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Money Woes for Takenouchi and husband

Takenouchi Sora and her husband, Yagami Taichi, were seen here at Tokyo's annual Adult Entertainment Expo.

Takenouchi and her husband were seen doing a panel at the Tokyo AEE earlier this evening, leaving many to question if the newly revealed porn stars were having money troubles, hence their turn to the industry.

The pair were seen at the panel under their stage names, Satoshi and Kasumi. When confronted, Yagami claimed that Takenouchi's son was also his before both were removed from the room.

More information will be provided as it is made available.

The car ride home was filled with silence. Matt hadn't actually left us unguarded, instead putting Aki and Maka in a hotel down the road. They had come immediately and squirreled us away back in their own room until Matt could drive down and get us. He had made it and now we were deliberating what was going to happen in silence. Matt and I had spoken for a while on the phone, but we ended when he started down so that Matt could talk to PR for the band and think about our options separately and would be able to have a good discussion when we finally spoke. I was still coming up blank.

"What's the plan, Matt? I'm out of my league here. I'm sure you were on the phone with your PR guy the whole way down here," I said.

"We're going to tell everyone that Kashiwa is my son and tell them to go to hell and get the fuck out of our lives," Tai growled from the back seat. I groaned.

"Tai, I love you, but you've done enough damage. Sit down, shut up and let us figure out the best course of action for everyone, our son included."

Tai began to protest, but Matt cut him off before he could.

"No, Tai is actually right for once. We're going to tell them that the truth. All of the truth. Even the part about Haru," Matt said, trying to be nonchalant about the whole thing, but I could tell he wasn't. He was gripping the steering wheel too hard, not looking at us and generally just stiff.

"Hold on, what? Is that what the PR guy told you to do? Because I can't imagine that's what he told you to do," I said. Matt shrugged.

"I didn't let him tell me. What he's been telling me has dug us into this hole. I told him that I was going to deal with this and that I was telling everyone and that he could get over it, end of discussion. If he doesn't want to deal with it, he can get a new job." Matt sounded pretty dead set on the whole thing, but I was still worried about the implications. It was liable to ruin his career and the careers of all the other guys in the band.

"What about Haru? What does he think of all of this? Is he ok with you coming out?" I asked.

"He's ecstatic about the whole thing. He wants to be able to kiss me in public and hold hands when we're out. He's out of the closet and he hates the fact that I'm not. At this point, I would chance losing him to coming out. I'm tired of living a lie. I want to live without worrying I'm going to be exposed and I want to live a happy. I'm not happy this way, not really," he said. He wouldn't look at anyone else in the car and I knew that it was because it was the only way that he had the courage to tell us. This was something that had been bothering him for some time and he was just as worried about getting our approval as he was about the rest of the world and his fan base. Our opinion meant something and if he were to see that we didn't support him, he'd have lost it before he even got done telling us.

"Well then, that's all that matters to me. You deserve to be happy too. What do you think, Tai?" I hoped that my husband would catch on to the situation and answer appropriately, but it was always hard to say with Tai.

"I say that it's about fucking time! I mean, Christ. You should have done this years ago!" I breathed a sigh of relief at Tai's words. They were a little more brash than I had hoped, but they got the point across and it was what I was wanting him to say.

"I was putting the band first. It came before everything, including Sora's feelings and my own. I was wrong, but I thought I was doing the right thing. I know better now and it's time to put myself and you guys and Kashiwa first."

"Good, because I'm tired of my son being attributed to you and stalked by the paparazzi and I'm kind of tired of being ion the tabloids. I'm a porn star. We aren't in tabloids, at least not often. Not unless we get absolutely huge. Sora and I have some fame, but not to the point that anyone wants to know about our kid," Tai said. "So what exactly are we doing? What do I have to do?"

Matt laid out the plan, which was mostly just us going on a program, explaining everything and showing off Kashiwa.

"I'm not really sure that I want Kashiwa in the spotlight, Matt," I said uneasily. I had expected this if I had had Matt's child, but Kashiwa was supposed to be away from all of that.

"He's already in the spotlight. There's just nothing I can do about that. This might get him out of it quicker. I'm doing my best, Sora. You've got to cut me a little slack," Matt said. I relented, not saying any more. Instead, I sat back, wondering what the hell I had gotten my husband and newborn son into.

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