POST # 1-1

The Naboo sun shone bright behind the handsome young man leaning on the stone balcony, at the end of the corridor. The birds chirped and the smell of summer flowers wafted from the sprawling gardens below.

The corridor seemed endless to Padmé as she hurried towards her fiancé, as is it she had made him wait long enough. She squinted through the dazzling light in an effort to catch the infectious grin on his face or the twinkle in his brown eyes that she knew would be there to greet her.

The Young man stood straight as she approached him, he was dressed in a crisp army uniform, cutting a dashing figure as he held out his arms to her.
Padmé jogged the remaining distance ready to throw herself into his welcoming arms.

Suddenly a dark, hooded form, his cape bellowing behind him, appeared out of nowhere, casting a shadow over her. She looked up in terror as the faceless shape held up a thick-gloved hand, blocking her path. Then he stepped towards her, pulling his hood back as he did so, her blood curdled at the gruesome sight before her.

Standing before her was death itself; his skull like head devoid of any skin or flesh, two fiery orbs of blue blazed from the sockets where his eyes should be. His mouth was set in a perpetual malevolent grin as he gestured her to come closer. She backed away terrified.

Suddenly the apparition turned around to face the young man, who was reaching for his blaster. She saw a flash of red and screamed.

Aji, looked down in disbelief, he wasn't standing on his legs but on short stumps where his knees should have been. He did not have time to lament his loss as the red flashed again. He heard a scream but it was from far, far away. Aji squinted at something familiar on the floor; that arm it was his. He recognized the gold engagement ring on one finger-then the red flashed again and all went dark.

Post # 2

Padmé woke up with a start, her body trembling and her clothes wet with sweat. She rubbed her eyes and looked around the empty room, it was dark but a little light from the waning moon filtered through the port window.

Pressing her hand to her breast, to calm her beating heart, she sagged back into the pillow. Tears welled in her eyes, as she thought about the nightmare. Why was it dogging her, night after night it plagued her.

She jumped suddenly as a muscular arm slid across her belly; the bed creaked softly as the man beside her turned in his sleep, pressing his body against her. She held her breath as she looked at his face from the corners of her eyes, then releasing it when it was evident that he was fast asleep.

Slowly she turned her head towards him, staring hard at the almost angelic young face. His long lashes quivered slightly as she gently caressed the soft skin, tinged blue by the moon beans. Burying her fingers in his short blond hair; gently she swept it away from his forehead.

He looked so serene and peaceful, so innocent and vulnerable; she could almost love him-if anybody could ever love the devil. Looking at him now, no one could have guessed; this was the same twisted tyrant whose mere look could scare stiff prisoners, warriors and generals alike.

Never had the galaxy seen such ruthless efficiency. Within months of gaining control of Palpatine's forces, he had rampaged through the galaxy, leaving a trail of quick and ruthless victories. Yes! This man was her husband, she who had never hurt a living creature intently, even as a powerful ruler-yet now she was wife to this beast.

Post # 3

She drew an imaginary line across his neck with her nails, across the thick vein that stood out at the side of his neck, "How easy it would be to end the galaxies woes, here, right now." She thought, for though this man trusted her she could very easily strike at his vulnerable jugular while he slept. She nodded in defeat, she could not do it.

She jumped again as he moved, snatching her hand back. Fearful that he may have read her thoughts, but he only moaned again, his brows furrowed deeply, as he muttered something softly, then he pulled her closer. She knew under the fearsome stone mask that he wore, was a terrified boy running away from his insecurities. She noticed he never slept well, moaning and muttering in his sleep.

Padmé leaned her head against the headrest and looked down at the blond head buried in her neck. Why was she here at all she wondered? How did she fit in with this man? He seemed to want her company, want her warmth and her body.

But what surprised her was that he had never confessed his love for her nor cared to show it in any other way. Yet, he had chased her across the galaxy, kidnapped and forcibly married her days before her marriage to her fiancé of two years-Aji-mal Nabberie, her cousin from her great uncle's side.

Her heart ached as she thought what could have been, and could never be. She sighed as she turned. Coming face to face with a set of cold blue eyes that seemed to pierce her very soul. She shot up on one arm alarmed. Her heart beating fast, she gulped as the soft angelic features changed and the hardness engulfed his features, washing down like a cold wave from his eyes to his chin. She watched the angel transform into a stone faced Sith right before her eyes, the soft features were now sharp and angular, his lips were stretched tight, one end of it turned up wolfishly. He reached up his hand to trace the corner of her chin then her mouth. She flinched as he touched her tender, swollen lips.

"Did I do this to you?" He whispered his breath on her neck sending cold shivers down her spine. He pulled her close to him, his lips turning in a sardonic smile. Padmé pushed back instinctively to avoid the inevitable pain. However, his eyes seemed to soften a bit.

He began to gently as gently, as a Sith lord could-caress the bruises on her face, neck and the rest of her body, never taking off his steely eyes off her face. He knew exactly where he had hurt her the night before. Within minutes, her skin was clear of all swells and bruises. She sighed. Each night she would endure the hate and the anger that were his passions and the then in the morning, he would heal her again.

Yet she welcomed the torture, nor would she try to escape it, even if she got a chance to do so, even if the fate of Naboo did not hang on it. It was so much easier to be the victim; she deserved it-for had she not played an active part in bringing Palpatine into power! And Anakin! Wasn't she to blame for his turn, if not fully then partially at least-even though she had not realized it then. She blamed herself wholly for the woes of her friends, of Naboo, of the Jedi and the whole galaxy.
She let her head down on his chest, resigning herself to her fate.