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My Band (Inuyasha)

I move the large amp to the back of the room. The only downside to being allowed to practice down here is moving these heavy as hell amps.

I position them next to the wall so that they can be plugged in later. I put my baby, my favorite guitar, Shikon, off to the side.

I sigh as I finish moving everything into place. I snatch my car keys off of their hook and start to run up the stairs.

No sign of Mom or Dad. They must have gone to work already. I'm about to walk past a mirror, so I stop to admire my sexiness. I'm dressed in my favorite red T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. Perfect for a day of crap I don't need to know at school.

I close the door behind me as I walk out of the house. From there, I jog to my car. Which, next to my music, is probably one of the best things about my life.

It's a red Jeep. It's perfect to haul around my band materials along with the band itself.

I'm closing the car door when Sango calls me. Her face is lighting up on the screen along with the sound of her horrible singing. Yeah, she definitely is epic on a guitar for a reason.

"Yeah?" I say, backing out my driveway.

"You up for practice today? I've got some new songs we can try out..."

"Yeah, as long as the songs aren't anything similar in any way to some happy, shaky pop song you heard. How manly would I look singing that?"

"Who said you were a man?"

I smirk as I say, "I could ask you the same thing."

She makes an irritated noise and my phone beeps. She hung up. I laugh, it's amazingly fun to screw with her. Probably more fun than it should be.

Sango is probably my best friend. We've known each other since middle school and when high school started, we started a band. We both learned how to play guitar at the same time.

However, I'm a hell of a lot better at it than she is. I smirk. I'm lead guitarist because I can blow minds on a guitar, and girls love my hair. Not just because band practice is in my basement.

I pull into the school parking lot and step out. I grab my bag from the backseat and I walk as slow as I can up the stairs to school. One step. One second. Two steps. I'll take two seconds-

"Move it dog turd!"

I growl. Kouga needs to die. Soon. "Shut your face, asshole! Want another beating with a drum stick?"

Before I know it, the stupid wolf is in my face. "Yeah, right after I yank off your ears and eat them!"

I'm about to land one on him when Sango steps between us and grabs my fist.

"Enough! How are we gonna be a famous band if the lead guitarist and drummer are dead?"

"He can be replaced!" I retort.

Sango sighs, "I'm tellin' ya, I gotta stop befriending so many demons."

I laugh. "I'm half, so we're still good."

"Yeah, half jackass and half turd."

"I.. will.. KILL you!"

Sango grabs one of my forelocks and drags me into the school. This is a typical morning for me.

"See ya at practice!" She shouts to Kouga.

With those stupid pointed ears of his, I'm sure he heard her.

We stop at my locker. I spin the combination and throw in a few books. I turn and Sango is smirking. Slightly, oh hell, really annoyed, I grind out, "What?"

"You couldn't resist fighting with him. I win our bet."

"When do I win the bet that Miroku will have had you laid by summer?"

That gets me knocked upside the head. Miroku is Sango's boyfriend. He graduated last year, and somehow they've managed to work it out. I don't know how though, since Miroku grabs ass every chance he gets.

Most people assume me or Sango have hidden feelings for each other since we're around each other all the time, something that ended with me and Miroku beating the shit out of each other. At one point in middle school I thought about it, but me and her are too much alike. That, and she's too violent.

Really, I haven't had time to date anyone since high school started. And I'm a senior. That's very sad. Every girl that's asked me on a date got stood up, and in most cases, it was because I was doing something for my band.

For the past three years, my band and I have been becoming more and more popular. The whole town knows us, and because of Miroku, we get gigs. He's our manager, sort of. An uncle of his, Mushin, I think, has connections to all the clubs and restaurants around here that need good bands.

"I was joking, you know," I say as we reach out first class.

This is the only class I have with anyone worth being around. Kouga, in 5th period, doesn't remotely fit into that category. At all.

