Chapter 15: Getting Help in Traverse Town

Ke'Ania's P.O.V.

"Ke'Ania, stop jumping in your seat. You're giving me a headache." Donald groaned from his seat next to mine.

"I can't help it. I'm too excited. I finally get to go to Traverse Town. After Sora told me about Leon and the gang last night, I haven't been able to sleep." I confessed through yellow irises.

"So~ you haven't been asleep yet?" Sora suspiciously asked. From the controls

"Nope." I quickly responded.

"Isn't that dangerous?" Goofy asked.

"I don't know!"

"Hey Ke'Ania… Come here." Donald commanded of me to follow, which I did.

"What do you want Donald?"

I watched as he waved his wand around a few times before I started to feel really sleepy.

"That was a dirty trick, duck." I grumble when we landed.

"Well you were too hyper for us to handle for those last three hours. And besides… don't you feel better." Donald smirked.

I wanted to reply with a smart comment, but decided against it when the ship's door opened to reveal Traverse Town. This is the town that guided Sora to me. This is supposed to be the town we're going to use as a home base. This is… This is…

"This is it? This is the town I stayed up all night to see?" I groaned.

"Hey, your fault. Not ours." Donald said, walking past me.

"Bastard." I glared at the retreating dinner.

"He's right Ke'Ania. Besides, what were you expecting? Los Vegas?" Sora lightly laughed as he followed Donald and Goofy.

"Hn. More than this, I'll tell ya that." I sighed in defeat as I followed the group into a shop.

"Yo Cid." Sora smiled, capturing the attention of an old blond haired man.

"Well if it isn't Sora and his gang of talking animals. How ya been?" Cid smiled as he patted Sora on the shoulder.

"We're fine. Oh, by the way…" Sora smiled before holding my hand and pulling me toward the old man. "Cid, this is Ke'Ania. She's one of my friends I was telling you about. Ke'Ania, this is Cid. He's the one who helped me when I first arrived in Travers Town."

I smiled sweetly at the kind old man. "Thank you for saving him. I don't know what Sora would've done if someone hadn't helped him." I lightly laughed, causing him to laugh too.

"Oh haha. Very funny. So, uh Cid… Where are Leon and the gang?" Sora asked when he plopped down on one of the couches.

"They went patrolling in the Second and Third Districts for dem damn Heartless things. They should be back pretty soon though." Cid replied.

"What are the Second and Third Districts? In fact… What is this place?" I asked while taking a seat next to Sora.

"Maybe I should do the explain form here." A deep voice spoke, causing me to turn around and face a brunette with a large scar going across his face. "If you do it then you might confuse the poor girl."

"Why did everyone decide that today was "Pick on Sora Day"?" Sora groaned while walking over to the tall brunette.

"It's a national holiday. Start reading the notices on the board, Sora." Said brunette laughed as he and Sora messed around with each other.

Although Sora and that brunette guy was the centre of attention, my eyes were stuck on the three people accompanying him. Two of the three were girls. One had very short black hair while the other had her long brown hair braided in the back and held up by a red ribbon. The last member of their group was a short old man with a white bread and blue hat on top of his head.

"Oh?" The long haired girl gasped before smiling at me. "Who are you?"

"Yeah Sora, who is she? Your girlfriend?" The short haired girl teased.

"NO!" Sora shouted, causing everyone to look at his blushing face. "I mean… yes she's a girl. And yes she's my friend…"

"It's ok Sora. She was just playing with you." The brunette girl giggled.

"Yeah Sora, learn to take a joke. Every once in a while." The black haired girl giggled.

"Yeah. And besides…" The male brunette smiled before walking toward me. "She's way too cute to be your girlfriend."

"HEY!" Sora shouted.

"Alright, That's enough you guys. Leave the poor couple alone." Cid smiled, causing my eyes to flick back to pink and both of our blushes. "Ke'Ania, since these four wanna be rude and not introduce themselves I'll do it for them. The one with the scar is Leon. Ninja girl here is Yuffie. Aerith is the girl in the dress. And the old man with the white bread is Merlin the Wizard."

"Are you really a wizard?" I asked with yellow eyes and a huge smile on my face.

"Wow~. That's so cool. How do you get your eyes to turn colors like that?" Yuffie asked with amazement in her voice.

"Yes, my child. How do you perform such task?" Merlin asked.

"Natural talent?" I nervously laughed. "So, anyway… You said you were going to lecture me about this place. Right Leon?"

"Well first, let me start by saying that this place is not its own world. Travers Town is a town that was broken off from our original hometown, Radiant Garden, when the darkness engulfed our world. The more our world was overrun with Darkness, the more it kept breaking. When the Darkness had begun to spread throughout the world, Hallow Bastion broke off from Radiant Garden which in turned caused Travers Town to break off from Hallow Bastion. This is all that is left of our world.

