Ch.1 "Karma Is Weird"

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"Talk" 'Thought' Don't know

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'Why don't they just leave me alone?' Eight year old Uchiha Sasuke thought after a week since the Uchiha Massacre. Everyone had been pitying the "last" Uchiha and giving him special treatment. However, Sasuke was smart enough to see behind the kindness, for some reason, people didn't like him. He didn't notice it much while the rest of the clan was alive, but now that all the Uchiha but he was dead, Sasuke realized Konoha citizens didn't exactly like the Uchiha clan. But, then again, some of the clan did act like jerks from what Sasuke remembered and it could have made a bias against his clan because of it.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at his reflection in the water which he was looking into a pond. He decided at best to ignore the morons that were the villagers. He had to focus on getting stronger so he could avenge his clan.

"Hey, are you just going to sit there and mop?" Sasuke blinked and turned around with shock only to frown when he saw a blond hair eight year old boy standing there with a frown on his strangely whisker marked face. The boy's sapphire blue eyes glaring at Sasuke who just returned the glare at the boy, both locked in a scold.

"What do you want?" Sasuke growled, wondering if the boy wanted to "play" with him. He didn't have time for such foolish things.

"I want you to stop brooding and do something!" The whiskered kid growled back.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked, annoyed someone was asking him to do something. No, ordering him to do something.

"Stop being an emo and do something instead of sitting in front of this lake! I don't care what you do, if you keep being an idiot and sit here, you're going to rot away into nothing!" The boy snorted at Sasuke. "Stop thinking of the past and move on!"

"…" Sasuke glared became heated at the boy. How could he not think of the past? He just lost his clan to his own bro-no! That man was no longer his brother! This idiot had no idea what pain he is feeling.

"Hmph." Sasuke snorted and went back to looking into the water. If he ignored the boy, then he would go away. He had to focus on aveng- "ACK!" Sasuke shouted as he was pushed off the deck he was on and into the water. He gasped when getting above the water and saw the blond hair boy grinning.

"Maybe that will wake you up and let you see better!" The boy chimed, not noticing anger boiling up in Sasuke. He didn't who this kid was, he was dead.

"I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke shouted, getting out of the water and chasing the blond who then realized Sasuke was serious and bolted.

"How dare you do that to Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke blinked to see a pink hair girl from his class and his fan club. Usually, he would hate having a fangirl next to him, but he didn't mind this time as he wanted to make sure to kill the blond hair boy. Though Sasuke noted that the pink hair girl at least was fast as they managed to chase the now panicking boy into the woods, remembering she wasn't doing so good in taijutsu in the academy.

"Crap!" The blond skidded to a stop when he stopped in front of the bottom of a cliff with rocky sides, giving Sasuke and his fangirl the advantage they needed.

"You're going to pay for doing that." Sasuke growled, popping his knuckles as the blond hair child sweated in total fear.

"I-I was just trying to get you out of your depressing mood!" The boy tried to explain.

"Well, good job, now I am angry." Sasuke said as both his fangirl, though she was panting hard from the run, moved forward, ready to beat the boy.


"Huh? What's that?" All three eight year olds blinked, hearing rumbling before they felt the ground beneath them shift. "Huh?" All three looked down just in time to see the ground beneath them crumble away and they screamed as they fell into the cave below.


"Ow…" Haruno Sakura groaned as she recovered from falling, but found barely any light.

"Could you please get off?" Sakura quickly jumped up and saw she had been sitting on top of her crush, Uchiha Sasuke.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" Sakura bowed before noticing they were in some kind of cave. "Where are we?" Sasuke shrugged while getting up, noticing oddly both his fangirl and he escaped with just a few cuts from the fall.

"I don't know and don't care. All I want to do is kil-."

"Cough." Both Sakura and Sasuke looked down and both eight year olds recoiled in horror seeing the very blond hair boy they had been chasing lying on the ground, coughing up blood while clearly having a lot more damage than them both in cuts. "Are…cough… you alright?"

"HOW CAN YOU BE SAYING THAT WITH LOOKING LIKE THAT?" Sakura screamed in fear as Sasuke knelled down to the boy.

"It…cough… take that as a yes… cough… But, I miscalculated on catching you both and I think I damaged one of my lungs-cough-when the girl landed on me." The boy grinned.

"Do you even know what 'miscalculated' means?" Sasuke snorted, trying his best to keep tears from falling and he was failing. The same jerk of a boy who pushed him into a pond just possibly saved his life by sacrificing his own. Life was not supposed to work like this.

"Yes… Cough… Now, help me get out of-cough-this spot. This place here might cave in….Cough." The boy hacked, pointing up for both to look at the ceiling where the hole of where they fell into had large cracks around the hole. "I know-cough-we aren't getting out that-cough-way…" The boy held his arms up for Sasuke to grab them and help the child up and get it so one of boy's arms was over his back and they began walking into the cave network.