We sit down next to each other and Sango sighs again. She does that a lot. One day, she's gonna run out of breath to blow out, and I'll just laugh at her.

"I've been thinking," she starts.

I sigh, "This is going to affect me in a bad way."

"Shut up. Anyway, we need a lead singer."

"Did you bang your head and forget who's lead everything, Sango?" I am in charge.

She shifts in her chair and takes out a notebook. I lean over and see a list of girls names. I know most of them.

"We need a second singer, because, face it, you can't sing without trying to act sexy or being angry."

"Sexy and angry is a good combination." I say.

Sango scoffs. "Whatever. We need someone for you to sing with and sing good, no big deal."

I just lost an argument about my band. Okay, so it's our band, but still.

I snatch the notebook and read the names.

"What's up with all the girls?"

As I turn my head to make eye contact with her, I notice that her face has turned pink.

"Well, I don't want to be the only girl in the group. Plus, it wouldn't kill you to have a girlfriend for once."

I laugh. Well, I don't date. That doesn't mean I don't get around with the over-excited fan girls every now and again.

"Too much trouble…" I reply, "Plus, I want to concentrate on my music."

Sango takes the notebook back and crosses out about ten names. Leaving around five.

"You got any ideas?"

"Well, the choir people only sound good in sync with like, ten other people. Then there's the regular kids."

"I like regular."

"So far, my top choices are Kagome Higurashi, Shiori, Nazuna, and Rin."

Like Rin would really have time to be a singer when she's just itching to be my brother's assistant. My brother, Sesshoumaru, became a publicist a month after he graduated.

Which is good for me too, considering I'll need one if my band goes anywhere with this whole gig. On top of that, he's free. Family.

Then, there's Nazuna. She hates demons. She would rather shit herself than come near me. Ever.

Shiori? I don't want another hanyou in the group. I mean, one is enough, and besides there's Kouga, so too many demons.

Kagome Higurashi… I've spoken to her maybe once in my life. I bumped into her once in the hallway. She had been humming a tune and apologized, like twelve times, for almost knocking me over.

Honestly, I've mostly only heard of Kagome. I know that she sings, and that Kouga is in love with her, apparently. I know that she's not bad looking at all. I heard someone talking about the Higurashi Shrine before too.

"You're quite, is there a girl you have in mind?"

I shake my head, "No."

Finally, I'm allowed to leave that place of damnation. Sango follows me to my Jeep and I turn the key in the ignition once we're inside.

"So when should I have everyone audition?"

I sigh, "Tomorrow maybe? Let's just worry about practice for now."

I drum my claws on the steering wheel until I hear the back door open and Kouga say,

"Alright. No detention today."

I snort as I back out of the school parking lot. "'Bout time, or I was going to have to kick you out of the band."

Sango sighs as the afternoon routine starts. "Kick me out? I'm the most important part of this band!"

"People like guitars more than drums."

"Girls like my drums."

I frown as Sango bursts out laughing. I make a quick turn, and my house is just ahead. Okay, I'll admit, Kouga's skill on the drums kind of makes up for his crappy personality.

Sango told me how good he was, and I didn't believe her. But, one week into freshman year, he was in my basement (A/N: Haha ;] , ;] ) , being incredible on the very drums that I couldn't master to save my life.

Ever since then, it's like we formed a group of friends, although it's gotten smaller since then, because Miroku left for college last year.

I pull the car into the driveway and we all hop out. My parents are so used to Sango and Kouga that they don't even question when they're coming over anymore.

When we walk in, Mom is sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey, how was school guys?"

"Learned stuff we didn't need to know, Mrs. Takahashi," Kouga says. Man, that kid is more polite to my mom than he is to his own.

"The band okay?"

Sango nods. "Yeah, you know."

I smirk and grab a bowl of fruit. One swipe, it's sliced fruit. "We'll be downstairs if you need us, Mom."

We all head downstairs and don't come back up for hours.

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