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A New Day. Chapter 5: Back Home

With Sesshomaru and Kagome

When the pair arrived at Kadae's hut, Sesshomaru was following his 'wife' into the main room.

"Hi Kadae!" Kagome said cheerfully.

"Hello child, why is Sesshomaru with ye?" She replied with a confused smile.

"Oh, my mate." Kagome said casually, as if talking about the weather.

"Mate? Well congratulations child."

"Thank you. I've been wondering if Sesshomaru could go down the well with me?'

"Well child, he has a connection with ye, right?"

"Yeah, so he can?" Kagome asked.

"Yes child, I think he can."

"Yay!" Kagome squealed

Kagome took Sesshomaru's hand and walked out of the hut and through Inuyasha's forest to the well.

"Sessh, darling?" Kagome asked once they reached to well.

"Yes mate?"

"I need you to trust me, okay?"

"I already do."

"Alright." Kagome said, taking Sesshomaru's hand and climbing into the well. A blue light engulfed them and they floated for a brief moment. Sesshomaru was looking around, puzzled. What had his crazy miko gotten him into now?

When Kagome looked up she knew that she was home. She started climbing up the side of the well, Sesshomaru following her.

"Careful, there are a lot of different smells in this era."

Sesshomaru crinkled his nose. His mate's amazing scent was getting over powered by the many unfamiliar scents of her era. Kagome grabbed Sesshomaru's had and led him out of the well house. Suddenly A soccer ball came flying at them; it made contact with Kagome's foot.

"Hey Souta!" she called, "Come here for a sec."

"Kagome! You're back!" a young boy, around 13, came running up. He threw his arms around her once he got close enough. He was still small; he only came up to her chest.

"Wow," Kagome said, "One of the most important people in my life is getting taller than me! Not fair!"

Souta laughed, "Awe sis, you're still taller."

Sesshomaru was thinking, there were more important people in Kagome's life? How many of them were guys, he wondered.

"Sesshomaru, this is my little brother Souta." Kagome introduced.

"Hello." Sesshomaru said gracefully.

"Wow. This is THE Sesshomaru. I hear stories." Souta gushed. Sesshomaru inwardly smirked.

"No need to act like a raging fangirl, Sout." Kagome laughed. Souta laughed in return. Kagome took both her mate's hand and her brother's hand and walked inside the house she called home. Once inside, introductions were made, Sesshomaru was accepted into the family with open arms and the wedding plans commenced. Sesshomaru ended up changing into some of Kagome's father's old clothes while Kagome changed into a deep green tank top and a pair of dark skinny jeans. She excused herself and Sesshomaru from her family's conversation, put on her green converse and walked with her mate down the step of the shrine. At the bottom of the stairs, they bumped into a familiar group of people. Eri, Yuka, Ayumi and the ever present Hojo.

"Kagome!" The voices of Kagome's friends yelled, mobbing to hug her.

"Hey guys." She said, hugging back.

"How is college hunting in America? We were just about to come up and see if you were home." Eri said.

"It's great; I have about three schools in mind." Kagome lied.

"Who's your friend?" Hojo asked, jealousy clouding his voice.

"Before that," Kagome said, "I dumped 'Bad Boy'"

"Really?" The girls yelled, echoing each other, "Oh K- We are so happy for you!"

"He was a bad apple!" Ayumi said.

"Never was good enough for you!" Yuka agreed.

"Anyway, a few months ago, I met up with this unbelievably attractive man and I'm getting married!"

"He looks a lot like bad boy!" Eri noticed.

"Wait, married!" Ayumi and Yuka yelled.

"Yeah, married. That's because Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's brother."

"Brother!" the girls yelled, "Kagome we are thrilled!"

"Kagome, are these your friends from school?" Sesshomaru asked gently.

"Oh, yes. Sesshomaru Tashio meet Eri, Yuka, Ayumi, and Hojo."

"Pleasure." Sesshomaru said, shaking hands.

"Oh you're that Sesshomaru?" Hojo asked.

"You've heard of him?" The girls asked.

"I'm here to help my fiancée with her end of school plans and to meet her family."

"Maybe we can help!" Ayumi said.

"We need to do one thing! Shopping!" Eri smiled and skipped down the street.

When the group got to the mega mall, the girls took to the stores. A few hours later, the girls each had different bags of many different sizes and colors. Sesshomaru was the most curious about the bubblegum pink striped bag Kagome carried. He wasn't allowed in that store, Kagome said it was a surprise.

"Kagome," Hojo said, "the talent show is the day after graduation this year."

"Really? What's the theme?" Kagome asked.

"Songs written by you or the band you are using."

"Cool. Are you going to be in it?" Kagome asked looking at him.

"No," Hojo blushed, "I couldn't possibly."

Sesshomaru held back a growl. This, this boy liked his Kagome!

Kagome sensed something was bothering Sesshomaru and put her arms around him.

"Hey Kags, before you get too comfortable, let's get some food." Yuka suggested.

"Yeah! We can review songs for the talent show." Eri agreed.

