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~Child's Dream~

"Len! Huuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrry!" Rin waved her hand to her twin.

Len took bigger steps to try to quickly get to her, but it was tough trodding in such thick snow with his stubby legs. His tiny little brain just couldn't understand how his sister got so far ahead when they both started running at the same time.

"Come onnnnnnnnnnnn, Leeeeeen!" Running to her brother, she tugged on his gloved hand. "It's not gonna wait for youuuu!"

"Grr! Coming!" Puffing breaths of white, he finally got to the top of the hill with his sister's help, more like constant tugging. "Finally," swallowing before continuing, "here!" Len put both his hands up in the air with a hint of accomplishment.

Gleaming with joy, suddenly he felt a pair of warm lips brush his face. Turning to look at Rin, he lightly touched his right profile.

"Good job, birthday boy!" Rin grinned. Her nose was tinged pink from the cold.

Her light kiss still lingered on his cheek. Despite the boys in the kindergarten complaining that kisses would give you cooties, Len felt that it wasn't uncomfortable, unlike the boys in kindergarten would always say.

The snowy landscape was only faintly lit by the town below, streets filled with Christmas and New Year decorations. There were two snowmans (more like snowman and snowwoman) looking out into the distance, their twiggy hands somewhat linked together. One had Rin's crimson orange scarf and the other, his bright yellow checkered scarf. So that's where his missing scarf was.

He looked at her knowingly and she laughed, "Fine, fine! I took it okay? You can grab it back from Len-chan here later. But nowwwww-"

Rin swiftly took a step behind him and placed her hands on his eyes to cover his sight. "I'm going to give you a surprise so you gotta close your eyes and walk to the front a little. Like ummmm, one, two, yeah! Five steps forward!"

It wasn't really working as her hands weren't long enough but Len shut his eyes and complied anyway.

"OKAYY! Stop right there. I'm gonna let go of my hands, but you can't open your eyes yet! Not until I say okayyy, okay?" Rin squealed in his ear. He winced a little, he thought that by now he'd get used to her high pitched voice.

"Mmmmmmm, a little while moreeee. Almost there, yep, they went off now! OKAY! Open your eyes!"

When he opened his eyes, he only saw a pitch of darkness, with a few street lamps illuminating the town. Confused, he almost turned to ask his twin what was so amazing about a pitch of black when the town suddenly lit up with colorful blinking lights.

The LED lights started to form the words Merry Christmas in blue blinking lights, then it switched to green lights and formed a Christmas tree. Even from the hilltop, Len could hear the warmly familiar tune of 'Joy to the World' and one by one, reindeers were formed by the flashing illumination.

Rin sang, "Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen," and Len followed, singing along with her.

"Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen."

LED Rudolph morphed into a dashing white meteor with a long tail that disappeared into the night. "But do you recall," Rin and Len looked at each other, singing the famous line of the song, in time for the LED light finale, "the most famous reindeer of all?" Then, the neon lights made a bright burst, creating a colorful confetti snow, and it slowly faded one by one as the scene reverted to the brightly lit town of Sapporo.

"Beautiful, huh?" Rin watched on with amazement, "I saw it the other day when dad was bringing me for shopping, but unfortunately you weren't with me at the time." She pouted a little. "But lucky for me, I get to show you MYSELF! TADAA!"

"I'm superrr, right? Superr!" Rin did a little jig around him, shaking up and down.

Len tried really hard not to cry. He went to hug Rin, stopping her little dance, "...Thank you." For remembering Len. For remembering, me.

"Hey, hey, I get it. Don't need to get all huggy and alllll." She patted his arm. Then patted his head. "Hey hey, don't need to cry, yanno!"

Len squeezed his eyes shut as he hugged Rin tighter.

"Oof! You're giving me a super hug!"

His dad has always favored Rin more. Ironically, when most dads stick with their sons more often, his mom had no choice but to pamper Len. His mom would love them dearly, but there was always a tilt of scale regarding dad's affections. Like the times when dad would willingly go to Rin's marathon but only his mother showed up at his art competition.