"Oh! Lucky!" Sakura chimed, pulling a small flashlight out of her pocket of her dress. "I was planning to stay over at a friend's house and have a slumber party with her, but we got in a fight and I forgot to take this out of my pocket as we were also planning to tell ghost stories." Sakura said, turning the flashlight on only for the three to hear rumbling behind them.

"MOVE!" The boy shouted for Sakura to join in helping the injured child to move with Sasuke just before the ceiling around where they landed collapsed and sealed them within the tunnel. "…Even though-cough-waiting for someone would-cough-sound like a good idea, with that collapse-cough-many will probably think we died or not notice where we have gone-cough-for a while." The boy wiped the blood he coughed up with his arm while looking at the tunnel. "This is a cave made from water-cough… I remember reading about such caves while in the hospital. Cough."

"In the hospital?" Sakura asked as Sasuke flinched. This child had been in the hospital?

'Could… he have also lost his family, but in a different way than me?' Sasuke thought, wondering now if the boy really did know his pain.

"Yeah… I have no parents, but since I am kind of nonexistent to people, the orphanage owners often forgot to feed me and such. Not that I cared, they already had enough kids to worry about, so I tried to do it all myself. Though, sadly, I kept ending up in the hospital thanks to having accidents and my health not being good as I was skinny. I mean Ojii-san worries too much, but he gave me my own apartment when I was five, so I am not complaining." The boy gasped, glad he could talk better as the coughing was lessening.

"Ojii-san?" Sasuke asked with a frown on his face.

"The Hokage. Sure, he's the Hokage, but don't you think he gets tired of being called Hokage-sama all the time?" The boy sighed before having a really bad coughing fit.

"Are you alright?" Sasuke asked, hoping the kid wasn't dying on him.

"Yeah… I am a quick healer and for some reason I can survive some pretty bad wounds as I once slashed my leg and was bleeding badly, but after two days in the hospital, my leg was healed with just being wrapped up and disinfected." The boy sighed. "My name is-cough-Naruto… Uzumaki Naruto."

"…Then, why did you push me-Uchiha Sasuke-into a pond?" Sasuke growled, still somewhat mad at Naruto for what he did.

"…Even though I don't know what it's like to really loss my family as I never had family… Your eyes are the same as me… I didn't want someone else to go through a loss like that alone as loneliness is a very painful thing. But, I know you wouldn't want to be my friend, so I was trying to get you to go and make a friend with someone else… When you don't do anything and let the loneliness shallow you up completely, you neither go forward or backwards… I just wanted to make sure you at least got going forward with your life." Sasuke looked at Naruto with shock.

'He… Could it be my brother was setting me up to ruin my own revenge?' Sasuke thought in shock while Sakura remembered Naruto.

"You're the boy my parents stopped me from making friends with." Sakura said as Sasuke looked at his fangirl with shock. "I saw you all alone at the park and I wanted to play with you, but my parents wouldn't let me… Saying you was bad… I see in some ways you are, but you seem also to have a big heart." Sakura sighed as Naruto just looked at the ground.

"Yeah… I know… I just wish people would stop seeing me as something to hate and see the real me…" Naruto lowly sighed, but Sasuke and Sakura heard his comment. "But-cough-let's get going. Use-cough-a rock to mark the wall so we can see where we have been," Naruto ordered as Sakura picked up and rock and did as Naruto told before they walked deeper into the tunnel…Till they ended up walking into another pitfall.

"AIIIIIIEEEEEE!" All three screamed before landing in a rushing torrent and was swept away.

"Huh?" A dark hair boy cocked his head as he could have heard something.

"Psyduck Psy?" The orange-yellow duck like creature that was walking upward cocked its head, also confused.

"Eh… My imagination is acting up again." The thirteen year old boy with wild hair from it being unkept for a long time sighed.

"AAAAAIIIIEEE!" The boy jumped as he heard screaming before a splash.

"Crap! I know I didn't imagine that!" The pale boy shouted, running towards the falls where the water supply came from.

"Psyduck duck!" The duck shouted, struggling to run after his friend.

"Gasp!" Sasuke gasped as he managed to surface. He saw Sakura got out from under the water, but he panicked when he didn't see Naruto. "Crap!" Sasuke dived under water to see Naruto sinking and swam towards Naruto. He grabbed the blond and pulled him to the surface.

"Cough! Cough! Cough!" Naruto coughed as Sasuke dragged into the shore where Sakura was at, panting. "Cough… Thanks…" Naruto panted as Sakura looked at where they were.