As the group walked, the arm that wasn't trapped in Sesshomaru's brushed up against Hojo's hand. He tripped over his own feet, falling to the ground. He scrambled up quickly, missing Sesshomaru's smile. The group finally walked into the WacDonald's and ordered their food. They were sitting at a table when Kagome's phone got elbow across the table by Hojo. Sesshomaru saw this and mad e move to grab it. Kagome leaned over the table, showing Sesshomaru one of his favorite parts of her, reached over, grabbed her phone, and sat down before Sesshomaru groped her in front of everyone. He put his arm around her shoulders instead. Kagome leaned into his chest. Eri, in shock about how lovey dovey Kagome was being, fumbled with her bag to get out her notebook of Kagome's songs. Eri had deemed herself Kagome's assistant and Kagome had finally given up on trying to convince her otherwise.

"Okay, we've got a lot of choices." Eri said

"Well I was thinking Naughty Girl." Kagome said, playing with her hair.

Sesshomaru leaned down and whispered, "You didn't tell me that you wrote songs."

"Yeah," Kagome whispered back, "I have my own notebook of songs at home. I'll show you later."

"If we have time." Sesshomaru whispered huskily.

Kagome's face suddenly bloomed a bright red.

"Kagome, are you okay?" Hojo asked.

"Oh yes, I'm fine Hojo. Thanks though."

Sesshomaru took this cue to show this Hojo person who Kagome belonged to. To accomplish this, he nuzzled his head in Kagome's neck, like a child, from behind. Eri, Yuka and Auymi's eyes got huge. They hurried to take pictures with their camera phones, certain that this moment would never happen again. Hojo just stared in a state of shock. Sesshomaru was smug. Kagome took a French fry and put it by Sesshomaru's nose. He made a move to eat it but Kagome took it away and popped it into her mouth. Sesshomaru just looked at Kagome before he got an idea. He kissed her neck and shoulder on the side when his mark lay, he breathed against it slowly. Kagome closed her eyes and held back a moan. Suddenly her eyes snapped back open; she heard a voice calling her name.

"Yes Hojo?" she asked, agitated.

"I was just asking if any of you girls wanted anything else."

"Umm…an ice cream please." All the girls asked.

"And Sesshomaru?"

"Nothing." He said stoically.

Kagome rolled her eyes; Sesshomaru could be really sweet at times. But other times he was the polar opposite, cold and stoic.

"I have an idea you guys! Sesshomaru and Hojo haven't heard Kags sing. We should put on a small performance at Kagome's dad's old studio. It's Souta's now, right?" Eri suggested.

"Yeah! That's a great idea. Souta won't mind." Kagome said, ignoring Sesshomaru's claws that were stroking her lower back.

"That would be fun." Hojo said, excited.

"Well let's go then!" Kagome said, pulling herself and Sesshomaru out of the booth.

A few minutes later the group arrived at a very fancy studio, it had a stage to perform on and more than one recording booth, along with offices. They walked into the deserted studio, Hojo looking around in shock. Kagome led the group down to the stage and Eri got all the equipment up and running. Kagome set up one of her favorite microphones.

"So," Kagome said into the microphone, "What do you wanna hear?"

"Something about the bad boy!" Ayumi called.

"Inuyasha? Okay…."

"I'll get the music!" Eri called, pressing buttons.

"Thanks Eri."

Kagome cleared her throat and started to sing.

"What goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
what goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
I say what goes around comes back around (hey my baby)
what goes around comes back around...

There was a time
I thought, that you did everything right
No lies, no wrong
Boy I must've been out of my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I, I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
I thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that
Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
You turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
And I'm gonna' always be the (best thing you never had)
Oh yeah, I bet it sucks to be you right now

So sad, you're hurt
Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care?
You don't deserve my tears
I guess that's why they ain't there
When I think that there was a time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and baby yes I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
I thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
Baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with that
Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
I said, you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
And I'll never be the (best thing you never had)
Oh baby I bet sucks to be you right now

I know you want me back
It's time to face the facts
That I'm the one that's got away
Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life
Thank God I found the good in goodbye

I used to want you so bad
I'm so through with that
Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
Oh you turned out to be (the best thing I never had)
And I will always be the (best thing you never had)
Ooh, best thing you never had!

I used to want you so bad
I'm so through with that
Cause honestly you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
Oh you turned out to be the (best thing I never had)
Ooh, I will never be the (best thing you never had)
Oh baby, I bet it sucks to be you right now

What goes around, comes back around
What goes around, comes back around
I bet it sucks to be you right now
What goes around, comes back around
I bet it sucks to be you right now
What goes around, comes back around
I bet it sucks to be you right now"

At the end of the song there was a burst of applause. Sesshomaru came onto the stage and picked her up, hugging her in the process. As he put her down he whispered in her ear, "Well, I married a hot singer."

Kagome smiled and blushed.

Hojo walked over and said, "That was great Kags. You're really good."

"Thanks Hojo." Kagome said, Sesshomaru's arms being wrapped around her waist.

"Well….we have to get going, wedding plans and all." Sesshomaru said.

"Oh? That's too bad." Hojo said.

"Yeah, so…see ya." Sesshomaru said, unwrapping himself from his mate, taking her hand and walking out.

