Arthur swallowed as he watched Gwen sleeping in her shimmering chamber. Rainbows bounced off the walls. Her bed curtains swayed softly. He kicked his boots off before he crawled on her bed. His large body sank into her soft mattress. He noticed a soft smile on her sleeping face; her small hands curled in balls. Her dark glorious hair spread out like halo on a bright white pillow. Love burned his heart.

Arthur closed his eyes and as he thanked the gods for Gwen. Softly, he brushed his lips across Gwen's eyes. He smiled when her brown eyes fluttered opened. Gwen yawed prettily. Arthur ran a callused hand along her soft chin.

'Wake up, darling."

Gwen struggled to regain her senses. She felt so rested. Suddenly, she sat upright; her eyes wide.

"The children?"

"Are fine."

"The monster."

"Killi ate him."


"Don't go outside for a few days. The smell will make you sick."


Arthur pulled Gwen into his muscular arms and snuggled deep into the bed. His fingers twisted in her soft hair. "I was so worried about you and the children."

'We're fine."

"I need to be home more. They're growing so fast."

"We understand, Arthur." Gwen rested a hand on a hard bicep. "You're the king."

"I'm also a husband and father. We need to compromise." Gwen kissed his shoulder. "Okay."

They laid quietly enjoying the silence. 'When was the last time that we did this?"

"Shared a bed?"

"No, silence and comfort. Just the two of us."

"Did you check under the bed? Amhar looks for food."

Arthur shook his head. "What?"

'He's greedy."

"No, children. Duran is in charge."

"He's three."

"With Morgana and Merlin."

"Oh. Before Gwydre was born, right after Morgana left. We would talk into the night."

"Yes, did we do this after we married?

Gwen blushed. "No, you never wanted to talk in bed after we married."

"Oh, yes."

'That's why we have five kids."

Arthur dropped a hand to rub Gwen's tiny swollen tummy. "Another baby."

"Yes, another child to destroy the castle."



"I love you."

"I love you too, Arthur."

Arthur pulled Gwen under his chin and wrapped his arms around her. "Let's talk awhile."


'Anything except the children, Merlin, and the kingdom. Just random stuff."

Gwen nodded. "Lancelot returns tomorrow."

"Oh, no, not him."

Gwen chuckled. "Have you seen the leaves?"


"Perfect green leaves by the river."

"We should pick some."

Arthur and Gwen idly chatted for hours as they reestablished their bonded. His masculine laughter rumbled as she blushed and frowned at his silliness.

Morgana sat on a window sill watching Rowan sleeping. "What do you think she's dreaming?"

"A plateful of cookies."

"No, that's Amhar."

"Leading an army."

"No, that's Gwydre."

"Snuggling with Gwen."

"Duran, he's a mama's boy."


'That's your daughter."

Merlin moved closer to Morgana. A smile curved her face. Merlin leaned closer to her. "What is she dreaming?"

"Playing outside with all of us."

Merlin traced Morgana's lip. "Will it come true?"


"We're family."

Merlin brushed his lips across Morgana's.


Arthur wiped a tired hand across his face. His blue eyes stared at the sleeping infants tucked safely in a large cradle. Two more. Gwen actually had the nerve to deliver Twins. He had six kids. They looked just like him. A boy named Llacheu and a smaller girl named Elinor with fuzzy blonde hair, blue eyes, and golden skin.

"Arthur, aren't they beautiful?"

Arthur's heart melted at Gwen. "They are perfect."

"When can we see Mother," Duran asked Gwydre. Amhar chased after Rowan as she ran around the nursery grabbing things. Vivi sat knitting a bunch a blanket."

"Tomorrow, she needs to rest. Let's read a book."

Morgana and Merlin flew through the sky on Kilgharrah's back. Merlin wrapped his arms around her slender body. He brushed a kiss along her cheek.

Gawain eyed Catherine seductively as she brought him a tankard of Mead.

Gwen smiled as she rocked Elinor in her arms. Morgana cooed soft words to Llacheu as she rocked him to sleep. Gwen spied Arthur training the courtyard with Duran, Gwydre, and Amhar. Merlin, Gawain and Vivi offered suggestions as the boys held their small wooden swords. Gwen's dark head turned sharply.


Rowan smiled as she sat surrounded by broken plates.