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~Gentleman's Dance~

Rin looked at the clock again. Didn't he say he was going to come home early? What was he doing out with his friends this late? She sighed once again, hoping that Len would come back just in time before she left for her appointment.

Suddenly, her phone rang. The familiar whirring of a Road Roller flattening a road was made her ringtone. She looked at the caller id before flipping her flip phone open.

"Heeello, Mikuo! Ou! Kuo! Ouuu! Okay okay, I'll shut up." Rin answered her phone while she toyed with her bangs, "Yes, yes, Tsukiji Restaurant at nine, right?"

"Uhuh. Yeah." She waited for his reply and she laughed, her hair swaying with her movements.

"Did I tell you about how Gumi mistakenly went to- man! Haha, I have to tell you when I get there."

"Yep. No, no, haha! Don't worry about it, Kuo!" Rin paced towards the bed and sat down. "And. Do. Not. Bring. Flowers, Kuo. How would I know? I've known you since nine, we're fourteen now, buddy."

An awkward pause.

"Aaaaaanyhow, I'll see you there. Uhuh. Bye." She closed her flip phone shut.

Rin sighed as she lied down on the bed, her legs touching the floor. Truth to be told, she was really reluctant to go, but he's been dropping painfully obvious hints here and there, so she thought might as well try going out with him. That, and it was only because Miku said that Mikuo has been telling her everyday to put in a good word on his behalf that she got so fed up and asked Rin to go out with him once, just once, to make him shut up.

She giggled as she remembered it.

"Please, Rin! I'm begging you! I'll not eat leek for an hour! Wait, no. Not in front of you at least! Please! Go out with my idiotic younger brother! Please! Just once! Please!"

Rin couldn't reject Miku even if she wanted to. She looked so pitiful with her twin tails flopping animatedly, like she was going to cry. She was even on her knees! Who could say no to that!

Mikuo is actually a pretty sweet boy, besides being a good friend, he's also caring and understanding, except for the fact that he's a little silly, but that adds to the charm. Rin smiled at the thought of him cracking a lame joke about pandas and bartenders*. Silly Kuo. He's been her friend for almost as long as Miku and Gumi.

She adores him, but only as a close friend.

What were you thinking, Rin! Going out with him? I must be on drugs when I said yes to the date! Now he's going to think that you actually like him!

Rin sat up to finger the hem of the skirt and realizes that the skirt she's wearing is actually very, very short. Damnit, and to think that I wanted to wear it since I've not wore in since forever. It only reaches till the half of her upper thigh! If she did bend a little more wearing the skimpy article, she'll not only please Mikuo-chan, but unwanted perverts too.

Shuddering at the thought, she headed to her clothes drawer. If I'm quick, I'll still make it on time-

"Liar." The sudden voice made her turn to the speaker. There he was, leaning against the door frame of her room.

She placed a hand over her chest. "Len...! You scared me! I didn't hear you come in." I think I'll wear shorts? No, no, jeans would be b-

"Did you mean it." He started in low tones walking towards her figure.

"Mean what, Len?" She pulled out the second rack, deciding on what to change into.

"Or, you were just toying with my feelings when you said that you would be my bride." Len snarled as he slammed the drawer close, almost hurting her hand in the process.

His actions shocked her a little, her hand caressing her wrist where the wooden furniture slightly knocked into it. But what fazed her more was his question. Why was he bringing this up now?

Rin turned her head away at the faint memory.

Eight years ago in winter. Two children. A mere childish promise.

Of course I remember...

She vaguely recalls the words that left her lips that night, but the memory was engraved in her mind, along with the dreadful event that happened the year after.

Everyone knew that marrying your sibling is a taboo. And Rin also slowly understood that when growing up.

You can't marry your own sibling.

It is an act that would be frowned upon by everyone.

Even their parents.

Len was still staring at her, waiting intently for her answer.

She felt herself shiver when his cold cerulean eyes bore into her, uneasiness evident in her frighten orbs as it gazed into his.

"Why are you bringing this up-" Rin started hesitantly, trying to avoid his gaze.

"Answer me!" Rin felt his stare intensify as he drew closer. She could smell a mix of perfume laced on his school uniform, the scent must have come from when the girls in school crowded him, and there was something else. Something foreign.

