OK.I've seen two ways to annoy Dimentio,and 1 ways to annoy Voldermort,so...Heres ways to annoy Count Bleck!I am accompynied by mah friend Squirrel,or Aiden or...CloudyMoons I think on Fanficiton?I don't know,she has no fanfics up yet.

Mah list so far...

Smile creepy.

Squirrel sing Hot N Cold,then blast his eardrums with it!Items required:Microphone and CD Player.

Talk like Dimentio.

I don't want to spoil this one!Items required:High heels,and a pink bikini.

Lock him in a room with the fangirls!Items required:A key,and chair.

Play Green Day Rock Band really loud.(I want that game!)Items required:Green Day Rock Band,and the intruments.

Have the spys in the walls spy on him!Items required:Dah Spys in dah walls!

Play Dimentio's theme whenever he walks into a room!Items required:Dah magical floating iPod of death!

Get him drunk,and you'll see what happens next...Items required:Vodka,and coffe.

Hold Tippi hostage!Items required:Rope and duck tape.

Smile creepy!

Squirrel reapetedly banged on the doors of Castle Bleck,until finnaly Count Bleck answered it.

"Hello,answered Count Bleck."

"Hello,me and my friend Squirrel,or Aiden,Or Cloudy,also,you can call me Racoon,or Bridget,or Silk,would like to stay here."(By the way,Squirrel has dark brown hair,a black squirrel tail,and ears.I have Dirty blonde hair,a raccoon eye thing,ears,and tail.)

"Sure..."He showed the two girls to thier room,wich was black,and had different white patterns that glowed.

"Cooooolllll!"The two girls said in union,then they turned around,and smiled creepy.

"Why are you..."Count bleck began.

"Why are we what?"Racoon asked.

"Yes,what?"Squirrel asked,her smile growing creepier.

"Nothing,says Count Bleck."And he left,the two girls giggled,wich turned into maniacall lughter,then the door burst opened,and Dimentio floated in.

"WHATS WITH THE LAUGHING?I"M TRYING TO SLEEP!"Racoon's eyes got big,and she tackled him.

"I LOVE YOU!"She screeched in his face,Squirrel had to pull her off,so she wouldn't maul him.

"And I hate you."She told him.

"Phsycho paths."The two girls glanced at each other and said in union.

"You are very right."Dimentio just raised an eyebrow,and floated away,then the two girls returned to laughing,and someonewhere else Count Bleck felt regret in his stomach.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA!Sorry if its short,its just the introduction.

Squirrel:I can't wait for four!

Racoon:Me either...