Even Rin came to cheer for him, but his dad still gave the excuse of he was too busy with his work to turn up. Len figured out after a few times that he was getting the smaller pie of his dad's affection, but he pretended not to know, for he knew it would sadden his mom too. Rin, was oblivious to the situation, and Len didn't want to burden her with such guilt.

The only thing that kept him going was Rin. He was deeply grateful to his lucky stars that Rin was always by his side. The Rin that always made him laugh. The Rin that would share the last piece of her favourite cake with him. The Rin that stood by him and continued to care for his pathetic existence.

The only thing he feared, was having to part with her. The thought of it alone made Len shiver.

He quickly held Rin's hand, squeezing it. "Rin...? D-Don't ever leave me..."

"Sure! ...What's wrong, Len?"

Len shook his head, "P-please promise me, Rin..."

Rin squeezed his hand back and nodded in reply, "Okay, okay. I promise we'll never be apart~ Like the snowMANS!" as she tackled Len onto the snowy ground knocking the pitiful snowmans down.

"Rin! You killed them!" Len tried to push her off but she wouldn't budge. "WELL, THE REAL ONES ARE HERE NOW!" Rin giggled and wrestled around until they were both out of breath.

"That, was soooo tiring." Rin puffed, taking in a big mouthful of air.

"I think we should go home now. Mom and dad are still waiting to cut our cake." Len piped up.

Suddenly, Rin's face was scrunched up, like she was deep in thought. Then she laughed maniacally.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA! WAHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!" For a while, Len feared for his life, and her sanity.

"OHOHOHO! LEN! I JUST HAD THIS GREAT IDEA!" She sat upright and looked down at Len. "You gave me the hint, BUT I THOUGHT OF THIS IDEA MYSELF. STICKLY KAGAMINE RIN'S IDEA. NO STEALING, KAY?" Len nodded, and disregarded to correct her 'stickly' to 'strictly'.

"Heeeeeee! You know how we're gonna be together ALWAYS? I'm such a genius!" Len slowly moved his head up and down, not exactly understanding his sister.

"We can be like mom and dad! That way we'll be together forever!"

Len knit his eyebrows together, "Mom and dad?"

"Yeah, you know like married and and stuff! Married people are always sticking together. Like Keisuke's mom and dad, or Miki's mom and dad!"

Rin clapped with glee. "You're a boy, I'm a girl, so we can marry, right?" Len looked at her, and she stared back; and on cue, they both started to giggle, and it grew into a full blown laughter which tinkled across the snowy land.

After the noise died down, Len gingerly piped up, "You mean you'll...be...," he blushed, "my wife...like in the movies?"

"Yeyeyeyeyesssuuuu! You'll make me your wife, and I'll make you my wife!" She smiled as she turned to lie facing him. "And we should get married, um, I think, during next year!"

"Really? Uh. Why?" Len rolled over to make space for his snow angel.

"Yah! During the Yew Near!" Rin squeaked excitedly, to which Len replied, "New Year."

"Yeah yeah! Because Yew Year has kagami mochi! And it's super delicious!"

Len coughed. "New Year, Rin. New-Year."

"Silence, fool!" Rin hit Len's head, telling him to let her finish. "Hmf!"

"And after we get married, we can do grown up things like stay up late, eat more ice cream and all!"

Len laughed. "We're only turning four today, you know. Though, it's already almost the end of the year..."

"So? I wanna get married in Yew Year! YEW YEAR!" Rin stomped her fists onto the snowy ground, pounding up flecks of white snow.

"Okay, okay, I got you. Stop, stop it, Rin." Len patted the snow off him.

Rin laughed, then started humming a familiar commercial jingle. Len huffed to form a puff of white cloud, his gaze on it as it floated away a little before completely vanishing. Together forever, huh? He closed his eyes smiling, he didn't mind being with Rin forever.

