5. In Which Fireworks Ignite

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He came through the door, throwing his soccer stuff on the floor; Takeru could smell the wretched odor from his place on the bed. "Don't you ever wash your soccer uniform?" He said through a plugged nose to keep from gagging.

Daisuke just shook his head with a smirk. "Nope, if I wash it, it won't be lucky anymore and we'll lose."

The blonde tried to keep his lunch down as he stood and opened the window to their room to let air in. "Luck or not, you're washing the uniform."

The brunette crossed his arms like a disobedient child. "You can't make me!"

"No, but I can wash it for you." The Ishida threatened, moving towards the duffle bag his roommate had brought in.

He took the strap from its place on the ground and slung it over his shoulder. "Alright, alright, I'll do it MOM!"

Takeru stayed silent, hoping Daisuke would realize how awkward the conversation had become. He blinked for a moment before finally talking again. "After dinner, I wanna show you something that, I don't think, anybody else knows about. Or if they do, they don't mention it."

"Sure, that'd be nice. What are you gonna show me?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." He told him slyly, slipping from the room to- assumingly- wash his uniform, though the blonde knew that wasn't where he went. It didn't bother him that much and he let it go. The smell was out of the room; that was the important thing.

As dinner time rolled around, Taichi and Yamato left their room; Taichi's arm draped over his blonde to show everyone he was his and nobody else's. It was like a dog marking its territory but cleaner. "Do you wanna watch the fireworks with me tonight?" Taichi asked.

The Ishida cocked his head to one side. "What fireworks?"

Taichi chuckled softly. "It's some festival they have every year. I think it's to celebrate something with the stars." The brunette informed.

"Thanks for not making it vague." Yamato joked, shaking his head at his boyfriend's slight incompetence. "No matter what it's for, I'd love to watch them with you Tai." He assured with a smile.

"Great! I was thinking we could take some blankets and pillows up to the roof, cuddle up and watch the fireworks."

"Sounds almost as great as our first date."

"Almost?" Taichi asked with slight hurt in his voice.

Yamato nodded. "You won't be carrying me up there." He chuckled as Taichi deadpanned at the information.

"I could carry you~" Taichi informed.

"Really? Well that would be awe- TAI! What are you doing? Put me down!" Yamato cried as the brunette hoisted him over his shoulder. "This isn't what I meant!"

Taichi just laughed as he carried Yamato like a sack of potatoes. "You said you wanted me to carry you." He pointed out, adjusting the blonde on his shoulder in order to hold onto him better.

"Oof… This isn't what I had in mind." The blonde pouted anger evident in his voice. "Then again, I do get a nice look at your ass from this angle." The blonde teased, not noticing the few stares they were getting from other boys leaving their rooms.

"I bet you like it don't you?" Taichi smirked.

"Yeah~ I do~"

"I can tell, your dick's jabbing into my shoulder."

All the blood in Yamato's body almost literally rushed to his face, deflating his hard on immediately which brought a loud laugh out of Taichi. "I hate you so much…"

"Love you too." Taichi grinned back at the blonde.

"Ready for dinner, Cody?" Hinaka asked as he exited the bathroom, forgetting to put his shirt on.

Iori's eyes were drawn to the teenager's slightly sculpted frame until Hinaka finally realized he was missing the article of clothing and both boys were red in the face as the baseball player put on his shirt.

"S-Sorry… yeah, I'm r-ready." The maroon-faced boy finally answered, standing up, but keeping his eyes off of Hinaka.

"Cody, it's okay." The blonde assured. "You can look at me; you are my boyfriend after all."

"I… I know… It's just so… different seeing you like that, knowing I'm allowed to stare." Iori admitted.

"I didn't really mind when you were staring at me on the first day. I thought it was kinda cute, especially since it was an adorable boy like you." Hinaka smiled, taking the short boy's hand in his.

"Th-Thanks…" The jade-eyed boy said, blushing even more if it was possible.

"No problem."

As they left their dorm room, Iori's face became less and less red with each passing second until it was back to its normal pale-ish complexion. "Would you want to watch some fireworks with me tonight?" Hinaka asked out of the blue.

"Sure!" The brunette answered excitedly; he loved fireworks.