But, the funny thing about Traverse Town is that it's always been divided into three districts. This is the First District. The safest district. The one behind us is the Second District. It's the busiest district. There you can shop, stroll, stay at a hotel, but more recently fight Heartless. Behind this district is the ally, which leads to the sewers. The last district, the Third District, is hidden behind that giant door you saw when you first entered this world. It's the most dangerous, but, at one time, it used to be the most romantic and sociable. It also houses the door, which leads to Merlin's house. The reason Travers Town is like this is because, back when Radiant Garden was whole, Travers Town was where most of the business was done. Rather if it was dirty business, shopping, or anything having to do with leisure, people came here. Each district was actually designed for the different activities Radiant Garden's residents wanted to indulge in. The First was meant for the nightlife. You know the clubs and bars. I already talked about the Second. The Third was meant for public things like dances and festivals. Sometimes we don't like to visit all of the districts… brings back too many memories. Not good for the brain, ya know." Leon explained.

"What Leon said got me thinking. This whole time I've only really focused on trying to find Raven and Saedi and not where I came from. To me, they're only a few of the most important things in my life. I used to think that I would be happy living on the streets… as long as I had them. Someone wise once told me that if you're with someone who makes you feel safe and helps you forget all your problems… than you are home. Raven and Saedi provided me with the love, security, and happiness a lonely demon girl needed in a harsh world. But lately, Sora has been making me feel the same way. It's a lot different from the feeling Raven and Saedi send off, but it's close enough. I'm starting to wonder… Is the reason I don't really care about finding my hometown because I already feel like I'm home… with Sora by my side?"

"You ok Ke'Ania?" Sora asked in a concerned voice.

"Yeah. Never better." I replied.

"So, Ke'Ania… Where are you from?" Yuffie asked while squatting in front of me.

"I don't really know. Before I came to Destiny Island, I lived in another world. The strange thing is that I don't know the name of it. I still have all the memories of my time spent in that world and of the people there, it's just that… I don't remember the name of it." I confessed with blue surrounding my pupil.

"That is quite strange. I've heard of people forgetting their homeland after surviving an attack form the Darkness, but I've never heard of anyone just forgetting the name." Merlin said as he run his fingers through his white beard. "Tell me… What was the last thing you remembered before arriving on Sora's island?"

"Well other than the memories of my friends and my hometown, minus the name of course, I just remember falling, being engulfed in darkness, more falling, being warm, being engulfed in light, being cold and wet, and then I was warm again. It wasn't until later I realized the last few feelings came from when I had hit the water before Sora rescued me." I explained.

"From what you've told us Ke'Ania, it sounds like you came into connect directly with the Darkness. But if that's the case then you should've wither been made into a Heartless, disappeared like the rest of the world, or at the very least have amnesia about everything. Right now, you shouldn't even remember your own identity." Merlin pondered.

"Wait a minute!" Aerith objected, causing everyone to turn and look at her. "Ke'Ania said that she remembers being engulfed in light, right? Could that have something to do with why she remembers almost everything?"

"Yes, I'm sure that it could've contributed to it too." Merlin answered. "But my question is why the Light chose to save her and not everyone else?"

"Could it also have something to do with the fact that she's a Pure Heart Princess?"

I almost jumped when almost everyone gasped at what Goofy asked.

"You're a Pure Heart Princess?" Leon stuttered, as he got closer to my face.

"Yes." I hesitantly answered.

"Oh this is magnificent. Who would've thought that we would have a Pure Heart Princess in our mist." The old wizard cheered. "Follow me to my house. She must be studied!"

"Why does he make me sound like a test subject?" I nervously smiled as the rest of us followed the crazed man out the store and through the large door.

"So~ this is the Third District? Now I see why you said this place was meant for public events. It's huge!" I said, using my arms to add onto my non-exaggeration. This place housed a few apartment buildings, a water fountain, and a large area for said events to take place. To me, it looked like a city's square.

"Yes, it is quite impressive. Hurry now. We must get to my house before those nasty Heartlesses arrive.

We all nodded before running toward a door with a flame on it. Merlin used his fire magic to active and unlock the door, allowing everyone to pass through. I shivered at an eerie feeling I suddenly received. Everyone had already started on their way to Merlin's little island house, but I stayed behind. I slowly turned back toward the door and I gasped when, right before the door fully closed, I thought I saw Riku standing there. It was brief, but I thought for sure that it was him.

"Riku…?" I lightly whispered, using my left hand to reach for the door.

"HURRY UP KE'ANIA!" Sora shouted from the other side of the lake.

"COMING!" I shouted back before using my hopping abilities to make it safely across. "Why would Riku be here? How did he get here? I mean, yeah I've been wondering ever since we were in Monstro, but at the time I just thought he got swallowed too. How is it that he's able to jump from world to world like that?"

Inside Merlin's house, Merlin used his magic to make his small home look presentable. I was amazed at the sight, but something caught my attention. I knew the old wizard was talking, but I was paying more attention to the glowing book on one of the shelves. When I touched it, the magic barrier surrounding it disappeared and allowed me to pick it up.

