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Bold means a change in location and/ or time or time period. Italics are thoughts or Sesshomaru's inner demon talking, or flashbacks. ** Movements in song

Chapter 1

A beautiful girl with big sapphire eyes, long ebony hair, and hourglass figure played with Rin and Shippo, chasing them around the pond and laughing. Sesshomaru thought that she looked more mature then when she first started traveling with his brother's group. Sesshomaru liked watching her, when he had the chance. Jaken, who hated Kagome, thought that she was unfit to be the object of Sesshomaru's Ahem interest. Because on rare occasions, Sesshomaru's group would combine with Inuyasha's group, Sesshomaru always found himself watching, Kagome. Like when she was sitting under a tree, watching Shippo and Rin play, or tending to the injuries due to play falls, or when she was helping Sango make dinner or camp for the night. And so, giving in to his 'little' crush, Sesshomaru silently stalked her, taking in her every move and emotion. Inuyasha was angering her, with his rude comments and his unusual obsession with the undead priestess, Kikyo. Kikyo had joined the group for the sake of her 'one true love' or in everybody else's minds, she only came back to make sure Kagome couldn't have Inuyasha. Kagome was perfectly fine with that, she really couldn't care less. She was over Inuyasha, and much to Kikyo's dismay, kagome stayed to raise Shippo and to help out. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, and Inuyasha were glad, all for different reasons. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara were happy because 1, they didn't want to deal with a homicidal brother and a pair of newlyweds at the same time. And 2, they didn't want to lose another member of their family. Inuyasha just wanted Kagome around just so he could get ninja food all day long. Sesshomaru joined his half brother's group because he had nothing else to do and his 'daughter', Rin, wanted to see Kagome and her 'big brother', Shippo. It has been years since the final battle and Naraku was gone, Kagome made a selfless wish. She wished for everyone to get a second chance. So Sango had Kohaku back and Inuyasha had Kikyo. Kagome had a second chance at love. She just didn't know with whom. And for right now, she didn't care, she had her 'son', her 'sister', and her 'brothers' by her side and she couldn't be any happier.

Sesshomaru walked into the camp with a huge boar on his back gutted and ready to go. Kagome looked up.

"Oh wow! Thanks so much Sessh! We needed a main course."

Sesshomaru blushed, slightly. Sango and Miroku took the boar and started cooking it. Kagome was making appetizers and desserts for everyone. Today's dessert was cheesecake. Sesshomaru saw Kagome's concentration while she baked. She had flour on her face, in her hair and all over her apron and clothes. After all the cooking was done, Inuyasha promptly arrived 'asking' for his dinner.

"Yo Kagome. I'm hungry." He gruffly stated.

"You are? Really?" Kagome said sarcastically.

The sarcasm obviously didn't comprehend in his mind because he said, "yeah so gimmie some food."

Kagome sighed a soft, "sit.", before leaving Sango's kitchen for the picnic area outside. Everyone was sitting waiting, for dinner. Kagome's sapphire eyes were exasperated. Everyone, save Kikyo, counted down. 5, 4, 3, 2….1

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled running towards her, "What the HELL did you do that for?"

"You were stressing me out Yash. You know what happens when I get stressed."

Inuyasha shuddered, 4 years later and he still knew how Kagome can lose her temper, just like him. It was like she adopted his temper but not the attitude that came with it. Everyone, Kikyo's not included, laugh at Inuyasha's shudder. Later, after dinner, Kagome and Sango went off to take a bath at the hot springs. Kikyo was cleaning; Inuyasha was sitting around the campfire, making sure none of the boys (Miroku) goes off to spy on the girls. Miroku and Sesshomaru ended tip toeing off before Inuyasha noticed that they were long gone. Inuyasha turned to the guy to complain and saw no one.

"Guys?" he said, "oh shit."

*With the Girls*

Sango and Kagome were talking about Miroku perverseness and now they were talking about a new topic…Kagome's crush. Sesshomaru was in a tree when he heard Sango's words.



"Have you taken an interest in anybody?"

"What kind of interest?" Kagome asked, avoiding the question.

Sesshomaru snickered, silently.

"Kagome…." Sango warned

"Fine fine." Kagome said, leaning over. She whispered her crush's name in the Sango's ear. Sango's mouth dropped.

"Him! You have a crush on him?"

"Sango, hush. And yes, I do, is that bad?"

"No! Of course it's not. Kouga and Akitoki are gonna have some competition."

'Who's Akitoki?' Sesshomaru's beast questioned.

"Oh yeah, that was the other thing. Kouga's on his way. Like he'll be here before we go back to camp."

"Oh, well. That will make camp fun, huh?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Tell me about it."

They finished washing up and they put on their clothes. They both had on undergarments, big shirts and sweatpants from, Kagome's era.

"Okay Miroku, you can come out now." Kagome sighed.

Miroku came out from the bushes, scared shitless about what Sango would do to him. While Kagome tied her shirt up, showing her midriff, Sango grabbed him by the ear and pulled him towards camp. Kagome chuckled and followed.

*With Kouga*

'This time,' Kouga thought, 'Kagome will be mine!'

Kouga, Ginta, Hakaku and Kouga's wolves raced toward their destination.


When Kagome got back to the camp Inuyasha decided to speak up.

"God Kagome! Must you be so slow?"

"Shut up Inuyasha….I'm in no mood." Kagome snapped.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"I ran into…people on the way back."

'Well then, maybe, I will see Kagome stressed out after all.' Sesshomaru's beast commented

'When did we start calling her Kagome?'

'Since we started to love her, of course.' He replied, nonchalant.

'Excuse me!' Sesshomaru said/thought.

'Mate looks sexy when pissed….' His beast dreamily, changing the subject.

'Yeah…..wait no! What?'

'Whatever, it'll haunt you in your dreams.' His beast said as it faded away.

Meanwhile Kagome sat Inuyasha about 10 times before she grabbed her sleeping bag and settled under the same tree the Sesshomaru had picked out for himself. Kagome gave Shippo and Rin the sleeping bag and took a blanket for herself. Sesshomaru found himself settling about a foot away from Kagome, leaning on the tree. Some hours later, Inuyasha woke up and looked around. He found kagome lying on Sesshomaru's lap, his hand absentmindedly and sleepily stroking her hair. Inuyasha suppressed a growl.

'Wait,' he thought, 'why am I getting angry?'

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