"Here's Johnny!" Jack Torrance exclaimed, a twisted smile spread wide across his face. Wendy Torrance screamed. It was loud, nearly ear-piercing. Jack shoved his hand through the hole that he had made with the axe and grabbed hold of the door knob, attempting to unlock it. Wide eyed and with another scream of fear, Wendy rose the knife that was clenched in her hand. She brought it down forcefully, slitting Jack's hand open. Immediately, blood flowed from the fresh wound dripping to the bathroom floor.

Jack winced in pain and pulled his hand back. He placed his unwounded on his shallow sliced hand. Blood stained both of his hands. Jack breathed heavily and glared down at the blood. He then bent down to the axe that he had dropped. With a low grunt, he shoved the axe through the hole in the bathroom door, turned it, as Wendy jumped back, and Jack forced it back, making the hole even bigger.

"C'mon out, Wendy!" Jack called. The eerie smile was still stuck to his face, but there was clear annoyance in his voice. "Get out of there!"

"Jack!" Wendy wailed in between sobs. "Please, stop!"

"Come out!" Jack yelled again and rose the axe above his head and stung it again. It struck the door knob and broke it clear off. The door was no longer locked.

Heart pounding against her chest, Wendy prepared for what was going to happen. Jack would barge in, wildly swinging the axe, but she would be ready. The second the door would open she would lurch forward and stab him in the ribs. This would distract him, and maybe even make his drop the axe. While he was trying to recover she would shift around and stab him directly in the heart. Then Wendy would push past him, for surely he would drop the axe then, and run out the door. She would run outside and find Danny, then they would go home. Of course, Wendy would have no choice but to explain that she stabbed her husband, but, as crazy as the story was, she would tell them everything and they would understand, wouldn't they? It didn't matter. She had no choice.

The door flew open and Jack threw himself in. At once, Wendy rose the knife, but for once moment she hesitated. Jack was looking at her, his eyes where wide with surprise and fear, she though, just for a second, that Jack really wasn't bad. Maybe whatever had snapped in his head had healed. She was wrong and the one moment of hesitation was all he needed to finish what he started.

Jack swung the axe, striking her in the shoulder bone. Wendy screeched in pain. Blood splattered from the new wound and hit the white walls. It gushed down from the would staining her clothes and forming a scarlet puddle on the ground. Jack pulled the axe from her shoulder, it made a sickening sucking noise. Mercilessly, Jack lifted the axe and struck Wendy again with it. It was a curved blow and hit her on the side of her stomach.

Wendy couldn't even scream. Blood seemed to spurt out of the wound as it drenched her clothes. "Jack…" Wendy was barely able to gasp. "I'm begging you… stop!" He didn't listen and struck her again, in the head. The axe hit her with a sickening crack. Her body collapsed a blood drained from her head like a soda bottle with a hole in it, followed by a disgusting, nearly unbearable smell.

Panting, Jack turned and pushed the mostly broken door to the side and walked out, dragging the blood covered axe behind him, smearing blood on the clean, white carpet. It was now time to do the same thing to Danny.