Mah list so far...

Smile Creepy:Short but Check!

Squirrel sing Hot N Cold,then blast his eardrums with it!Items required:Microphone and CD Player:Check!(Sings it on high pitch.)

Talk like Dimentio!Check like a teacher gives her pet.

I don't want to spoil this one!Items required:High heels,and a pink ,heheheMAUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Lock him in a room with the fangirls!Items required:A key,and ,and Watchitt!

Play Green Day Rock Band really loud.(I want that game!)Items required:Green Day Rock Band,and the intruments.

Have the spys in the walls spy on him!Items required:Dah Spys in dah walls!

Play Dimentio's theme whenever he walks into a room!Items required:Dah magical floating iPod of death!

Get him drunk,and you'll see what happens next...Items required:Vodka,and coffe.

Hold Tippi hostage!Items required:Rope and duck tape.

Make him do a movie of mah Grandpa's life.(Trust me,its gonna be funny!)Items required:Quite a bit.

Have me follow him in silence,and whenever I say something,its in German.

Green Day!

Racoon set up the drums and guitar, while Squirrel went to find someone to play the drums. Racoon set up the speakers and turned it to:So loud you're brain will ALMOST explode. Squirrel came back with a sack behind her.

"Whats in the sack?"

"This!"She said opening it. In there Dimentio was tied up,and gagged by a white DSi. Racoon pulled out of his mouth and looked at it.

"Hey! This is mine!"

"Why am I in here?"Dimentio asked.

"Why didn't you get Mimi, or O'Chunks?"

"Because! O'Chunks would break it, and Mimi would only sing and... Well, lets just say, the USA did not kill Hitler."(I realized my stepdad looks like Hitler!)

"OK... "

"Now seriously, why am I in here?"

"Its simple. All you have to do is play Green Day Rock Band." Racoon told him.


"This time, well give you the real Dark Prognosticus." Racoon taunted.


"OK Squirrel, what song?"Racoon asked.

"Ummm... Holiday!"

"Good choice. Loud, AND against authority!"She started up the wii, and selected the game. She selected Holiday, and it started. Squirrel began playing her guitar,then Racoon. Dimentio had to start quickly had to keep up, causing him to bang really loud.

"Say, Hey!" Racoon began. She was singing perfectly, singing as loud as she could.

Up in Count Blecks room, he couldn't think at all. He headed down to the girls room, to see Racoon on her guitar solo. She began saying the word part, realizing Count Bleck was there, and got in his face.

"Sieg heil to the president (Not sure if this is swear or not.) ***man,bombs away is you're punishment! Pulverize the Eifel Towers,who critizize you're government! Bang, bang goes the broken glass, and kill all the fa** that don't agree! Trials by fire, by setting fire, taht isn't the way thats meant for me! Just cause, just cause, because were outlaws yeah!" She said smiling. "I beg to dream and differ from the hallow lies! This is the dawning of the rest of our lives! I beg to dream and differ, from teh hollow lies! This is the dawning of the rest of our ! This our lives, ON HOLIDAY!" She finished. Count Bleck's eye twitched. These girls were tourcher. Racoon handed Dimentio the Dark Prognosticus, and left the room. Count Bleck raised his staff, and hit Racoon again.