Slowly, Susan's eyes fluttered open, blinking at the sudden shaft of light that fell on her face. Above her, she could see the canopy of trees, and by the sun's position, she figured that it had been at least an hour since the incident..

Sitting up and looking around, she saw that she was back at the campsite, a fire crackling lightly beside her. Caspian must have carried her back to camp after she passed out.

A twig snapped in the brush off to her right, and Susan's eyes darted around, looking for a weapon. She found a knife that had fallen out of one of the saddlebags, and held it in her hand tightly as the snapping grew louder. Susan raised onto her haunches, poised to spring. The branch nearest to her quivered, and she sprung at the untruder.

Only to be stopped by Caspian's muscled arm as he halted her with a flick of his arm.

"Oh... it's you" Susan said, backing away and wrenching her arm out of his defensive grip.

"Better to be prepared than not" Caspian replied, following her to the fire's edge.

"How long has it been?" Susan asked, referring to the time she had gone to scout.

"I guess about two hours, but it is already beginning to get dark" Caspian replied, looking to the sky overhead that was indeed showing signs of twilight. Susan gritted her teeth.

"Great, that puts us off by another day"

Caspian watched Susan for a moment as she began to pace feverishly around the clearing. She was clearly agitated, but there was something else that was bothering her. Caspian set out to find what it was.

"Milady, are you alright?" His words were soft and full of concern, causing Susan to stop in her tracks and look at the young Prince.

"Y-yes, i'm fine" She replied, transfixed by Caspian's brown eyes. Caspian stood and drew up to his full height, which was a couple inches taller than Susan. He stepped forwards until he was mere inches away, and Susan could smell the sweat and pine on his skin, as well as a Telmarine for of perfume that smelled of spices.

A flush began to creep across Susan's face as Caspian grasped her upper arms, brown eyes still burning into hers.

"What happened between you and that man?" Caspian questioned softly, and he instantly saw in Susan's eyes that he had hit the nail right on the head.

"I-it's nothing, Caspian" Susan replied, casting her eyes downward.

"It must be something" Caspian insisted. Susan's eyes flashed.

"Please, drop this matter" Susan replied, blue eyes pleading. Caspian reluctantly backed down, stepping away to tend the fire. After that, uncomfortable silence drew on as Susan sat against a tree to think, and Caspian cooked their dinner of rabbit meat.

"I'm sorry" Caspian finally broke the silence as they ate their meat, watching Susan warily. Her eyes flicked to his.

"Don't worry about it" She replied, then they slipped into silence again.

The next morning dawned bright and cold, Waking the Prince and Queen with watery sunlight and grey clouds threatening rain. They packed up quickly after eating a small breakfast of leftover rabbit from the night before, then set off through the forest, Susan walking ahead, and Caspian leading the horse through the trees.

"Milady?" Caspian asked after they had been walking for some time.


"Where are we going?" Susan glanced up at the canopy of trees above them before answering.

"Cair Paraval" She replied, glancing back at the Prince. Caspian hurried forwards so he was walking even with the queen, pulling the reluctant horse behind him.

"But wasn't that destroyed long ago?" He asked.

Susan shook her head.

"We found its ruins when you called us back, I want to find something that's rumored to be in one of the vaults" Caspian nodded in reply, assimilating the information. Silence once again dragged on.

Their silence was broken by something whistling through the air, striking a tree behind Caspian's head. Susan looked over in alarm to find an arrow embedded in the tree's bark where Caspian's head had been only a second before. A rough yell broke through the air, and more arrows came whistling at the pair.

Caspian dropped the horse's reins, pushing Susan forwards in a desperate attempt to protect her from the hail of arrows landing around them.

"Run!" He yelled, and they did, disappearing into the trees, heavy booted feet not far behind them.