"Merlin..." I interrupted. "What book is this?"

"Oh my Lord." Merlin gasped before racing over to me. He tried to touch it, but it seemed like the book just rejected him. "You truly are a Pure Heart Princess if you are able to even touch it."

"Why? What is that book old man?" Cid asked while everyone gathered around me.

"While I was traveling, I literally stumbled across this book. I thought it was just your average beat up old story book, but after observing it closely, I found that this book contains another world. 100 Acre Woods was its name, I believe." Merlin explained.

"Seriously?" Sora smiled in amazement as he stole the book from my hands.

"You can touch it too? Just who are you people?" Merlin asked.

"He's the Keyblade Master. Now, what were you saying about this book?" Leon asked.

"Oh right. Anyway, back to what I was saying. When I tried to find out more about the book's world, a magic barrier formed around it and rejected me from going any further. I placed the book in my suitcase and decided that I would further study it when I came back home. The more I traveled and gained knowledge, the more pages of the ripped book I discovered. I eventually found them all, but when I tried to fix the book, it continued to reject me. It's been sitting on that bookshelf, untouched, for years." The old wizard explained.

"Well then, how do you propose we fix it?" I asked. And as if on cue, the book, my 'K' necklace, and Sora's crown necklace started to glow. "I think that answered my question. Sora, give me your necklace.

Both Sora and I removed our necklaces. When I held up the necklaces, Sora summoned his Keyblade and pointed it at the glowing accessories. A beam of light connected the necklaces to the rusty lock, causing the whole book to glow brighter. I dropped the book before slamming both of our necklaces on top of said rusty lock. Everyone backed away after our necklaces returned to us. A harsh wind blew around the room, causing everyone's hair to smack them in their faces. Everyone grabbed onto something in hope of not being blown away. I used my sharp nails to grip the stone floor for protection from the harsh wind. However, my nails' grip began to loosen and I started moving by the force of the wind.

"KE'ANIA!" Sora shouted when he had thrust his left hand toward me.

I used my claws to crawl my way over to him. When he had a strong grip on my hand, Sora pulled me into his chest. Both of us were kneeled on the floor. We were front to front. My face and claws were buried into his shirt while his body acted as a shield from the horrid winds. Screams could be heard from all over the room.

"LOOK!" Donald shouted.

Everyone turned to look at the now floating book. The wind carried all of the discarded pages toward the book and placed them in said book. The pages flipped before the book finally closed. Just when we thought it had ended, a bright light blinded us all.

When the light disappeared, I untangled myself from Sora's hold and stood up. I didn't care that my hair was messy. I stood under that book and took hold of it in my grasp.

"That's amazing." Merlin marveled at the book and me. "To think that mere teenagers could posses such power. It's astonishing."

"You said that you wanted to do research on this book, but never got the chance, right?" I asked as the wizard nodded. "Well why don't we do the research for you?"

"That sounds like a great idea." Merlin agreed.

"Well Sora… Up for a little road trip?" I smirked at my crush.

"I'm ready to jump in anytime." He responded.

"Hold your horses Ke'Ania. We can't have you going into another world with your hair looking like that. There might be some hot guys there. Come here and let me fix it." Yuffie teased. As I sat down and allowed said girl to brush my hair, out my peripheral vision I could see a glaring Sora huffing.

After a few minutes of having my hair brushed, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and I stood in front of the book. "Ready to go?" I asked my team. They nodded. I picked a destination. All four of us jumped into the book, ready for whatever this world had to throw at us.

We floated into the clearing of our destination safely. "So this is 100 Acre Woods… It kind of gives you a calming fantasy feeling, doesn't it?" I smirked as I observed my surroundings.

"Yeah..." Sora sighed before scratching his head and looking around. "Hey… Where are Donald and Goofy?"

"They must not have been able to pass through the barrier. But we can handle it without them… can't we?" I responded before he nodded. Just when we were about to be on our way, we heard whistling. "Sora… You hear that?"

"Yeah, but who is it? A villain?" He asked.

Without hesitation, both Sora and I tried to summon our Keyblades, but nothing happened. "What's going on? Why can't I summon my Keyblades?" I panicked.

"I don't know, but if it is a villain coming… then we're screwed."

"Well not totally. At least we still have our magic." I smirked as I summoned some of my fire magic."

"I am. I can't use my magic without my Keyblade." Sora confessed.

"Well then…" I started as I set myself into a hand-to-hand fighting stance. "It's a good thing I'm here than."

The whistling got louder and louder as the mysterious person got closer. Both Sora and I readied ourselves for a fight, but then relaxed when a small yellow-orange bear wearing a red shirt appeared from down the path.

"Oh, why hello there strangers. My name is Winnie the Pooh, but you can call me Pooh for short. What are your names?"