"We could bring my iPod dock and some blankets up to the roof and watch the fireworks there while we listen to music. It could be like… a date." Hinaka stated shyly.

Iori smiled. "I'd really like that…"

"Great, we can go set up after dinner." Hinaka informed as they followed the large crowd of boys down to the mess hall.

"Sounds good." Iori replied as the two took their seats next to each other and began eating.

'Okay,' Daisuke began mentally. 'I've got the blankets, pillows… everything's set up for tonight. I can't believe I'm finally gonna tell TK how I feel about him…' A soft, pink blush began creeping across his face at the thought. 'I just hope he likes me back… if not that, I hope he doesn't hate me…'

Suddenly, the door that led onto the roof creaked open. "You won't believe the vi- Davis, what are you doing here?" The boy's older brother asked as he and his boyfriend carried their own blankets and pillows. "Thought you were spending the night with T-… oh… this is what you meant…"

Daisuke slowly nodded, staring at the paneling of the roof beneath them. "I didn't think anybody else knew about how to get up here… so I was gonna watch the fireworks with TK…" The red-faced boy admitted, forgetting that Yamato was there.

"I guess you were right Tai." Yamato chuckled.

Mouth agape from having been ratted out by his brother, Daisuke raged. "You told him?"

"I had to! He is my boyfriend after all. Plus, he's TK's brother, he has more than a right to know." Taichi defended as the younger brunette lowered his head in shame, betrayal and defeat.

"Come Cody, we're almost the-… What are you guys doing here?" Hinaka asked the rest of them as he reached the top of the stairs leading to the roof.

"I thought nobody else knew about how to get up here, Hina?" Iori pointed out as he joined his boyfriend carrying the pillow and blanket from his bed.

Daisuke chuckled, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. "See! I wasn't the only one!"

"Really guys, it's the roof, you really thought nobody else knew how to get up here?" Yamato asked incredulously.

"I've never heard anyone else talking about it!" Daisuke and Hinaka defended in sync, looking at each other and gaining a deadpanned expression in the process.

"Maybe you guys should listen more. This is actually a pretty popular make out spot for most of the guys on the soccer team." Taichi informed as he brushed past Daisuke, his blonde in tow.

Yamato nodded in agreement. "Some of my guitar class buddies talk about it all the time. I'm surprised nobody on the baseball team talks about it." He stated, turning to Hinaka.

"Now that you mention it…" Hinaka began, remembering where he'd gotten the idea from in the first place. "I'm sorry Cody… I forgot that Satoshi gave me the idea… now I ruined our date." The baseball player lowered his head in shame this time.

"It's okay Hina." Iori assured, placing a hand on the taller boy's shoulder. "I feel a little less nervous knowing other people will be up here anyway…" He admitted as Hinaka's cerulean orbs met his jade ones.

Yamato and Taichi snickered at the two. "You guys are in luck. Davis is taking TK on their first date too!" The blonde started with his boyfriend finishing.

A resounding, whiney "TAI!" echoed from Daisuke's direction as he slumped to the ground, drawing circles on the paneling with his finger. "I hate you so much." He grumbled to himself.

"Speaking of whom, where is TK?" Iori asked, taking notice of the blonde's absence.

"Oh shit!" Daisuke exclaimed as he got to his feet immediately and bolted for his dorm room.

"Well, this is going to be an eventful night." Taichi observed, receiving a nod of agreement from each of the boys around him. "Anyway, let's start setting up." And so they did.

"Where the hell are my blanket and pillow?" An enraged Takeru asked his roommate who'd just entered their room.

Daisuke panted a bit as he'd just run down six flights of stairs because he forgot the building had an elevator. "They're… in the place… I wanted to show you… thought you want… to be comfortable… on the roof." He breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath.

Curiosity took over Takeru's mind at the mention of their destination. "Why the roof?"

"Because… there's gonna be… a fireworks show… I wanted to… show you." Daisuke replied, still panting.

"Did you run all the way down here?" Takeru observed, receiving a head nod in response. "You know there's an elevator right?"

"I forgot, okay?" The brunette told him quickly, blushing like mad because it had slipped his mind. "Let's just go." He nearly begged, beginning to lead the way to the elevator this time.

"At least you didn't forget this time." Takeru smirked at the glare Daisuke shot his way.

"Shut up." He pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.

