I woke up to my alarm at 5:45 in the morning, on a regular Monday morning. My dad has already left for work, he works for the Seattle Police. Having my dad as a Police officer can have its ups and downs. One good thing is I know that none of the bullies at school will bully me because they are too scared my dad will arrest them. One bad thing, though, is only one guy has ever asked me out, he realized who my father was and said he ate raw meat and had "food poisoning." I decided to make my bed this morning (a first for me) and grabbed my dark denim skinny jeans and a black tank-top. When I ran down the stairs to the kitchen, my plate with pancakes was waiting for me. Typical mom, having breakfast ready for me when I wake up, I thought. I ate my pancakes slowly while I listened to the radio. The bus comes by my house at six thirty am. I had been ready for fifteen minutes when the bus finally came to get me. I sat by my best friend, Tess, like every other day. Tess has brown hair, brown eyes, and she is larger than most girls at our school.

"Good Morning, Emily!" Tess said like every other day.

"Morning, Tess. How are you?" I asked her.

"Hmm.. I guess I'm fine. You look sad. Let me guess, your dad had to go to work early again?"


My dad sometimes has to leave for work at four-thirty in the morning to get to the police station at five am. We usually eat breakfast together. We even have a morning routine, Dad and I, if he doesn't have to be at work till six-thirty am. Dad and I would eat pancakes (if it is pancake Monday) after we finish we would wash and dry our dishes, then we would sing and dance to Culture Club, an eighties group my dad loves and got me into. then when my bus came we would hug each other and say "see ya later!" and we'd head out together since the same time my bus comes he has to leave for work.

"Sorry. Look, here comes Rodney." Tess pointed to a boy of fifteen or sixteen with black hair, acne problems, and amazingly pearly white teeth.

"Oh, yay." I said. I don't like Rodney, He tries to hit at every girl in school. Even the senior girls who had boyfriends.

I had gotten through almost all of my classes; I only had math left, which is the only class that Tess isn't in. I took my seat by -to my annoyance- Rodney.

When the school bell rang the teacher started to drone on and on. After he said "good afternoon, class." I couldn't understand a word he said. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the school bell rang dismissing the class and school. I ran outside and got on the bus. Tess doesn't take the bus home. She has band practice so her mom picks her up. But once I got outside and almost on the bus, I saw my dad. Why is my dad here at my school? I wondered. When I saw my dad he looked up and came over to me and hugged me. When he let go of me I noticed he was still wearing his police uniform. His blue eyes and blond hair make me feel good the he is my dad. He is handsome for forty-six; all the girls at my school actually have a crush on my dad. How gross is that?

"Honey, I'm so glad you're okay!" He said

"Hey dad, what's wrong?" I asked him, noticing he seemed really worried.

Dad handed me today's paper, which had been in his hands.


Another three people have been killed. No news yet who these people are since they had all been burned and the only evidence that police were able to save were teeth. The dentists haven't been able to figure out who the three people are but they have realized that all three were teenagers. No one has sent missing reports for three teenagers yet. We will keep you informed. The Seattle Police suggest everyone be very careful. There has been a missing persons report but it was for a twenty-two year old male. He is a homeless person but a lady comes by everyday to see if he is alright and noticed that he wasn't there.

When I read that I could finally figure out why my dad was worried. He is worried that it could happen to me. I don't know why he would be worried about ME. I'm always either at school or home. If I do go anywhere my parents are both with me. That's when my dad told me the bad news when we got into his cruiser.

"Em, I'm so sorry but I have some work left I have to do and I need you to stay close to me." At this I was scared and wanted to hug my dad and never let go but since he was driving I couldn't do that. My dad continued when he saw my scared face.

"Don't worry Em, I just have to go downtown for a few. You can go to the bookstore. I know you have been complaining that you are having to re-read all your books." Now I was excited.

"Yay! Okay." I said.

When we finally got downtown it was seven at night and the sun had almost set. My dad dropped me off at the bookstore, handed me $40 and told me to spend it wisely. I found four books. I checked them out and gave the lady at the cashier $25. I had $15 left so I was going to cross the street to the music store. I wanted to get Big Time Rush's first CD. But, when I got out of the store, books in my backpack, it was darker than I thought. I decided dad wouldn't get TOO mad if I just went across the street. At the same moment I was about to cross the street a boy hollered to me to "hold up." I should have run, I really knew I should have. But his voice was the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. When the boy came up to me I realized he was college age. He had blond hair and, even though it was dark, he had sunglasses on. I couldn't move.

"Hey, you look thirsty. Let me buy you a coke. By the way my name is Riley," he said in his sing-song voice.

"Um," I had to say no but I couldn't so I said "sure" and he led me to a restaurant.

Before we actually got to the restaurant though, he pulled me into a car. His hands were ice cold. I tried to scream as he pulled me into the car but I was actually really thirsty and my mouth was dry, so my scream was inaudible. It was too dark for me to see when Riley pulled me into a house, or I think that's what it was. When we were inside I heard a woman's voice that sounded like a girl-with-pigtail-and-bubble-gum-voice. She said that I didn't look right. I wanted to tell her that my blond hair, blue eyes, and slender body was actually considered cute in my school, but I didn't.

"She seems smart. I thought she would be good." Riley told her.

"Fine. I will change her." She told Riley.

What did she mean by CHANGING ME? Like, changing my diaper or something? I'm not a baby and I hate that she was talking about me like that.

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