"I'm Ke'Ania and this is Sora. It's very nice to meet you Pooh." I smiled as I bent over to get a good look at said bear.

"It's very nice to meet you too Ke'Ania and Sora." Pooh smiled back.

"So, uh… Pooh… What are you doing out here all alone?" Sora asked.

"I live here." The bear plainly answered before pointing to a house right behind us.

"How did we miss that?" I asked Sora, who shrugged.

"By yourself? Aren't you afraid that the Heartless will come and get you?" Sora questioned as he on the log in front of Pooh's house.

"Oh my no. The only real threat in the 100 Acre Woods is those darn Honey Bees that don't like to share their honey." Pooh pouted in a cute manor.

"That's probably why we can't summon our Keyblades. We don't need them here." I explained.

"But if that's the case, then why can you still use your magic?" Sora pondered.

"Well if what Pooh said is true, then we have to have something to fight the bees off with." I explained.

When we stopped talking, Pooh started to whistle with every step he took. "Hey Pooh. Where are you going?" Sora asked as he jumped of the log.

"I have to find my friends. We got separated a long time ago. I've been searching for them every day and have yet to find them. But, something tells me that today will be my lucky day."

"He sounds like me." I jumped off the log and dusted myself off before placing my hands on my hips. "Mind if we tag along?"

"You would really help me find my friends?" Pooh asked, turning toward Sora and me.

"Yeah and besides… things will go a lot faster with three people looking." Sora smiled as we followed our new friend on his journey.

We walked for a good couple of hours before we finally came to rest in front of a large tree filled with holes. "Man, this place is a lot bigger than I thought." Sora groaned as he fell on the ground in a huff.

"Hey Pooh, when was the last time you saw your friends anyway?" I asked, sitting on another log.

"I don't quite remember, but I think they must've all went missing while I took my nap… sometime ago." Pooh confessed.

"So basically you don't even have a clue as to where your friends could be?" Sora grunted as he rolled over onto his stomach.

"Well no not really, but I know of some places to look. For instance this~"

"Hello…? I-Is anyone there?" A timid little voice said, successfully catching our attention. All three of us turned or heads to see a small pink pig come from the log I was sitting on. "OH DEAR! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" He shouted in fear as he scurried away to hide behind the tree's large, thick trunk.

"Please forgive him. He's so timid. If I'm not with him, he frightens easily." Pooh apologized before waddling over to his scared friend. "Come on out Piglet. These are my friends. They won't hurt you."

"Really?" Piglet asked with nervousness in his voice.

"Really. Now, why don't you come out. I haven't seen you in a long time and I've missed you terribly. Please come out Piglet." Pooh pleaded.

Both Sora and I looked at each other before moving to squat beside Pooh. There, the three of us waited until Piglet slowly emerge from his hiding place. "It's ok little fella. We won't harm you. We just want to make sure that you're alright." I said in a calm voice while holding my hand out for the timid creature, which he took with trembling hands. "My name is Ke'Ania and that's Sora. It's very nice to meet a cute little thing like you, Piglet."

"Really?" Piglet smiled. "Well then, it's an honor to meet you two too. I'm so sorry I was afraid of you guys before. I feel so ashamed." He confessed.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. I would be afraid of someone who was quadruple my size too." I smiled sweetly.

"So Piglet, where have you been?" Sora asked.

"I don't quite know, actually. One minute I was collecting jars of honey for Pooh, and the next I was trapped somewhere dark. Oh Pooh I was so afraid. I was all alone. None of our friends were there, but most importantly… you weren't there, Pooh." Piglet cried, causing Pooh to wipe away his tears.

"I'm here now Piglet. No need to cry." Pooh said as he comforted his best friend.

"Looking at Piglet is like looking into a mirror. Boy, Raven and Saedi sure know how to make a girl worried."

After a few minutes, Piglet stopped crying and started to smile in Pooh's embrace. "Hey Piglet?"

"Yes Pooh?"

"Have you seen the others since you've returned to the Hundred Acre Woods?"

Piglet shook his head. "Sorry Pooh, but I haven't seen anyone. I'm starting to get worried."

"Don't worry Piglet. Sora, Pooh and I are going to find your friends." I smiled before raising my arms to stretch and crack my spine.

"Oh please Pooh, don't leave me alone again." Piglet pleaded.

"Don't worry Piglet. You're coming too." Sora smiled.

"Alright than. Let's go~" I started, but stopped when Pooh's tummy growled in protest. "Looks like someone's hungry." I laughed at the bear.

"It would seem so. Um, Piglet… where did you put those jars of honey you were collecting?" Pooh asked while rubbing his belly.

"I don't remember Pooh, but I do know that the bees have been busy and have made tons of more honey."

The four of us bent our heads back to get a good look at the tall tree. "Oh goody, now the only problem is… how am I going to get up there?" Pooh wondered.

