Fast Forward Two Years

I was hand in hand with Riley in the living room. We were talking in whispers so my parents didn't hear our conversation.

"They still don't know that you aren't changing at all? That your hair hasn't gotten even an inch longer?" Riley was asking me.

I was supposed to be eigtheen in exactly three minutes. I now have gold eyes. I've been able to control myself better than I had ever thought I would. Riley is having trouble with human blood. He is on the animal blood diet, too. Riley had gone back to college. Those days apart from each other were the worst. Either I would go visit him or he would visit me every time we got a chance.

I had gone to work with my dad every day, unless I was in school. Tess had stopped talking to me. I was in the "popular" group now. I was actually the leader. I had guys drooling over me. All the football players had asked me out a few times. I turned them all down.

"Nope. No one thought about that. I'm going to try to get into a college in Alaska or something. Jasper told me that that's were they are planning on moving there later. You know, when people start realizing they aren't changing. We can keep in touch. Even visit them often. Plus, remember the Denali clan? The live there. They really seemed interested in us. I know they get lonely sometimes. We both should move out there when I start college this year." I said in a whisper.

"Yeah, Alaska seems fun. We could have snow fights. And eat penguins." Riley said sarcastically.

"Ha ha. There are other animals then penguins."

Just then I heard my dad's footsteps come into the living room.

"Hi, dad." I said.

"Happy eithteenth birthday!" My dad bellowed happily.

"Thanks, dad." I muttered unenthusiastically.

"Aw, come on. Cheer up. You only turn eighteen once." My mom said, walking into the living room. Me and Riley snorted.

Yeah, you only turn eighteen once if you are a human. Not a vampire.

"Yeah, sure, mom." I said.

I forced a smile. It's midnight and my parents should be in bed. But since it is Friday and my dad took tomorrow off, we were going to a showing of a new movie at one in the morning.

"Come on, dad. We should head out. The Cullens are meeting us there. I'll drive." I added.

"I don't trust you to drive. And we have to make a few stops. So I guess we should head out." dad muttered.

We got outside. Dad was debating on which car to use.

"Dad, I want to drive. Let's take mine." I said.

Dad nodded. Riley opened the front door of my red Porsche. My parents got in the backseat. I wanted to take a picture of the sight. I didn't have a camera, so I took a mental one.

We made the stops that dad had wanted to make. When we got to the movie theater Alice was waiting for us.

"You have a red Porsche? I have a yellow one!" Alice said as she hugged me.

When the movie was over, we all left and headed back to our house.

A Few Months Later

I had just said goodbye to my parents and got on a plane that was headed to Alaska. I had gotten into a college there. A few months ago, Me and Riley had gotten married. We honeymooned in Northern Canada. Riley had moved to Alaska a week ago. We haven't seen each other since he got on the plane. I was missing him like crazy! Riley had bought us a small three bedroom, two bathroom house.

My parents weren't too happy about me marrying at eighteen and moving away all the way to Alaska. I had told my dad that this was how it had to be.

He wasn't happy 'bout that but he let me go. The biggest reason why he didn't want me to go, though, Was because I helped him solve a bunch of crimes. My good sense of smell and me reading minds helped.

The Cullens had moved a few months ago, too. They seemed grateful to me and Riley now. Ever since Jasper had asked us to be a witness for Bella's daughter, Reneesme. What a beautiful talent she had! With just a touch she could make you see what she was had seen me she had touched me and, with her talent, asked me my name and why I had yellow eyes like her family.

How beautiful she was, too! The most adorable girl I had ever seen.

When the plane landed and everyone had gotten out of the plane, I was still on it. I had helped the stewards and stewardesses clean the plane up. It had been trashed.

I got off the plane after I finished cleaning. Riley was waiting for me. I ran up to him and kissed him.

The End.

I hope you all liked it!