It was getting colder by the minute now. He glanced to the right to see Rin's ear turning pinkish red. Standing up, he dusted the snow off his coat as he looked at the squashed snowmen beneath them.

"Marriage can wait. For now, let's just go home! You don't wanna end up looking like a boiled octopus, do you!" His mitten clad hand reached out for hers. "Come on, Rin. I don't want to be late for our birthday!"

She looked up as he smiled back at her. "I'll race you back home, Len!"

"I'll win this time!"

Rin beamed and reached out for her brother's hand, and she fell onto the wooden floor with a hard thud.

"Wha- owwww..." The blonde haired girl was fully awake now, her alarm clock ringing. Her hair a messy mop as she quickly smoothed it down with her hands, her fingers getting tangled between the strands. She quickly ran to the mirror to look at herself. Messy hair. Check. Flat chest. Check. Arghhh! I'm already 17! Why do I still look like a brat!

Rin looked at the clock on the wall and panicked. She was going to be late for school if she doesn't get her ass out of the house in 10 minutes.

"Dad! Why didn't you wake me up!" She yelled from the bathroom, brushing her teeth with mach speed. Then she remembered. Oh yeah. Dad's still not back from India yet. He had only been gone for three days, and he's going to be there for three months for his business trip.

Yelling at the top of her lungs not caring if her neighbors heard her, "Daddy! Come home soon kay!"

Rin missed her old man already.

Skipping breakfast, she kissed her family photo goodbye. It is a mini ritual she does every morning, hoping that her wish would come true and her parents would be together again.

It was only two week after their fourth birthday, their parents got into a big fight, and it lead to the eventual divorce. Rin couldn't really remember why they argued so badly, nor why they started fighting in the first place. She and Len were so frightened, huddled in a corner as they didn't know how to stop the fight.

Their parents were intent on splitting everything, not wanting to owe the other anything, so they had one twin follow each of them. Rin thought it wasn't fair to split the siblings, so she fought and cried, yelling for their parents to take either both or just send them both to an orphanage. She only vaguely remembers that she was knocking everything down and crying out loud. In the end, Len whispered in her ear, telling her that he'll promise to come to get her, only then Rin did quieten down as she watched her mother and her brother leave out the front door.

At first, she hated her father for letting them leave just like that, but slowly, she realized that she's the only person that he has left in the world. And he was the only person she could depend on. The New Year came quietly and Rin thought that her room seemed much bigger without Len occupying it. Her dad decided there wasn't much left in that big house, therefore, soon after that, they moved to Tokyo.

Rin used to cry every night for her mother, but now, she's a big girl. And big girls don't cry anymore.

Grabbing her school bag, she hopped out her door and took a shortcut through the alley way stepping on some restaurant left overs, cutting across a large park where old people and young kids were staring at the frantic girl, using the backdoor of a frequently visited cafe where she said hi to the cafe owner, Luka, then she finally ran across the zebra crossing almost dashing across without waiting for the pedestrian light to change, getting yelled at by a car for jaywalking, to reach her destination. Now she just has to walk down a few streets, and she'll be safe in the school compound before the bell rings.

Miku, her long time friend, was sitting on the pavement, poking at a weed between the cemented ground.

When Rin spotted her, she called out cheerfully, "Mornin' Miku!" To only further ignite Miku's anger.


"Okay! Calm down, Miku. I'm just, um, 3 minutes late, I think?"


Rin put her palms together, bowing to her friend. "Sorry Miku! Please forgive me!"

"Where were you! I don't want to be late for the one million six hundred and fifty nine thousand, seven hundred and forty sixth time because I was stuck waiting for you!"

She thought before answering, "I am so extremely," she paused, "sorry. My neighbor asked me to help her with her garbag-"

"...Think of a better lie, missy. You told me 3 days ago your neighbour had to go back to her hometown for a two week long holiday."

"Oh yeah. Ehehe."

