Driving faster than light could travel we found an abandoned building with what looked like a large padlock on it. Alex wasn't sure if we were in the right place. I tried to reassure him with a few words of encouragement but they weren't working.

"Give me some time, I'm sure we are in the right place, Alex, please trust me. Please for Keith's sake we have to stay put, please."

He agreed when he saw the waterworks coming in my eyes.

"Hey, hey none of that now, wait why are you tearing up? You rocked back there, I'm proud to call you my partner and my girlfriend, I love you Cas, just don't break down, I cant see you I want to help you feel ok, and now isn't that best time for that, stop babe please.. look at me, were going to catch this jerk ok?"

"O…k…" I was shocked that he had asked me out now after everything, I agreed but my new 'partner' wasn't my first priority.

Waiting for only a few more moments, we watch Keith and Shane walk out of this house. Keith looked fine, and Shane looked completely comfortable with him. Alex called Grace told her what he was about to do and pulled a gun out of the glove compartment. I had a vest on so I took the gun from him, after all I was the cop. he would've gotten arrested if he had done it.

I climbed out silently while Alex chatted with Grace, he never noticed I was gone or that the gun was gone, I placed it in my belt and walked out toward Shane.

"Shane, Chicago Police, step away from the child and put your hands over your head."

He ignored me but the young boy looked up at me. He smiled and waved, but Shane jerked his hand down and pushed him on the ground and then pulled out his own gun.

"Shane, put it down! I will shoot you." I pulled Alex's gun out and pointed.

"Shane I'm not kidding, put the gun on the ground, put your hands up and get on the ground."

Shockingly he did everything he was told. Stunned I kept the gun on him and checked to make sure I had the vest on, I did, so I walked toward him, gun pointed right at his head. He stared at me and then at Keith.

"Keith honey, come over here with me please. " he walked over and looked at Shane on the ground.

"Ok sweetie, do you see that Jeep over there? Can you go over there and tell the man in there that your fine and jump in the backseat ok?"

"Ok." He was so cute, and very understanding that he needed to go where he was supposed to. He ran over to the Jeep and Alex met him half way. He turned on his heels and put the little guy in the car. Then he began to run towards me.

"Alex, stop! He's gotta a gun, your unarmed." I noticed Shane moving, so to scare him I fired a warning shot, passed where he was on the ground.

"I said get on the ground!" he dropped back down to the ground, and I continued to walk towards him, gun still pulled, and finger on the trigger.

He stared at me, then rolled his eyes.

"Get up." I was right beside him.

He stood up and I cuffed him. He looked back at me and rolled them eyes again.

"so tell me why you killed Keith's mommy?"

"I didn't kill her."

"Stop lying. Get to talking."

"Fine, I thought it was that little brat coming through the door, I hate him, he took the one thing that I cared so much about in the world and turned her against me. I wanted him gone, I didn't like him being there, so I decided to take care of the pest, exterminate the pest if you will. But something went wrong, it wasn't Keith it was Caroline, it was an accident, I freaked out I didn't know what to do with her body so I threw her in the creek bed. What were you supposed to do if you killed him." He pointed at Alex talking to the little Keith.

"I wouldn't try to kill the man I love, or any thing that came between us, our relationship is stronger, either way you're going away. You wanted to kill a little boy but instead you killed your best friend, so do you think she would've stayed with you if you had killed Keith?"

"She would've never known that it was me. I could've made it look like an accident."

"She would've found out. She would know that is her child."

"No he isn't."

"Like it or not he was yours to." That did it, I hit a nerve, he jumped up and grabbed my arm with the gun in it. He swung me on the ground and somehow, I have no idea to this day how, got out of those hand cuffs and had Alex's gun pointed in my face.

"Get on the ground" he sneered at me.

"NO. I'm a cop; I don't take orders from murderers."


He shot, it stung but I knew I wasn't going to die I had a vest. The only thing I was worried about was him shooting Alex. Alex had ran over to help when he saw Shane throw me. I had screamed and watched while Shane dropped down. Alex had shot him I don't know where but he wasnt going to die he had gotten shot in the foot I believe. I blacked out. But not before Alex lifted me up and was calling an ambulance.