Pressing the button for the top floor of the building, Takeru noticed that they were alone in a confined space. It was making him a little claustrophobic. "So, why are there fireworks tonight?" He asked to get his mind off his slight fear of small spaces.

"Some festival or something. I don't care why, I just like watching it." Daisuke informed. The elevator let off a ding at each floor they passed on their way to the top.

Reaching the top floor, the big steel doors slid open and the two boys inside exited, getting through the crowd of boys getting into the elevator to go to the ground floor. "Looks like we'll be the only ones up there." Takeru secretly hoped.

"Not exactly…" Daisuke informed as they circled around, coming to the flight of stairs that led to the roof.

"Thought you said nobody knew but you?"

The two were halfway to the top by now. "Well, turns out more people know…" He said bashfully, reaching the top stair and opening the large metal door in front of them.

"How many people?"

"If it isn't TK and Davis!" Taichi called as he saw the boys stepping onto the roof.

"Bout time you two got here." Yamato commented. He was latched onto Taichi, pretending he was cold even though he had a blanket wrapped around him.

"Of course…" Takeru face palmed at the sight of the older boys. "Oh and I see Hina and Cody made it too." The blonde noted sarcastically, noticing the youngest couple waving at them.

"In my defense, they weren't supposed to know about this." Daisuke informed.

"Whatever, let's just get comfortable…" Takeru suggested, heading for the bare canvas of pillows and blankets he assumed was for himself and Daisuke. He plopped down and pulled his knees to his chest, facing the direction everyone else was.

The festival goers picked the right place to light their fireworks as the direction in which they were was also where the sun was setting, letting off soft blues, pinks and oranges into the sky.

"The sunset's beautiful." Yamato acknowledged as Tai took his hand in his.

"Yeah, it's a lot like you." The brunette complemented, rubbing the back of Yamato's hand with his thumb.

"I love watching the sunset." Hinaka told his boyfriend, placing his hand over the youngest boy's own.

He chuckled nervously. "Yeah… it's really pretty."

"How come when the sun rises and sets it's so cool, but it's so boring any other time of day?" Daisuke asked Takeru as the glowing orb of light was descending over the horizon.

"Because during the day, the sky's just blue. When it's rising or setting, there are more colors." He pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Daisuke agreed, sitting back and enjoying the sunset as Hinaka's iPod played Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

The sky soon turned inky black with pinpoints of light dotting it. A slight chill ran through the air, making each boy shiver a bit and either cuddle into their boyfriend or- in Takeru and Daisuke's case- cover themselves in a blanket.

And, as if like clockwork, the first rocket shot into the air, exploding in the sky with balls of purple light shooting from its point of detonation, falling as they slowly extinguished themselves. It had to be pure luck as Hinaka's iPod played the song Firework by Katy Perry which each boy on the rooftop had a reason to like at the moment.

Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Do ever feel, feel so paper thin, like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do ever feel, already buried deep, six feet under, screams but no one seems to hear a thing?

Do you know that there's, still a chance for you, cuz there's a spark in you?

You just gotta ignite~ the light~ and let~ it shine~

Just own~ the night~ like the Fourth of July~

Cuz baby you're a firework~ C'mon show 'em what~ you're worth~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework~

C'mon let your colors burst~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

You're gonna leave 'em going ah-ah-ah~

Hinaka looked over to Iori's face as it lit up with each explosion, the boy grinning from ear to ear as the lights danced across the sky. "I love fireworks!" He said.

"And… I love you Cody." Hinaka admitted, knowing for sure even at the age of thirteen.

Iori turned his shocked face in Hinaka's direction, but then shot his eyes to the roof beneath them. "Is that why you brought me up here tonight? To tell me that?" Although Hinaka couldn't see his boyfriend's face, it was obvious he was smiling.

"Yeah…" The baseball player unnoticeably blushed.

"I love you too Hina." Iori admitted, being pulled into a soft kiss by his much taller boyfriend, not complaining a bit.

You don't have to feel, like a waste of space, you're original, cannot be replaced~

If you only knew, what the future holds~ after a hurricane, comes a rainbow~

May be a reason why, all the doors are closed, so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road~

Like a lightening bolt~ your heart will glow~ and when it's time you'll know~

"The last time I watched fireworks… I was with Jyou." Yamato admitted as a blue explosion lit the sky, followed shortly by a resounding BOOM!