"Wow…" Sasuke looked at Sakura only to gap at what she was seeing. Somehow, they ended up in a vast forest inside a large dome like cave with lots of waterfalls coming smaller caves as other caves lined the dome with the top ones letting light into the crystals at the top and somewhat everywhere, making the light go everywhere. However, they could see many bugs and birds they never seen before flying around the cave as well as the fact that oddly enough the cave was so big that there were even clouds near the ceiling, and dark clouds at that.

"We need to find-cough-shelter." Naruto sighed as his chest was burning with pain. That, he knew, meant he was healing from whatever happened to his body from the fall… Or, now falls.

"Yeah…" Sasuke sighed while pulling Naruto up only to look to the side when he hears rustling. "Ack!" Sasuke was knocked down a black blur that went through the bushes and hit the ground.

"What is that?" Sakura shouted as Sasuke turned to see a black fox looking creature standing on its back legs as it had a mane of red hair with black spiked ends and a blue orb on the end to for a blush like end with red tip as well as long red claws. However, its eyes were a very light, but intense blue like the orb in its mane. However, Sasuke's eyes were more focused on what the creature had in its front paws.

"Naruto?" Sasuke shouted as the creature growled while Naruto was holding onto the creature holding him bridal style as the creature had ran up a cliff and was near the top and he rather not hit a surface hard again today. "Wait! Stop!" Sasuke shouted as the creature ran off with Naruto coughing and trying to yelp for help as Sakura and Sasuke tried to catch up with the creature, but do to the fact it used the rock wall of the dome cave to aid its escape and it was a lot faster, they lost track of the creature.

"…W-We just lost Naruto…" Sakura's eyes watered up as she collapsed to her knees. "That thing is probably going to eat him!"

Sasuke frowned while looking at last where they saw Naruto and the creature. "No. We will find him and save him." Sakura looked at Sasuke who had a serious look in his eyes. "None of us are going to die and I am going to make sure of it!"

"Ow!" Sasuke and Sakura instantly turned around hearing rustling again, but much to their shock a teenager came out of the bushes. "Damn… I forgot that root there…" The boy grumbled, wearing rag like clothing while his hair was a light black hue and his eyes were very dull gray with slightly darker pupils.

"W-Who are you?" Sakura asked as the teenager looked at her.

"So, I wasn't hearing things… So… Who are you? Are you from the surface? How old are you?" Sakura shrank back as the person began asking her questions while standing before her.

"Psy duck…Duck…" Sakura and Sasuke blinked as a duck looking creature ran out of the bushes only to trip on its feet and land on its face.

"Psy! More people from the surface!" Sakura sweated as did Sasuke as the duck got up and waddled over to the weird teen.

"What have you been drinking?" Sasuke sighed, wanting to get away from this weirdo and go find Naruto to save him.

"Oh, there are two of you?" The teen asked as a vein appeared on Sasuke's forehead.

"I have been here the whole time." Sasuke sighed, dropping it as he had to focus on Naruto.

"Sorry. But, since we are near the falls, my hearing can't pick up the smaller sounds I need to tell where people and stuff is." The teen sighed. "But, who are you? Name's Itachi and my pal is Psy."

"I'm Sakura…" Sakura sighed while Sasuke looked at "Itachi" with shock. "But, um, how do we get out of this place?" Sakura asked while looking at Sasuke showing she wanted to at least get out of this place once they found Naruto.

"No clue. I've been stuck here for a long while." The teen sighed as both eight year olds sweated. "Tried once, but I never tried getting out of here again after getting chased by an Exploud in the caves… It took my ears three days to recover that loud, scary situation."

"Exploud?" Sasuke asked as Sakura looked at the duck that had its hands on its head and cocking his head.

"Yeah… There are these old buildings I found and I found this useful device for this area." The teen pulled out a red device and flipped it opened to where it had two screens and pointed it towards the duck creature.

-Psyduck, the Duck Pokemon. It is always holding its head because of a headache. If its chronic headaches peak, it may exhibit odd powers. It seems, thought, it can never recall such episodes.- A strange male voice came up while a picture of the duck had appeared on the screen.

"…Then what's a Pokemon?" Sakura asked, confused now.

"Don't know except they are the creatures that live here and my pal here is one. It's kind of hard though to really feel out of place here when you can't see." Itachi sighed as both Sakura and Sasuke looked at him with horror. "But, I don't mind. Even though I am suffering from amnesia, for some reason I feel fine without my sight… I guess it possibly relates to how I got here as I last remember was seeing through my fading vision that my shoulder getting jagged by a knife and falling into a river that lead into here through a cave and during that time, I went blind. It's been at least two or three years as I kind of lost count of how long I have been down here." Itachi sighed, showing them his scar to prove his story as they also saw his shoulder was also misshapen some by the scar, though still perfectly useful even by shinobi standards.

"But, what's your full name?" Sasuke asked, wondering if… that possibly this kid was who he thinks this person is.