After a while I woke up. in a crazed daze I looked around, hoping to find myself in the field. I wasn't there. I was in the hospital I guessed, freaking out I started crying out Alex's name anyone's name. to my relief he came bursting through the doors with a small grin on his tired face.

"Good Morning bright eyes." He smiled. " Seems like you know what's going on here and you seem to remember me which is a good thing."

I laughed.

"Yes I think I know who you are.. Donovan, Adam? Right yea Adam Donavan."

"Ha very funny, it's Alex, you know that right?" he started to look around, I think he started to panic.

"Hey calm down, I was only kidding, of course I know who you are." He smiled back at me while I hid my girlish crush like symptoms under my blushing skin. He laughed again when he said my checks grew redder every second he looked at me.

"You don't have to hide the feelings anymore silly. We're kinda together now, only if you want to be though. I didn't mean to force feelings, oh my gosh I messed up didn't I? Oh gosh babe im sorry. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, and you know I've been thinking about us."

"Uh no I did mess up.. I'm sorry I'll just get my stuff and go."

"No that's not what I mean love. I do love you and I so want to be together. All I meant was I think since you have saved me sooo many times, i could at least do something for you.

He placed his finger to the top of his nose and tapped.

"I don't think I need anything from you. No wait there is one thing I think I deserve." He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. " You can't deny it, that's what I want."

He looked me in the eyes and leaned forward, I paused where I was and looked at his face, it just inches from mine. He was flashing me a brilliant smile and laughing behind it.

"Fine, but what's in it for me? Hummmm…"

"Being with me for eternity and having your own personally protection service all day every day." he laughed his face still only inches from mine.

"OK then, with an offer like that I suppose I cant refuse it." I leaned forward and for the second meaningful time, our lips met and parted and met again. Breaking only for breath we stayed like that for what seemed like hours, and when he pulled back his face looked blue.

"Wow. Maybe you should almost die more often." He chuckled. "Im kidding, don't ever do that to me again."

"I promise I wont." I looked back at him, patted my bed and he sat down and wrapped his arms around me.

Laying my head on his warm chest, I looked up at him while he looked down to me.

He leaned forward a bit and started stroking my check.

"I've got a question for you."

"Ok, let's have it."

He opened his mouth and his phone began to ring.

"Damn, hold on."

He flipped it open and answering it with the stern "Donovan", that I loved so much.

He slapped it shut and looked down at me, "got another case, 27 year old boy, walking home and got jumped I guess. I gotta get out there Grace needs me and Tyler. I guess I will see you around."

I jumped out of my bed. "Are you kidding I'm coming to, please I had a vest on. Im not even shot!"

HE GRINNED.. " That's my girl come on." He wrapped his arms around my waist and we got me discharged.

He looked at me while he buckled me into his car.

"SO," he smiled, "You're Place or mine?"

" Hum, how about Yours."

"Hey what about that question?"

There was a song on the radio and he was singing, not in tune but it wasn't completely unbearable.

"what are you talking about loopy?"

"at the hospital, you said you had a question so lay it on me."

"oh right, well I guess I'll let you know it."

I blinked and smiled, "that would be nice"

"are you sure you made the right choice with me? I mean I care about you and all, but do you think that if we stick around with each other for a while, and we get to that point, that you would want to spend for ever with me? Can you see me and you together for that long? And do you think that we could have a hou…."

"Wow, wait now that's more than one question… and you know what?"

He looked at me ashamed

"yes, yes to all of them. And if you want we can have a house, and the fence and the kids. If I have you I'm happy."


I looked deep into his eyes as we stopped at a stoplight. He smiled at me as it turned green and I grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

"one hundred and ten percent sure." I smiled at him and he smiled back while pulling my hand up to kiss it. and that was it. forever didn't seem to boring as long as he was the one with me.

"so do you feel the same for me." I grinned at him.

He laughed and agreed and then we hit the road not looking back into the sun set to solve another murder..