Even though Miku was a year older than her, they were inseparable besties. They met during a fight, in which Miku was teased for her overly long hair in the park, and Rin came and beat the crap out of the boys, although she got scrapes and bruises from it, the boys eventually gave up and ran away. Miku then had the guts to wail and scream at her saviour for chasing away her friends, and Rin was retaliating, as she reasoned that the boys weren't her true friends if they were always making fun of her.

They fought but made up after some crying and hair pulling. It has been five years since then.

"-in! Rin! Kagamine Rin!" Said person waved her hand infront of Rin's face. Rin blinked and laughed.

"I know! I know! I heard you!"

"So, what did I say."

"You, uh, said something about your pet goldfish...?"

"...Rin. You asked me to remind you to study chapter 2 for the mini tests next week. And I don't have a goldfish." Rin looked at Miku blankly.

"Sheesh. So you weren't listening at all?" Miku put both her arms on her hips to feint anger. "Do you even pay attention to your teacher?"

"Well, I listen to the teacher sometimes, but sometimes I sleep in class too. Especially during history clas-"

"And you still have the guts to admit it, huh? And you ask why you always score so low in your tests! Do you even do your homework?"

Rin grinned sheepishly. Her mind was still lingering on the dream she had that morning.

It was really weird, she had not had that dream in years. Especially after Len had not contacted her for 7 years now. After their parents had the divorce, her mother took Len with her, and her father indulged himself in more work than before. Even though they got a divorce, they allowed their children to keep in contact. They are, twins, after all. They had long phone calls, talking for hours beyond their sleeping time. They made promises to call each other whenever something came up. They also made a vow, even if one of them got into an accident, they must at least come back to tell the other twin in a dream before they could go to heaven.

All those childish promises. Rin giggled, but she found them silly and cute.

They wrote letters to each other as frequently as possible, but when they had entered the third year of primary school, the letters gradually slowed, and Rin understood that both of them would be busy with their homework and their new school life. She tried dialing his number too, but it would always go to voice mail. Without giving up hope, she still sent one letter every two days and hoped that he would reply when he's less busy with his own life. But one day, the letters just stopped coming. It was during February of her 10th birthday. She refused to believe that Len had given up on being a whole family again and kept feeding the red post box her written letters. She updated him on current affairs and her school life, and sometimes she sends him pictures of herself and her friends.

Even till now, she writes to him occasionally every month but there was still no reply. So what if he doesn't reply, that doesn't mean he doesn't read them! Maybe Len is just too lazy to write back.

Rin let out a loud audible sigh, it sounded like she was convincing herself. She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not even notice a group of girls were coming towards her, or more accurately, the school's entrance. Someone bumped into her and Rin fell onto the ground, her schoolbooks scattering out of her bag around her.

"Hey! Watch it! You almost killed someone!" Miku shook her fist at the girl, but the girl was so busy chattering to apologize. "You okay, Rin?"

"Oh no~! I'm dying! This little scrape on my knee is going to have an infection that will cause me to die, TERRIBLY!" Rin sobbed dramatically, and laughed it off. Miku smiled, but cursed furiously.

"I swear that their eyes grow on their knees!"

In the vast courtyard, there seemed to be a small group gathering. More people were joining the group, pushing their way in to see the cause of attention.

Miku tiptoed to see what the commotion was about. "It seems that there is a new kid in school. His hair is kinda cool though." The boy was surrounded by a crowd of people, mostly females. All the conversations were one sided and they all mostly sounded the same- wanting the new boy to hang out with them or something similar to that.

"You're pretty cute, what's your number?"

"Wanna hang out later? I know a nice bar."

"Punk, you're pretty cool. Join our gang?"

"I love your hair! Can I touch it?"

Rin took Miku's outstretched arm, whistling, "Wow, seems like there's an idol in our school!"

Sticking her tongue at the crowd, Miku shouted, "As if! Hah! Does he look like Kaneshiro Takeshi or Odagiri Joe? What's the big idea?" Her snide remark went unnoticed by them as all the attention was on the new student.

