He WAS falling, and his reflexes hadn't yet kicked in, well, he had to go on manual. But before he could even arch his back and bring his legs up for a somersault.


He was flat on his back, grinning like a fool, his body stretched out a couple inches deep in the snow.

"Huh!" He exclaimed to himself, he had imagined he would be falling much further and landing hard on the solid rock below. He was relieved to find that he had fallen onto the flat hump of the knoll. But it had caught him by surprise-something new-no one had surprised him like that, not since Machi's very first lessons in using the force. 'No! No! Since the groin kick that Padmé had dealt him' he corrected himself. She had done it again.

"Darn!" he exclaimed as he shook his head it was still fuzzy and stars were twinkling all around him.

Padmé's snickering bought him back from heaven. She was still atop the pointed finger of rock and slapping her knees as she burst into a fit of laughter.

"You pushed me!" He exclaimed sticking his head up.

"Fair is fair, you pushed me on the pond and now we're even." She said, hands firmly on her hips.

Vader's head went slack and fell back in the snow.

"I should have seen that coming." he mumbled, "especially when she became so sweet all of a sudden." 'Rule number 144th' he reminded himself, 'Do not trust women who seem to suddenly grow amiable and friendly when just seconds before they were inflexible Rattona trees; refusing to even shake their heads in acknowledgment.'

Vader drew up his upper body using his elbows to prop him up.

"Pushing me off a precipice in revenge for a simple push is fair?"

"Your face!" she said laughing, "You should have seen the look on your face." she said wiping her tears. "I wish I had an imager to catch that stupid smile plastered on your face."

"Pushing an unsuspecting man and nearly killing him isn't funny at all?" He said chagrined.

"I didn't see my face but I'll be happy to see how you look while you are flying, you little…" Vader moved his hand and Padmé screamed as she swayed over and came flaying down towards him, he rolled away at the last minute and she landed with a resounding thud on the spot he'd just vacated; the air was sucked out of her belly.

"oww!" She cried. "You did that on purpose."

He grinned back at her, his head propped up in one hand as he lay on the snow. "That was a funny stunt, I feel like my sides are splitting." he said without laughing at all, "could you, maybe, do it once more?"

"You hurt me." She said slamming down her fist on his leg but he moved it out of range before her punch connected and she hit the soft snow. She rose to her knees rubbing her lower belly. "I hope you haven't damaged anything, it won't be my fault if my reproductive system is not functioning." She scolded as she reached out to grab her glove which Vader still held in his hand.

He caught the exposed hand and began to rub and blow on it, it was cold like ice.

"So do you want me to check your systems for any faults?" He said in a suggestive tone.

"Oh! No I don't." She said trying to pull her hand away.

"Now come don't be coy. You know the faster the fault is diagnosed the faster it can be remedied."

Padmé pulled back but he was stronger and had managed to drag her onto his lap.

"Now don't be bothersome, if you just co-operate a little it will be over in five minutes." He gripped the zipper and began to bring it down. He startled when something cold and hard hit his face. He lost his grip and was momentarily blinded.

"Damn! She did it again", he mumbled. Quickly he wiped the snow off his face and eyes and saw her getting away, running fast down the side of the knoll.

He jumped to his feet and with a savage growl leaped after her. Padmé shrieked as he tackled her and his weight brought both of them tumbling down the slope over the powdery snow.

They were both laughing when finally they stopped rolling. Padmé landed on top of Vader, who didn't seem to mind the least. She tried to get up but he held her down.

"Let go!"

He shook his head and locked his arms behind her back crushing her to him.


"Please and sorry won't do you got your revenge and I want mine."

"We're even now." She cried trying to break free.

"Uh…uh!" he said shaking his head; you remember earlier when I told you that I would be keeping count.

She looked puzzled, "of what?"

Of all the punches that you gave me since we took off from the hanger.

Padmé shook her head in protest. "I didn't punch you I just bopped you playfully."

"I want retribution and now."

Padmé fell back on the snow; laughing." What kind of retribution."

"Fifty kisses for fifty punches." He said turning sideway to face her, his arms still holding her prisoner.

"Fifty? Why that's a ridiculous lie…!" She exclaimed and punched him on the chest once more.

"That will be fifty and one, milady."

Padmé rolled her eyes, "You haven't been working with some Hutt money lender, have you?

"I did for a while, that's where I learnt to count."

"Ah! Now I see how you came to that ridiculous total."

He grinned at her.

"Can't we discuss this at our residence, there is still a very vicious creature on the prowl and the Tauregs might be here any minute.

"I'm not letting you go not until my grievances have been addressed."

She thought about it for a while. "OK! Justice is justice. One kiss and we're even." She said.

Vader shook his head.

"I'll be lenient and make it thirty-five and we are even."

"OK then five!" She said "No more."

"Twenty, then, everything's forgiven." He put in.

With a defeated sigh she let her head fall on his shoulders, "Well, OK…" Vader gave an undignified whoop and rolled on top of her before she could even finish her sentence. He got to work immediately. Padmé giggled as his warm breathe brushed against her skin. He then began to kiss her neck.

"Anakin, Did I say that you could start right away…" She said holding a fist full of his hair and lifting his head up to hers.
"I don't remember asking?" He said and resumed his ministrations.

"This isn't the place!" She protested lifting her head and trying to push him off her.

"You better start counting I will not be responsible if you don't agree to my numbers again." Anakin said and resumed his job.

Padmé rolled her eyes and plopped her head down again.

"Ok! She said and started counting as he kissed her forehead, her neck her nose…"

"One, five, ten…fifteen…"

He stopped and gave her a hurt wookie look. "You're cheating, milady!"

"I'm just counting in the Tatooine money lenders system."

Vader laughed at that, "Count any way you like, I'll stop when I know I've been recompensed fairly." And he continued his job.

Padmé jumped suddenly but she was pinned down by his greater weight. He brought his lips to hers. 'No one is going to interfere this time."

She struggled more violently and the two began to slide down slowly until they slid right to the bottom of the knoll, they stopped sliding when Vader's boot hit the ice on the pond.

"You are being very uncooperative?" he murmured in a bare whisper.

Padmé threw her head back and gasped. "Anakin, please for decency's sake move off me."

"If you were really worried about decency you wouldn't have brought me to this." He came close.

"Does it amuse you torture me like this?" He whispered close to her ears. "To reduce me to this; begging for what is mine."

He began to press his nose, which was cold, against her bare skin visible through the open zip. She gasped and hissed as though burnt.

Vader smiled at the reaction, he stopped to look his angel and as she lay beneath him. All that rolling and tumbling had undone her hair and her brown curls lay scattered around her on the snow.

She was calm and docile; eyes lidded, lips half open, a half smile on her lips. He could see her breasts heaving up and down tantalizingly. Slowly he lowered himself to her. Their lips met, only this time she did not resisted and instead she began to respond; tentatively her arms came around his neck. Once again Vader felt himself floating to heaven, the effect she had on him was incredible. In the distance, far, far away there was a buzzing-'what could it be?' But he didn't want to dwell on it, probably something which didn't concern him.

His mouth wandered again to her neck and to the creamy valley between her breasts, Padmé froze suddenly and his head shot up. There was a look of terror on her face. Viciously she grabbed his head and tried to push him down to her. For a second he resisted, perplexed at her reaction; wondering if she was playing another trick on him and then he felt it.

Danger! Close by and getting closer by the second; slamming down on them like a giant hammer. Then his reflexes took over.