"Leave it to me." I smiled before using my wind magic to make Pooh and me float. "There, now it'll be easier to reach the holes. I'll use my other magical abilities to keep the bees at bay while you eat your honey, Pooh." I said.

Reaching the holes was the easy part, but keeping the bees away was a whole other challenge on its own. No matter how many of them I shot down, more kept coming out of nowhere. It wasn't easy, but I managed to keep the bees down while Pooh ate until his heart was content.

"Feeling better Pooh?" I asked.

"Yes. Now we can keep searching." Pooh commanded as the three of us followed him.

We walked down a dirt road only to come across a garden and a house. "Whose house is this?" Sora asked.

"This is our dear friend, Rabbit's, house. I wonder if he's there though?" Pooh pondered.

"Let's check it out." I suggested.

When Pooh called for Rabbit, a voice answered but it said that nobody was home. "Nobody's home my ass." Sora and I entered through the front door while Pooh and Piglet crawled in through a hole in the back of the house.

"Pooh? Piglet? There you two are. Do you know how long I've been searching for you guys? You had me worried sick." The yellow bunny scolded before turning toward Sora and me. "Are these new friends of yours? My name is Rabbit. Thank you for keeping my friends safe."

"You're welcome. My name is Sora and this is Ke'Ania, by the way."

"Where were you Rabbit? Did the Darkness get you too?" Iasked.

"Yes. I don't know how long I stayed there, but it was too long. If you ask for my opinion." Rabbit huffed.

"Hey Rabbit? Quick question here. When Pooh first called your name, you said that nobody was home. Why is that?" Sora asked.

"It's because, where ever that Darkness took me, I was under constant fear of the Heartless coming to get me. All those days I spent in that Darkness, I never left my home and had to fend off any Heartlesses that did make it into my house. I'm sorry Pooh. I was too scared to pay attention to your voice." Rabbit apologized.

"It's ok Rabbit. I forgive you… if you give me some of your delicious honey." Pooh Bear said as he walked over and helped himself to one of Rabbit's jars.

"You just ate. How can you possibly still be hungry?" I laughed.

"Well, when my tummy starts a 'growling, it's time to find some more honey for me to start a 'smacking." The bear smiled before returning back to his jar of honey.

"You silly bear." I smiled.

While we waited for Pooh to finish the jar, Sora and I got to know Rabbit. He's actually a smart… bunny. "So, you two were the ones who fixed the book and returned everything back to normal, huh?" Rabbit asked.

"Yep. It was awkward because it was totally by accident, but we did it." I nervously laughed.

"I'm finished." Pooh announced.

"So what do we do now, Sora?" Piglet asked.

"Well, now that Pooh is finished with his honey we can go and try to find the rest of your friends. Rabbit, you said that once we fixed the book, everything went back to normal, right?" Rabbit nodded. "Well if that's the case then all we have to do is go to their favorite place and hope that they're there." Sora said.

"Are you coming with us too, Rabbit?" I asked.

"Yes. I can't stay in this house anymore. Let's go."

And with that, the five of us left together. Piglet and Pooh left through the hole they came in while Rabbit, Sora and I used the front door. We waited for the rest of the group to come out, but they never did.

"Oh dear! Help!" We heard Piglet yell from the side of the house, causing us to run into the scene.

"What's wrong?" I panted before turning to my left. Pooh Bear was stuck in the hole on the side of Rabbit's house. "Oh."

"I'm stuck." The bear confirmed.

"We can see that." Sora said, trying to hold in his laughter.

"I'm feeling a little depressed. Can I have some honey?"

"NO!" We yelled in unison.

"Pooh." Rabbit sighed, "You're already stuck. Why would you want more?"

"It makes my tummy feel better. And when my tummy feels better, then I feel better."

"Ok, so if honey gets him stuck. Than how do we get him unstuck?" Sora asked, taking a closer look at the stuck bear.

"I know! Carrot juice! A little bit of carrot juice will help Pooh slide right out~ OH NO!" Rabbit yelled when he saw an orange and black tiger bounce, on its tail, in his garden.

"Who's that?" I asked. I braced myself when I saw the tiger launch himself toward us. The next thing I knew, said tiger landed on top of Sora.

Rabbit rubbed his furry temples before speaking. "Everyone. This is~"

"The name's Tigger! T-I-double-guh-RR! Yep, that's how you spell it!" Tigger cheered.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Tigger, but can you please get off of me?" Sora grunted in pain.

Tigger did as he was asked before taking a good look at Sora and me. "You two look like the opposite of familiar. Who are you guys anyway?"

"The girl's name is Ke'Ania. And the boy you just bounced on was my friend Sora." Pooh introduced.

"Oh Pooh Boy. Why are you stuck in old Long Ear's house hole?" Tigger asked.

"Nice to see you too, old friend. And as for why I'm trapped in this hole. It's a long story." Pooh sighed. "Sora, Ke'Ania, Tigger is another one of my lost, now returned, friends we're looking for."