"No use shouting, Miku. Those girls are prolly blind, and deaf," Growling, Rin dusted her palms and started to pick up her books. It was then she caught a glimpse of blonde hair. Len! She cocked her head up as fast as she could to get a better look. She couldn't see his face, but his hair had red and black streaks in it, and she also noticed that he had a few piercings on both his ear.

"Rin, are you day dreaming again?" Miku collected the books in her arms and placed them in her bag. "The bell's going to ring any minute now."

"Mm." Rin tried to get a good look at his face, but there were too many girls surrounding him. "Could it be him?" Rin had second thoughts. Len did not seem to be the type to be this popular with the females, and definitely not pierce his ear. Only a delinquent would do that! Len's a good boy!

"Could it be who?" Miku waved her hand in front of her face, "Oh no, could you have fallen for his looks too?"

Rin heard her last sentence and immediately responded, "No! I was just checking!"

Smiling cunningly, the green hair girl poked Rin on her arm, "Checking him out? Someone's into bad boys, huh! Yummy!"

Flustered, Rin pushed Miku away and quickly ran into the school hall. How could Miku even suggest that! Uhg! Stupid delinquent!

Rin laid her head on her desk. It was so boring without Miku here, too bad she was a year older; if she were here, they both could create enough noise to fill a classroom! Rin's boredom started to make her bang her head on her desk, earning stares from her classmates.

Mikuo's in the same year, but he was in a different class. Gumi was just a few months from graduating, then she'll be free from this torturous hell filled with student minions. She looked to her left, her seat neighbor was absent today. Rin groaned out loud.

Why did Yukane-san choose to be absent today! I'm supposed to copy her homework when I sleep during class!

The noisy chatter slowly died down when their homeroom teacher, Sakine Meiko, came in. Behind her was a boy in a different uniform. He wore a gray blazer and a white shirt with a blue tie over his neck, while the boys in the school wore a red blazer with a black tie.

"Okay kids, we have a transfer student."

There were hoards of fangirls squealing at the sight of the dirty blonde hair.

"Silence!" Meiko yelled at her classroom. It wasn't working, her order was drowned by the squealing.

"You bunch of kids have too much energy now? Why don't you put it to good use by cleaning up the field!" She yelled while she slammed her books on the table. She was a stern but somewhat friendly woman. Surprisingly, some high school boys even wrote her love letters, especially the ones that got punished by her. She rejected them all by giving them extra homework and making them clean all the toilets in the school; but the love letters never ceased but instead, increased. Her stern sadism sparked a masochistic flame in her students hearts, that's why it also earned her the nickname 'SM sensei', which coincides with her name's initials.

Her threat did not scare the pupils as they continued to gossip around.

"Akami, look! It's the boy from this morning!"

"He's in our class! Lucky!"

"He looks so good with his clear blue eyes!"

Feeling her blood pressure rising, she warned again, "I'll give you punks three seconds before I send you to detention and make you do a seven thousand word essay on world peace!"

"Aw man, sensei! Give us a break. A new kid is here."

"Chill, SM sensei! An anger a day keeps the wrinkles at bay!" A student laughed his guts out after saying it.

"Ugh, Hirokane. Office after class." Said kid groaned. "Can you guys at least keep quiet for one second while he introduces himself then!" Meiko mentally counted to 10 to dissuade her anger. Seriously, why did she take a job being a teacher. Oh yeah, because the idiot Kaito couldn't stop bugging her until she sent in her resume.

Naturally interested in the new student, the classroom fell silent.

She patted the boy on his shoulder and motioned him to talk. Meiko took a good look at the boy beside her. He looks like the playboy, delinquent type of guy, and she knows full well that girls fall so easily for boys like this. She hopes he doesn't break any of her student's heart. Otherwise- wait, no otherwise, this isn't the time to be talking to yourself, Meiko! Let the boy continue his introduction!

"Ahem, your name, boy." She pushed him forward slightly as he coughed a little, clearing his throat. Everyone held their breath as they waited for his name.

The boy smiled.

"Hello, my name is Shimoda Len."




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