Len feels like a complete stranger. A thought darted across her mind—the Len she knew then and the Len that was staring down at her were very different people.

She refused to admit that she was slightly afraid of her own twin; how could a person change this much in just eight years, especially the Len that used to be so soft spoken and well mannered. She quickly cleared her head, this isn't the time to think about that right now, Rin thought as she roughly pushed him aside to quickly get out of the room.

I have to get away, anger is enveloping him whole. He can't think straight and might do something brash, like hitting me. Her whole being was giving her warning signals to get away.

She swiped his hand away roughly, side stepping him, and made a quick dash to the exit. Before she could reach for the door, Len gripped her wrist and pushed her against the wall.

The action was so sudden, so quick, and she felt the air being knocked out of her. Dazed, she shook her head to clear her vision and she soon realized that she was trapped between his arms by the side of her head.

"You did not answer me." Len narrowed his eyes at her. His blue eyes a menacing shade.

"L-Len. Stop messing around. Let me...m-me go." Her voice was quivering.

She saw him stare down at her, down to her clothing, then up to her face. What does he want? She could feel him getting angrier when she saw him furrowed his eyebrows even further.

"Len. I'm getting kinda scared, can you please let-"

"Where do you think you are going," Len interrupted. Suddenly, he placed his hand on her hips, slowly moving down to her ass. Shocked, Rin tried to make a noise, but he quickly placed a finger over her mouth to silent her. "Shhh. I'm not done yet."

She swallowed nervously, as she watch him continue to speak.

"Dressing like this and going out to meet, hmm, what was his name, hmm, Mikuo, was it...?" Wait. How did Len know? But I'm not going on a romantic date, if that's what Len thinks.

She quickly tried to explain. "No- I mean, yes. I was planning to go out with him, but it's not what you thi-"

Her sentence were cut short when she felt her brother's cold fingers ghosting up her thigh, making her breath hitch. Words of resistance formed in her mouth, but there was no voice to project them. Rin felt terror racing through her veins, causing her heartbeat to quicken ten fold. Stay calm, Rin. Stay calm. Len's just messing with you.

She felt a bead of sweat trickle down her forehead, wincing as the salty dribble entered her eye.

"Were you planning to," his face nearing hers, "perhaps seduce him into the motel?" She shook her head violently, voicing words of denial, but all sounds were muffled by his hand that was firmly covering her lips. By now, she was gasping in and out shakily, her chest heaving up and down against his. Rin felt a little dizzy from all the blood rushing into her head combined with the breathing difficulty due to his hand over her mouth; she barely takes notice of his thigh between her legs, pressing against her panties.

She was already very out of breath, it wasn't long before she slumped against his hold. Facing her own twin brother, she can't seem to lift a finger, it was like she was under a spell. For the first time in her life, she felt so pathetic.

"Perhaps, also taking off your clothes," Len pressed his body against hers more firmly, "and be some cheap fuck for Mikuo, hmm?"

Rin felt his warm breath tickling her cheek and she squeezed her eyes in fear. She didn't know what to say to him. He was blatantly insulting her, but she couldn't find the will to deny it. She struggled and she felt her tears gather involuntarily. All she wants Len to do is to let her go.

"When I ask you something, fucking respond. Unless, you've really become a whore who opens her legs for any man." He was taunting her, testing to see if she'll admit it. All Rin could do was only to close her eyes further; an act of submission, not wanting to play this sick game of his.

Angry that she did not respond, he suddenly grabbed hold of her left arm.

"What do you plan to do..." He brought her hand down to his slight erection, "...now you've gone and made me hard..." Len whispered by her ear, sending shivers throughout her shaking body.

"Mmmnfghh!" Let me go! Rin's eyes widened and she felt her ears prickle in fear. She violently struggled out of his grasp again, trying to get him to let her leave. Her hand was brushing against his straining erection but she couldn't pull away with his hand keeping it in place.

She stared into his eyes and Len felt her fear oozing out of her shivering body. She's afraid of me. He hesitated for a moment. I'm hurting Rin. Len's grip on her hand loosened slightly.

When he thought of Mikuo touching Rin in places that belong to him and him alone, Len felt anger rushed into his being once again. Rin moaning another name that wasn't his. Rin laying on her back facing someone else that wasn't him. Rin screaming a name that did not belong to him. His mind twisting the events madly, replaying his dark imaginations over and over again. He closed his eyes, but it did nothing to conceal his mad lust.