"The last time I watched these fireworks, Koushiro and I had just started dating, but the past is behind us Yama, we're together now and that's all the matters." Taichi assured, throwing his arm over the musician's shoulders.

Yamato nodded with a slight smile. "After Jyou cheated on me… I never thought I'd fall in love again… and when you said you loved me, I wanted so desperately to say it back, but I wasn't ready then… because I didn't want it to turn out… like last time…" The blonde said, still recalling the scene in which he'd found his "beloved" boyfriend the last day he saw him. "If I say it Tai… you have to promise to never hurt me…"

"I already did Yama, but if you want… I promise I'll never, ever hurt you in any sort of way. I promise to love and cherish you as long as I live because that's what you deserve. I could never find anyone hotter than you anyway~" Taichi joked on the last part, but the rest was sincere. "I love you Yama, there's no changing it."

The blonde chuckled. "I love you too you big meat head."

"You just had to ruin it didn't you?"

"Oh, just shut up and kiss me already!" Yamato ordered as he was practically yanked onto Taichi's lips.

You just gotta ignite~ the light~ and let~ it shine~

Just own~ the night~ like the Fourth of July~

Cuz baby you're a firework~ C'mon show 'em what~ you're worth~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework~

C'mon let your colors burst~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

You're gonna leave 'em going ah-ah-ah~

Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

Even brighter than the Moon~ Moon~ Moon~

It's always been inside of you~ you~ you~

And now it's time to let it through~ ooh~ ooh~

Seeing as they were the only two not kissing or whispering sweet nothings in the others ear, Daisuke and Takeru sat rather far apart from one another. 'It's now or never.' Daisuke told himself. "So, are you enjoying the show?"

"Yeah, fireworks are always my favorite part of festivals." Takeru smiled, continuing to stare at the exploding lights in the near distance.

Daisuke nodded, doing the same. "Mine too."

"This has been the best night so far since we got here." Takeru said, not noticing that he'd said what he was thinking.

Daisuke blushed, though it was unnoticed because of the lack of light. "Well… there's… another reason I wanted to show you the fireworks…" He informed, scooting closer to the blonde little by little.

Without detecting the brunette's movement, Takeru turned to look at him, their eyes meeting. "What's that?"

"I… uh…" Daisuke stuttered, trying to find the best way to drop the bomb on Takeru. "Lately… I've… sortta found… that I… r-really l-l-like you…" He broke their eye contact to stare anywhere but at the blonde.

"O-Oh…" The, now flustered, blonde responded.

"It's okay if you don't like me."


"I mean, you are straight after all."


"God, what was I thinking? Of course you wouldn't like me back I mean I-"

"DAVIS!" Takeru yelled over the boy's rambling, finally grabbing his attention. "I'm not mad and… I'm pretty sure I'm not straight because… I think I like you the way you like me…"

Daisuke was now the one to act shocked, staring at the boy next to him. "R-Really?" The blonde nodded in response. "Well… do you… um… want me to… kiss you…?" He asked carefully. "I mean, I don't have to if you don't want me to."

"DAVIS!" Takeru yelled again, catching the brunette's attention before another fit of rambling ensued. "It's okay, I really want you to…" He said, closing the distance between them so their shoulders, hips and knees touched. They turned their heads to face each other, gently closing this final distance. Daisuke and his soon-to-be boyfriend puckered their lips as they met in the middle for a gentle kiss of lips meeting for the first time. Neither pulled away for a few seconds until oxygen started becoming an issue and their lips finally disconnected. "I think I'm gonna enjoy the fireworks a lot more now." Takeru chuckled as he leaned onto Daisuke's shoulder and said brunette made like his brother, draping an arm over his new boyfriend to watch the rest of the fireworks spectacular.

You just gotta ignite~ the light~ and let~ it shine~

Just own~ the night~ like the Fourth of July~

Cuz baby you're a firework~ C'mon show 'em what~ you're worth~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework~

C'mon let your colors burst~

Make 'em go ah-ah-ah

You're gonna leave 'em going ah-ah-ah~

Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

Even brighter than the Moon~ Moon~ Moon~

Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

Even brighter than the Moon~ Moon~ Moon~

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