"Bye guys!" Kagome waved.

Kagome and Sesshomaru walked back to the shrine. When they got to Kagome's bedroom, Sesshomaru shut the door and pounced on Kagome. The two landed on her bed, Sesshomaru hovering over her.

"I've been a good boy Kagome." Sesshomaru purred.

"Really now? Would you like a reward baby?" Kagome said, pulling him closer to her.

"This Sesshomaru would like his reward."

"Okay." Kagome said, pulling his head down. She kissed his cheeks, forehead and finally his lips. Sesshomaru begged for entrance to her mouth, and she let him in. he ravaged her mouth, leaving her tongue for last. Kagome was ravaging his mouth as well. When their tongues finally met, they fought for dominance. Sesshomaru's hands were inside her shirt, rubbing her back.

They finally broke apart for breath. Kagome heard a faint voice calling, "Hey Kagome, soundproof your room!"

"Hey Souta! Use earplugs!" Kagome laughed. She got up then, Sesshomaru pouting at her leaving. Kagome stripped and put on one of the sexy nightgowns she had bought that day. It was short, red and lacy with matching panties. Sesshomaru's eyes got huge as Kagome bent over and looked in the bags she had bought that day. She pulled out a pair of silk boxers and tossed them to Sesshomaru.

"Change out of your street clothes."

Sesshomaru obediently changed and lay down on the bed. Kagome stopped rifling through the bags and snuggled up next to Sesshomaru under the covers. They spooned and fell asleep.

The next morning there was a banging at the door.

Souta opened it to reveal Inuyasha, fuming.

"Where's Kagome?"

"In her room but-" Souta started

"Kagome!" Inuyasha interrupted.

Kagome groaned at the sound of her name. Sesshomaru was already up, taking a shower in her private bathroom. Kagome crawled out of bed, one of the straps of her night 'dress' slipping off of her shoulder. She walked over to the door and opened it slowly.

Inuyasha stared at Kagome through the open door. He hated to admit it, but Kagome looked hot. Her hair was untamed and tussled, most likely from rough night time 'activities', her sexy blue sapphire eyes hazily looking at him through long eyelashes.

"Was there something you needed Inuyasha?"

"Umm…ye-yeah. You need to come back with me.

"Um, no! My wedding is in four days! I have graduation and a talent show. I'm not missing those things."

"No Kagome, you are coming back now!"

Sesshomaru walked out of Kagome's bathroom, damp and shirtless. Kagome turned her attention back to Inuyasha with a smile on her face.

"Well Inuyasha, I have things to attend to so tell my mom that we'll be down soon okay? Thanks." Kagome said, closing the door. She locked it behind her, leaving Inuyasha shocked.

Sesshomaru smirked and looked at her.

"Now my sexy mate," he said, "it is time for a shower."

"You wanna help me?" Kagome asked huskily.

"Yes but alas, I'll help you dress."

"Fine. Whatever floats your boat babe." Kagome said, pulling off her 'dress' and walking into the bathroom, leaving the door open and the garment on the floor.

Sesshomaru fought himself to go in and 'help' her bathe. But he pulled on a shirt and grabbed some clothes for Kagome; the weather was warm so he chose a red tank top wand a white mini skirt. A few minutes later, Kagome emerged from the open bathroom door, only a short towel covering her frame.

"What have you got there?"

"Your clothes." Sesshomaru answered, ignoring the temptation to rip off the towel clinging to his mate's damp curvaceous body.

"Cool." She said, taking them.

She didn't start to get dressed until Sesshomaru walked over to her, tugged off her towel and bent down. Kagome gasped as he lifted up one of her legs and put it in her underwear. He did the same with the other leg. As he pulled up her underwear, he let his claws lightly run across her body. He slipped a red lacy bra on her, cupped her breasts for a moment and snapped the bra shut. He took her red tank top and started pulling it over her head. He put both her arms in their respective places.

Kagome decided it was time for her to help her mate dress her. She pulled down her shirt and pulled on the skirt. She walked over to the vanity table and pulled a brush through her hair. She left it natural, in soft waves. She picked out white gold earrings in the shape of hearts and pulled a god locket over her head. She grabbed Sesshomaru's hand and her purse and walked downstairs. When they reached the living room to see Souta's girlfriend, Hitomi dancing with Souta to the music on the stereo. When Hitomi saw Kagome, she ran over and gave the older girl a hug.

"Hitomi! Nice to see you again!"

"Yeah, is this Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"Hitomi, you have earned the honor of being a bridesmaid."

Hitomi squealed. Sesshomaru walked over to Souta and Inuyasha.

"Souta, you can be a groomsman."


"And me?" Inuyasha asked, not expecting an answer.

"Best man." Sesshomaru said, walking back to his mate. Kagome walked into the kitchen, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha in tow.

"Morning mom! Morning Grandpa!"

"Oh Kagome, you're up. We must go dress shopping today for you and your bridesmaids."

"Oh, okay. Souta will take care of the boys?"

"Right! So I called the bridesmaids and they're on their way." Kagome's mother said.

"Okay mom."

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