"You. Belong. To. Me." He slowly grit out. "Remember this well. Only I can fuck you."

Her eyes widened when she realized his intent, Rin thrashed about, trying to get away. Len quickly undid his belt and pressed her against the wall with his body. Rin screamed and she tried to push him away with all her might but her efforts were to no avail. Tugging at his hair and scratching him, she was trying her best to make him realize what he was doing.

"Len! Stop! You don't know what you're-" He already held her thigh upwards, her miniskirt riding up even further. Her screaming and her resistance were ignored. He did not even give a fuck if the neighbors complained about the screaming tomorrow.

Len pulled her underwear down just enough for him to enter her swiftly, her polka dotted panties still dangling between her thighs before he pulled out to thrust in again.

"...nnh!" Rin found herself gasping in more shock than pain at the sudden penetration.

Coughing up her own saliva, the abrupt intrusion caused Rin to choke back a sob. It hurts. Stories heard from her friends included first time experiences, but it never elucidates the extent of this sharp pain. Her fists were punching weakly against his chest.

"Please, don't..." Her voice was slightly hoarse from all the screaming. It hurts...!

Rin felt her body jerk as her brother roughly shoved his hand under her shirt to cup her breast, flicking at the nipple with his thumb. She cried out again, choking harshly. His other arm went around her waist, keeping her from running away. Rin tried her best to struggle out of his strong grip, but each move was causing a slight pain where Len had harshly entered her.

"No..." Her pleading cries weren't reaching his ears. Tears were streaming down her face and she was coughing, trying hard to breath. "Please let me go..."

Her pitiful sobbing was so pathetic. Being toyed with by her brother like this, it humiliated Rin even more than she could ever imagine.

Len noticed her punches getting lighter and weaker every time he thrust into her roughly. Is she in pain? Len slowed in his pace for a while, his eyes refusing to meet hers. He started thrusting slowly, in and out, convincing himself that the gentle act would ease her a little.

What a fucking hypocrite.

He pretended to be unaware of the blood smear on his cock, refused to stop even though he saw the tears gathering at her lower lashes. He can't stop now that he finally gotten what he wanted. Nobody else can mark her. She was only his to claim.

He had waited for this for eight years. Eight goddamn years. His cannibalistic urge had long since torn his rationality into shreds and he was now solely focusing on his object of desire in front of him. The succubus of his many sleepless nights; the sensual minx in his erotic dreams. His twin sister.

"...L-len...! Sto-!" She felt him suck on the side of her collarbone, biting and kissing his way up to her ear.


A light moan left her lips and Len suddenly tensed up, his cock twitching even more. Every fiber of his body was burning with fervent passion, to pleasure her, to fuck her. He found himself desiring more of her. All of her.

Rin belongs to me.

Drunk with lust, he continued his ministrations, roughly nipping at her neck. His open mouthed kisses leaving a burning trail on her neck, while his hands found its way to her ass, squeezing and kneading, plunging into her deeper.

Her lips were slightly agape and her eyes were half lidded. Her hand weakly reached up to push against his face, shielding his left eye's vision. "Nngh...Len. I'm...I'm your sist-" He crudely ignored her as he pumped into her with more force, her body jerking in reaction to his thrusts.

He watched as her fist loosened its grip on his shirt, her head buried on his shoulder; his sister's resistance was turning into gasps of pleasure.

"Len...Sto-mmngghhh!" Her whisper coming out as a loud moan.

Every time he pulled out, Len made sure he thrust in deeper, harder, making her back hit the pattern printed wall. But the pain from it was the farthest thing on her mind now that a wave of unknown pleasure was slowly building up in her.

Despite it being her first time, her body was automatically keeping up with his pace. Albeit clumsy, her hips were moving to meet his thrusts, and before Rin knew it, she had lifted her other leg to hook onto his waist, her hands cradling his neck. Len's steady pace and her silken heat were creating pleasurable friction every time he moved, her parted lips whimpering in pleasure.

Len was immediately captivated by his sister's short breaths and light moans; he leaned towards Rin and slanted his mouth over hers.

Rin's dimly lit room was filled with their loud groans and the slapping of skin to skin that was increasing in pace.