"Tigger… For everything that is orange and crunchy, why did you have to bounce on all of my carrots?" Rabbit asked.

"Well, you see Bunny Boy, when I was swallowed by that Darkness thingamajig, I had to keep bouncing if I wanted to stay alive, and well I haven't stopped bouncing ever since. Kind of feels like I'm cursed or something." Tigger confessed. "But it's great to be back in the Hundred Acre Woods with all of my friends and be able to bounce freely without fear of Heartlesses."

"Speaking of bouncing… Why do you bounce around so much, Tigger?" Sora asked while dusting himself off.

"'Cause it's what Tiggers do bestest. Without bouncing, we're nothing." The bouncing feline explained with a cheer and a smile.

"Well thanks to your bouncing, all of my carrots are ruined and now my house will be plugged up forever by Pooh Bear." Rabbit groaned.

"Wait a minute." I snapped my fingers.

"What is it Ke'Ania?" Piglet asked.

"I think I might have a way to get Pooh out." I smiled before gathering everyone around me to tell them my plan.

"Are you sure about this?" Rabbit asked.

"Oh you worry too much Long Ears. Everything will be fine." Tigger reassured his friend. "We're all set Ke'Ania."

I nodded to them before turning my full attention to Pooh's behind. "READY POOH?"

"AS I'LL EVER BE!" He replied.


"OK~!" He sang back.

The plan was, everyone would take shelter in Rabbit's house while I used my water magic to force Pooh out of the hole. It was full proof… I hope.

I waited for everyone to get into position before I focused all of my power on the task at hand. Water shot out of both my hands and onto Pooh's furry butt and sides. The bear gasped at the feeling. I with my heightened hearing, I heard Pooh start to slip out of the hole. Adding just a little bit more power to my hands, Pooh was able to slide out of the hole with a pop before he crashed landed into a set of honey jars.


"Oh no. Not my honey jars." Rabbit groaned with hunched shoulders.

"Opps." I nervously laughed as I scratched the back of my head. "Shall we get a move on… once Pooh's finished?"

We walked, Tigger bounced, until we reached a small bridge. "Pooh! Look! Something's floating down the river!" Piglet shouted.

Everyone ran over to the railing to get a better look at the object heading toward us. "Is that Eeyore?" Rabbit asked.

"IS THAT YOU EEYORE?" Pooh shouted.

"Yes, it is, Pooh Bear. I'm just floating here. Could you guys pull me out? If it's not too much trouble, I mean." The donkey said in a depressed tone. Sora jumped off the railing and pulled Eeyore from the flowing water. "Thanks for saving me, stranger. My name's Eeyore, but you probably didn't care to know anyway."

"No it's ok. My name is Ke'Ania and the one who pulled you out is Sora."

"Eeyore. Why were you floating down the river anyway?" Piglet asked.

"Well you see, I lost my tail… again… and I thought the river would take me to it, but apparently I was wrong. Don't suppose you guys seen it? It ain't nothing special, but it's my tail none the less." Sighed the donkey.

"Sorry Eeyore, but we haven't seen your tail." Rabbit answered.

"Where was the last place you remember seeing it?" I asked.

"I don't quite remember, but I had Owl try and scoop out the area from above. He hasn't returned yet. He probably ditched me."

"Owl would never do that Eeyore." Tigger tried to convince.

"It's alright if he did. There are a lot of other important things than me and my tail anyway." Eeyore sighed.

"Man. This guy's depressing."

Everyone turned their heads back to the bridge when we heard wings flapping. "I'm sorry Eeyore, Old Sport, but I can't find your tail. Although my eyes aren't what they used to be. Especially in the sun's light." The brown owl confessed before turning his head toward us. "Oh my word. Pooh? Is that you?"

"Oh, hiya Owl. Yes, it is me. How have you been?"

"Well, now that I don't have to flee every time those damn Heartlesses come crawling for me, I'm right as rain. And might I add how glad I am to see you safe and sound." Owl smiled before flying and landing next to me. "My… What a fine specimen. My name is Owl dear girl. What is your name? Oh, and the name of your male companion?"

"My name is Ke'Ania. The brunette boy over here is Sora. It's good to see that another one of Pooh's friends are safe."

"Owl, you said that your eyesight is fading right? Especially in the sunlight? Could it be because you were trapped in the Darkness for so long?" Sora asked.

"Oh my dear boy that must be it! I've seen nothing but darkness for the longest time, so my eyes must need some more time to adjust to the sunlight." Owl theorized.

"Well why don't you rest your eyes while the rest of us search for Pooh's tail." I offered.

"Thank you." Owl said before he flew over to the bridge's railing to rest his eyes.

"You don't have to do that. I don't wanna be a burden." Eeyore said.

"Nonsense. Now everyone, spread out and look for Eeyore's tail." I commanded before I used my wind powers to take flight.

"Wait a minute… What does Eeyore's tail look like?" Sora asked, reminding me that I didn't know either.

