Arthur gently shook Gwen. He could feel heat pouring off her shaking body. Her teeth clattered as she snuggle deeper into the covers. Wild strands of curly hair sprouted out of the heavy covers.

"Go away, Arthur," Gwen whispered hoarsely. "I'm sick."

Arthur looked at a small hump in the center of their bed. The inhabitants of Camelot were besieged by the flu. Gwen spent hours tending to the residents of Camelot over the last few weeks. Last week, their children were struck by the persistent bug. Gwen spent hours tending their fevers, wiping their noses, and spooning chicken noodle soup down their throats.

Gwen woke up and sounded like a toad when she whispered his name. Her dark spots underlined her tired eyes. Her small body shook. A fine sheet of sweat covered her mocha her skin.

"Nurse is sick. Who's going to take care of the children? "

Arthur leaned closer to Gwen. He could hear her muttering something. "What darling?"

Gwen sprung upright in bed. Her hair flying like dark ribbons. "Take care of them yourself," Gwen hissed. "I'm sick. Don't come back in here until I feel better."

Arthur poked his lip out and folded his arms. "Fine, I'll do it. I won't be back." Gwen sunk back into her cool sheets.

Arthur stomped towards the door. "Where's Merlin?"

Merlin and Arthur stood outside the nursery. Arthur's face frowned as he listened to shrieks and cries. The cries sounded like an adult. Merlin smirked as he considered the Pendragon offspring.

Gwydre, 8, the oldest and heir to Camelot. Merlin nicknamed him "little Arthur." He was bossy, demanding, and impulsive. He had golden skin, Arthur's blue eyes, and Gwen's dark curls.

Amhar,5 , golden brown hair with green eyes. He was worse than Gwydre. Charming and sneaky. Couldn't sit still.

Duran, 3, blonde hair with curls and brown eyes. He was actually sweet and shy.

Rowan, 1, chubby rosy cheeks with brown eyes and Gwen's soft curls. Constant smiles and laughter! Just learned to walk.

"So, Arthur."


"Do we go in?'

I'm king of Camelot. I can handle my children."

Merlin arched an eyebrow. "If you say so."

Arthur swung open the door. A young nurse sat in a chair. Her hands tied behind her back with her feet bound to the chair. Flour covered the floor. Rowan toddled around laughing as she threw flour in the air. Amhar swung from the deep red drapes. Gwydre sat on a table in the centre of the room. He wore Arthur's crown. The golden circle tilted off his dark head. His arms were cross and his adorable face bore a deep frown.

"Get the baby, Merlin."

Merlin rushed over and scooped Rowan's warm wriggling body in his arms. She pressed her tiny hands over his lanky body. His dark blue tunic was soon covered in tiny white handprints. She smacked tiny kisses on his cheek as she giggled in glee. Arthur swung the happy baby in his arms.

Arthur stomped over to the drapes, and pointed towards the floor. His dark blue eyes serious as he gave Amhar a penetrating look. "Come down."

"No, Father," Amhar yelled. "I'm the lookout."

Arthur placed his hand on his trim waist. "I'm the king of Camelot. I'm your sovereign. Come down here."


Gwydre cleared his throat. "Father, I'm the ruler of the nursery. Welcome to my domain. You're just in time for the trial."

Arthur arched an eyebrow in Gwyrde's direction. "Trial."

"Yes, Duran Pendragon is charged with treason. He attempted to free of our hostage."


"The nurse?"

Arthur wiped his hand across his brow. He smiled gently at his son. "Well, I'm the high lord of Camelot. Produce your brother, free the nurse or I'll charge you with treason and theft."


"You're wearing my crown," Arthur yelled. Your baby sister is covered in flour! Why do you have flour?"

"We were going to make cookies," Amhar yelled.

Arthur shot him a stern look. "Come down," Arthur commanded. Amhar's eyes widened in fear. He knew that tone. Quickly, he jumped off the drapes and ran towards the nurse. The nurse gave Arthur a thankful look as she ran towards the door.

"Sire, I need to go home. I'm not the unusual nurse."

"Go rest," Arthur whispered. The nurse scurried form the room.

Arthur turned to face his son. "Gwydre, I've just had a thought. I'm going to be your new nurse. I'll plan your meals. Set you bedtime. I'll control your life." Arthur smiled brightly.

Gwyrde's dark hair rose as he meet his father's eyes. He knew the look. Father was angry. "Can we create a treaty?"

"Yes, return your brother and I'll stay of out of the kingdom."


Gwydre walked towards the heavy dark wardrobe. He opened the door slowly. Duran's small blond head peered out. His eyes full of sadness. Arthur rushed over and pulled his trembling son in his arms.

"Gwydre, you and Amhar clean this room. In thirty minutes. Don't ever put your brother in a wardrobe. Give me back my crown."

Arthur sat on a tiny bed as Amhar and Gwydre looked at him in shock. "I'm not leaving. I'm here until your mother feels better."

"You didn't say mother was sick."

"Didn't ask. Next, know all of your facts before you make a treaty. My crown."

Gwydre rolled his eyes and walked towards his father. He placed the gleaming crown in Arthur's hands.

Merlin sat in a rocking chair near the bed. Rowan cooed and reached for her father. Arthur gathered his daughter in his strong arms. Duran wrapped his small arms around his neck. "Love you father," Duran whispered.

Arthur sat silently as he watched his sons tidy the nursery.

"Arthur, you can't threatened the children."

"It worked."

"What would Gwen say?"

"She said take care of them. I did."