Rin did not know how to describe this new sensation that she was feeling every time Len pounded into her. The missing warmth of his length she felt every time he pulled out only beckoned her to push her hips towards him. His gradual movements were creating an unknown ticklish yet pleasurable feeling in her lower regions, and in her hazy mind, she knew that she was forgetting something, but the instinct of reaching her climax was getting feral and stronger every time he drove into her.

Each thrust drove her closer and closer to her release and her lids were closing shut, she could barely remember how his tongue found it's way into her mouth, and she did not know how, but she was responding back as fervently. Basking in the pleasure, she was unaware of the bruise from where he gripped her wrist too tightly was forming. Her hips were being guided by his and the harder he slammed, the tighter she squeezed him.

When she was clenching convulsively onto him tightly, Len also came along with her, a shuddering breathe released from his lips as he pressed them against the skin of her sweaty neck. His cock pumping his hot white seed into her.

Rin unconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck as she felt herself coming down from her high; her laboured breathings gradually slowing, her inner muscles quivering to a dull stop. Len, too, tightly held her in his arms as he closed his eyes, reveling in their climax.

Len felt his knees weaken and he quickly brought an arm to push against the wall, supporting both their weights. Bracing himself with one arm, he carefully brought her down to the floor. Her arms were still around his form and she was too ashamed to look at him.

Her head on his shoulder allowed him to take a whiff of her light tangy shampoo scent. It felt so nostalgic. She had always loved citrus flavored items, always beaming in joy when someone offered her orange flavoured cakes or lime candies. Her smile was always so uplifting, like a magical spell, infecting others to smile along with her. Len felt his stomach churn in guilt as he remembered her tears. He made her cry. And he made no move to stop it. He gently placed her on the wooden surface, her body propped up against the wall.

Lying motionlessly looking at the floor, Rin never felt so shamed in her life, humiliated by her brother, and...and...vio...violat...She wanted to scream and cry but no voice was coming out her throat. Her body was trembling, her panties still hooked around her ankle, and she felt a sticky substance trickle down her inner thigh. A million questions were going through her head, but tears only managed to fall from her sullen eyes.

After zipping his pants, Len tried to open his mouth to break the silence; would apologizing suffice? Would Rin hate me. He bent down to tentatively reach out for her arm only to be shunned when she backed away further for him. He wasn't surprised, but something in him tells him he feels a little more than hurt over the hostile gesture. It was my fault anyway, she has the right to despise me.

After all, I...raped her. My own twin sister.

His mind was submerging in guilt and remorse—her actions were speaking for herself—and he hastily left the room without a word. It was only after she heard the door close with a soft click that her voice came rushing out her lips, gasping and crying out. Her hands were scrubbing at her limbs that were slick with sweat, her nails causing long red streaks on her pale skin. ...Why did he do it. Why did he do it..! WHY DID HE DO IT...!

Screaming, she quickly ran into the bathroom to clean herself.

Absentmindedly, she undressed, tears glazing her vision. A scent slowly wafted to her nose. She smelt like the perfume the girls in her school used. It must have transferred onto her purple blouse when he was...She threw her shirt away in horror as she quickly ran into the stall. Calming her breathing, she turned on the shower only to feel the cold water on her skin.

Usually, Rin would stay out of the cold water until it slowly changes into the lukewarm she preferred, but she found herself welcoming the cold water raining down on her as her body shivered, waking her senses. Her dizzy mind regaining its consciousness was slowly pulling her back to reality. Bit by bit, she came to a slow realization that she just had her first orgasm. By her own blood and flesh. By her own. Twin. Brother.

And I enjoyed it.

Her tears mixed with the falling droplets of warm rain as she ignored the sting she felt in her lower regions. The water made her damp hair curtain her eyes, but she made no move to push them away. No matter how much she tried not to think about it, thoughts about Len and what he just did kept rushing to her.

I could've pushed him away.

She was disgusted with herself. She was much stronger than that pathetic weak girl who just got violated by her twin brother. Rin buried her face in her palms as she sobbed harder. All the images of them as innocent children playing in the fields are now coming back to haunt her.

She had just committed taboo with her twin brother.

Gentleman's Dance




The emotional burden was too strong for her...And Rin became a psychopathic serial killer.

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