After we got a good description of the tail, everyone had split up and started searching. The view from the sky was beautiful, but easy to miss something if you're too far away. When I heard Tigger laugh, I turned my head to the tall hill, on my right, to see said tiger trying to push a scared bunny on the swing.

"Tigger! Now's not the time to be~" I started to scold, but stopped when Rabbit went flying past me. "LOOK OUT!" I shouted for everyone below.

I cringed when I heard Rabbit land on a pile of sticks. "That's gotta hurt."

"You ok Rabbit?" Pooh asked.

"A little sore, but not as sore as Tigger is going to be once I'm finished with him." The bunny huffed before turning toward the bouncing tiger and shaking his fist.

"Hey Rabbit. There's something stuck on your tail." I said before walking over and detaching it. "Is this your tail Eeyore?"

"Yes it is. I know that it looks dumb, but it's the only tail for me."

We waited for Sora to place the tail on Eeyore's behind before deciding on what to do next.

"There you go Eeyore." Sora grunted as he stood up.

"Thank you guys for helping me find my tail."

"No trouble at all. Anything for one of Pooh's friends." I smiled.

"Now that Eeyore and Owl has joined our group, we can keep searching for the rest of our friends!" Tigger cheered.

"How many friends are left Pooh?" I asked.

"There are only two left. One is a mother kangaroo, Kanga, and then it's her son, Roo. Roo is just like Tigger and loves to jump around. Whenever he's not with Tigger at their favorite jumping grounds, he's practicing at the Tree Forest. Come on. It's just up ahead."

The walk, or jump in Tigger's case, didn't really take as long as the others, but the setting sun told me that it was getting really late. The Tree Forest was filled with all types of trees and their stumps.

"This is where Roo and I like to do our bouncing." Tigger announced as we passed through the front of the forest. "Behind here is the muddiest part of said forest." We all nodded before we continued onward.

The mud underneath our feet told me that we had arrived. "HELP! SOMEONE! HELP! WE NEED SOME HELP!" A lady's voice screamed, causing us to run into the scene.

A female kangaroo turned to us with a worried expression. "What's the problem Kanga?" Rabbit asked.

"It's Roo. He's stuck in the tree way up there." She pointed the way.

"How did he get way up there?" Tigger asked.

"He was bouncing when the wind shot up from the hollowed stump and blew him onto the branch." Kanga explained with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Mamma Kanga, we'll get your son down." Sora grinned.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Sora. And this is my partner in crime, Ke'Ania."

"Partner in crime? More like I commit the crime while you drive the getaway car."

"It's very nice to meet you both. Can you really help rescue my son?"

"Don't worry Kanga." Pooh smiled before walking between the three of us. "These two are my good friends who helped me and all of my friends out of sticky situations. They'll be able to rescue Roo with no trouble."

"Well~ there might be some problems." I nervously said.

"What's wrong Ke'Ania?" Sora asked.

"My magic supply is running low. I don't think I have enough to save Roo and get the both of us down safely." I confessed.

"Oh great. Now what do we do?" Rabbit complained.

"What if Tigger bounces up there and rescues poor Roo?" Owl asked.

"No can do Owl, my man. I'm a good bouncer, but I could never bounce that high."

"What about Sora?" Piglet suggested. "If Sora could use the wind to carry him up there, then he would be able rescue Roo."

"That's a great idea Piglet." Pooh smiled.

"Let's give it a try." Sora cheered.

Sora ran over to the hollow stump and jumped into the blowing wind. I watched as it carried him not even a foot above the opening. "I'm too heavy. We need someone lighter."

"Maybe I could do it." I suggested.

"But I thought you don't have any magic left?" Sora asked.

"Correction. I have somepower left, but not enough to float myself up to Roo. I could use the wind from the stump and then use what little power I do have to push myself the rest of the way." I explained before jumping into the vertical current.

The wind pushed my body a lot further than Sora's, but I wasn't close enough to grab the baby kangaroo. Using the last of my magic, I added more wind, allowing myself to be pushed to the top branch.

"Are you Roo?" I asked.

"Yes. Who are you?"

"I'm Ke'Ania. I've come to bring you back to your Mom." I smiled.

"Are you sure it's safe?"

"I'm positive. Come on. Hop into my arms and I'll bring you back down."

The look on his face made it seem like he was weighing his options. It wasn't long before he hesitantly climbed into my arms. I hugged him close to my chest, but the minute everything seemed fine, the wind beneath me gave out and caused Roo and me to fall. We both screamed in fright as we plummeted to the ground. By natural reaction, I squeezed Roo closer to my chest and closed my gray eyes tightly. It felt like we were falling for a few seconds, but when we didn't hit the ground it made us open our eyes to see that Sora had caught us.

"Always my knight in red armor."

"You two alright?" He asked.

"Yeah. Thanks." I said, turning my head to hide my blush and pink eyes.