"Uh…Upu…. Uch…Uchiy? Uchiwa?" Then it hit Sasuke like a ton of kunai.

"Uchiha Itachi?" Sasuke asked, his voice breaking some with his blank face as Itachi snapped.

"Yeah! That's right! That's my name!" Itachi chimed as Sakura looked at the teen with distrust and fear. She knew as well as Sasuke that Uchiha Itachi was the murderer of the Uchiha clan.

"Is… there anything else you remember?" Sasuke asked, wanting to know if this was the real Uchiha Itachi.

"Not really… But I do have a dream often of poking a boy in the forehead and calling him my little brother and apologizing to him… It always makes me sad-ACK!" Sakura blinked as Sasuke hugged this Itachi.

"… I'm your brother, Uchiha Sasuke… So…Hic…The Itachi I thought was my brother…Hic… That traitor that killed my family… Wasn't my brother… My brother… is still alive…" Sasuke began to cry much to Sakura's shock. "I'm so confused…"

Sasuke's eyes widen when Itachi ruffled his hair. "It's alright… I'm confused as well… But, I guess I no longer have a family to go back to except you." Itachi sighed, even though he could see, his eyes were looking at Sasuke with caring in them.

'"I don't have parents"' Sasuke's eyes widen as he remembered Naruto and got off of Itachi. "Hey, do you know of a fox like creature that is… Oh, yeah… You can't see…" Sasuke sighed as Itachi's eyebrow twitched.

"Here. I can use this device to find the creature you are looking for." Itachi pulled a stylus out and touched the bottom screen for a bunch of smaller pictures of creatures to appear as Sasuke and Sakura got behind Itachi. "Just tell me to stop when I get to where the creature's info is." Itachi sighed while flipping through pages within the device till Sasuke the creature.

"Stop! That's it!" Sasuke shouted before finding Itachi's hearing was sensitive as flinched from pain.

"Alright…" Itachi said while touching the creature's picture with Sasuke's help.

-Zoroark, the Monster Fox Pokemon. It has the ability to take on the form of other Pokemon and beings and it often uses this ability for either mischief or hiding.-

"But, we don't know why it took Naruto." Sakura sighed as the info didn't give them a clue.

"Wait. I know of Zoroark." Sasuke and Sakura looked at Itachi with shock. "Zoroark a really rare, so the Pokemon always have rumors going around if a rare Pokemon is around."

"You can understand these creatures?" Sakura asked while pointing at Psy the Psyduck.

"Yeah, you figure out the pattern of how they speak after listening for a while." Itachi sighed as Sakura and Sasuke sweated, realizing this might be a mistake as they were asking a blind person to help them find their friend.


"Ehhh?" Naruto groaned as he woke up, having passed out from being tired and the pain from his wounds in the creatures arm only to see he was in some kind of cave and laying on some leaves made into a comfortable bed. 'I got to get out of here!' Naruto thought, thankful that now his chest was just aching dully as a sign he was almost completely healed. He saw the opening of the cave and sprinted for it. However, the breath was knocked out of him when something yanked him from around the stomach and stopped him.

"Cough cough cough!" Naruto hacked up blood from the sudden jerk and looked down to find her had been tied up to a rock with a vine made rope. He, however, focused more on the creature that had kidnapped him as it was standing in front of him in the cave entrance, looking at him. 'Oh-no! I'm totally dead!' Naruto thought as the creature walked up towards him. "Ack!" Naruto gasped when the canine creature tied him directly to the rock. This was it. Uzumaki Naruto was about to be eaten by a monster fox… Kind of ironic as he remembered some villagers sneering lowly he was a monster, fox, and also demon.


"Nani?" Naruto blinked as the fox was petting him or the top of his hair like an person does to their pet before moving away from Naruto and shook its head for several objects to come out of its mane, but then two smaller fox looking pups. They were mainly black with red markings and walked on all fours paws which were small compared to the larger fox.

"…" The little foxes walked up to Naruto and sniffed him before licking him and one jumped onto his body to where it landed on his hair, laying there as it was conformable.

'What the heck is going on?' Naruto thought before seeing the bigger fox had started a fire and put a pot on it before putting oddly clear water and put it to a boil before putting other items into the pot. 'It's letting its babies play with me as it prepares to cook me!' Naruto thought in horror, watching the creature made something in the pot, finishing with putting some hairs into the bubbling liquid before its hands sparked and lit up the liquid for it to be smoking white. It then drug into its mane and pulled out a soup ladle which it put some of the liquid in and went over to Naruto.

"No!" Naruto shouted before the fox grabbed his chin and forced his mouth opened and he drank the quite nasty tasting liquid for he felt sleepy after the creature made him drank three ladle's full of the liquid. 'W-W-What the heck is going on with my body?' Naruto thought before he fell asleep, not noticing the fox was smirking as he did.


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