"Dude, you should calm down. You know how you get, and you're getting there." Pickles glanced back at Tony, who had a look between exasperation and humour. "Maybe you should put down the beer?" Pickles turned so he was facing Tony full, and walked the several steps over to him.

"Hey, how 'bout this?" Pickles' face was perhaps three inches away from Tony's, his expression full of drunken rage, a look that was fierce a moment ago before he decided to cock one eyebrow up as he asked the rhetorical. Now it was taking everything Tony had in him not to just laugh, push the singer away, and walk off. "Fuck you." Pickles poked Tony in the chest, hard, assuming in his drunken stupor that that was all he needed to win the fight. Tony just chuckled and stepped back.

"You seriously wanna go there?" Tony asked, still strumming his bass as he'd been doing the whole time. "You know I'd kick your ass, do you really want that?"

"Fuck that," Pickles growled, "I'd beat you any day o' th' week." Tony couldn't keep his humour in then, his top hat nearly falling off from his laughing. Snizzy and Sammy were watching the two argue, though neither could find the same humour in it as Tony. Somehow Tony could put up with Pickles' bullshit much longer than they could, find something funny in all of Pickles' disasters. Hell, he even laughed later after he did get into brawls with the singer, once or twice still covered in blood from the fight. He could laugh and call Pickles an idiot, and the redhead would cross his arms and whine but most of the time wouldn't start another fight right after.

"Really? Any day?" Tony chuckled and walked around Pickles in a circle, mostly just to move around because just standing there got boring, but also because he figured if he could get Pickles to spin around and watch him circle enough times, the singer would get dizzy and fall down. And that shit would be fucking hilarious.

"Yeah, any feckin' day," Pickles said, crossing his arms and glaring at Tony as he continued to spin and watch the bassist.

"Come on, man, I am this close to knocking you on your ass without even being within arm's reach." Pickles scoffed, but found himself stumbling while standing in one place. Seeing what Tony was trying to do, he stopped spinning with him, and Tony continued laughing quietly until he came around to the singer's back and remained there, still strumming his bass as he craned his neck over Pickles' shoulder. "Besides, I get you on your back like every night." he added quietly for good measure. The singer turned beet red as whatever had pissed him off in the first place was entirely forgotten.

"So, guys," Snizzy called from his spot about ten feet away, "you done? Pickles, you finished whining?"

"Yeah," Pickles mumbled and walked back to where he'd been before the argument – if you could call it that – had started.

"Cool," Snizzy said, "my fingers were gettin' tired. Oh yeah, and the crowd was about to riot. Again." Pickles chuckled and cleared his throat, grabbing the microphone from the stand in front of him, and speaking into it.

"Hehh, sarry 'bout dat, guys. I think I blacked out dere fer a minute. Anyways, where were we?" Snizzy finally ran his fingers along the neck of his guitar to continue the song they'd been in the middle of as he walked across the stage to Tony.

"How do you do that, man?" he asked. Tony laughed and walked away from the guitarist, up to the singer who seemed to be getting back into the fun of it all on account of he immediately slung his arm over Tony's shoulder as he screamed lyrics into the mic. Tony glanced back at Snizzy.

"I have my ways, man. I just do."