Everyone around us cheered. Kanga rushed over and held her son in her arms. "Mama." Roo whispered.

"Oh Roo. I'm so glad you're safe. Thank you Ke'Ania and Sora for rescuing my baby boy."

Sora and I nodded before Rabbit purposely coughed. Both Sora and I were confused… that was, until both of us looked at the position we were in. Sora was sit holding me bridal-style. With an even brighter blush, I jumped out of Sora's arms and rubbed the back of my head.

Everyone was silent for a moment. I could feel their eyes on us. The moment was… awkward. "Shall we head back to the hill? I think the stars are going to come out tonight." Eeyore announced.

The sky had turned dark as we sat on the hill. The stars shined brightly in the navy blue sky.

"I'm so glad that all of my friends are back together again. I don't know what I would've done if I was away from you guys any longer." Piglet said.

"I know how you feel Piglet, but in tough times you have to be even tougher. That way you'll have something to look forward to when you survive it all." Tigger explained with his arms crossed over his chest. "Take me for instance. The best thing about me is that I'm the only Tigger around."

"But, doesn't that ever get lonely?" I asked.

"At first, but after I met and befriended everyone here, I didn't feel alone anymore." Tigger cheered.

"What a wise thing to say Tigger." Rabbit smiled.

I turned to look at the stars before Sora nudged me with his elbow. My green eyes met his unchanging ocean blue ones. We stared at each other, having a nonverbal conversation, before I nodded and stood up.

"Well you guys, looks like we'll be leaving." I smiled.

"Where are you two going?" Kanga asked.

"We have friends waiting on us back home. And once we reunite with them, we still have to find the rest of our friends who are also waiting on us." Sora explained.

They watched as we jumped off the hill and landed safely on the ground. After we started walking, Sora and I stopped by the bridge. When we turned back around, everyone waved their hands in a farewell, including us.

"Come back anytime! We'll always be here… waiting." Pooh smiled.

We nodded at his offer before continuing down the path back to Pooh's house. It took us hours, but when we finally reached our destination, I stopped and turned my head to the sky.

"What's wrong Ke'Ania?"

I just closed my eyes before slowly shaking my head. "Nothing. I just wanted to see the stars in this world… one last time."

The expression on Sora's face was a little bit saddening. I watched as he walked over and stood by my side. "We'll be back."

"I know." I whispered before turning my head back to the stars. "I wonder what everyone is doing right now?" My thoughts were interrupted when I felt Sora take my hand in his. I turned to face him, pink eyes and all. His smile made me smile. I twisted my hand so that caramel fingers could interlock with tan ones. I don't know, nor did I care, how long we stayed like that before our feet took us back home.

"Ke'Ania! Sora! You're back!" Goofy smiled.

We nodded before Sora used his Keyblade to seal the keyhole. "So~ What was the world like? Did you attract any cute guys?" Yuffie asked with excitement in her voice.

"Not unless you count being hit on by talking animals." I slightly laughed.

"Come on you guys, Tell us what the world was like." Donald anxiously commanded.

We told them everything that happened in the book, except the last part of course.

"Well, I think I have enough data for that world. Thanks again you two. Oh, by the way…" Merlin started before he pulled out two gems form his robe. "I also found these while I was traveling. I think you could use these more than I ever could."

"What are they?" I asked while looking at the gems in my hands.

"They're summoning gems. Add your magic to the gems and call forth these comrades in your hour of need. This one is called Mushu, he's a powerful dragon. The other one is called Simba, a fierce lion." Leon explained.

"Weren't you supposed to be thanking them?" Aerith said.

"For what? What did we do?" Sora asked.

"While you were in the book, Heartless came and tried to take the book. We were overrun, but the minute one of them tried to touch the book, your powers destroyed them and put up a barrier around the house. We didn't think you two were that powerful!" Yuffie cheered.

"Anyway~ Are you two ready to be teleported to your next world?" Merlin asked.

"How about we rest first. I'm physically, mentally, and magically drained." I sighed.

"Ok. I'll set up your rooms at the hotel in the Second District." Leon offered before turning to leave Merlin's house.

At the hotel, we got to relax and rest our bodies and minds. We woke up after sunrise. With Donald, Sora, and Goofy in tow, we made our way to the gate in the First District and boarded the Gummi Ship.

"Ok you guys. I'm going to use my magic to send you off to your next destination, Indian Reserve. Ready?" Merlin asked before we nodded.

His magic surrounded our ship. We all grabbed onto something in an attempt to stay grounded when the ship started to harshly shake. We turned our heads to see what was going on, but the screen just showed us everything in warp speed.


"Where am I?" I groaned as I woke up. I looked around and saw Sora, Donald, and Goofy still unconscious. The Gummi ship was still in tacked, so I used my magic to cloak it from anyone else's eyes.

When I placed my hands on the ground beneath me, I let the substance run over and through my fingers. "Sand? Just where the hell did Merlin send us?"