asleep. It was 3:30 in the morning, and the recent case of Amberlynn Haskings, the 17 year old actress who had been abducted and killed two mornings before, opened on my desk. I must have falling asleep on the file earlier when I got back from the scene.