Zoro: Will you be including Yuca in here?

Me: yeah. IF ANYONE GOT COMPLAINTS ABOUT THAT, I DON'T MIND TAKING YUCA OUT! I just need someone sadistic just to make it a bit more funnier.

Zoro: ...sadistic?

Me: hey, can't help but be bored. I'm sure everyone agrees that they mostly love One piece cause 80-70% of it contained comedy scenes that takes up the whole show :3 If not, then they must be referring to the kick a- epic fighting scenes XD

Zoro: I would believe that if you weren't the one to make our lives miserable.

Me: There are me, who love to torture you guys from time to time out of boredom. Then there are others, who love to make you guys the happiest crew in the world! Then there are some that are in between. Oh yeah. One piece DO NOT belong to me. ^^ The show belongs to Oda-sensei ^^

Zoro: yea yea... why did you pick a high school scene?

Me: Cause I want to dear Zoro :3 though I'm thinking in between to put you in a basketball team or not

Zoro: Please don't -_- I want to at least keep my swordsman skills

Grand Line High!

Luffy yawned as he sat up on his bed, woken up by the continuous banging on his door.

Hm...someone yelling at him...at 6:30...in the morning...nah, he should ignore it.

Luffy plop his head back onto the pillow, blissfully deaf to the noise from the other side of his bedroom door.

Yuca growled, his face shown his annoyance.

Luffy went back to sleep. He just know it. Knowing Luffy for such a long time, he knew from the fact that the usually hyper teen did in fact woke up from the noise he was making, then thinking it wasn't important, he went back asleep, not even recalling on why Yuca was even here in the first place. That just like him, that idiotic best friend.

Without permission, Yuca barged in, narrowing his eyes at the delightfully sleeping teen.

"Luffy, wake up! We got no time to be sleeping. We'll be late for school!" Yuca loudly reminded as he went over to the sleeping teens drawers, opening them up to find Luffy's uniform.

The blue haired teen can hear a loud groan coming from the skinny figure, hearing ruffles of the comforter as Luffy sat up.


Luffy didn't say anything more since his uniform is thrown at his face.

"No buts! I want you dress and clean up this instant!"

Luffy pouting and whined in a fit.

"But I want to stay home sleeping!"

"Yes, and I want a gold toilet with a comfy seat cushion but we can't always get what we want." Yuca quickly stated, hastily exiting out the room to start breakfast.

Luffy watched motionlessly as he saw 'his mother' went down to the kitchen.

"What does a toilet has to do with anything!"

Luffy solemnly entered the kitchen. Yes, this school consist of wearing uniforms but, thankfully in Luffy's case, they can pick which color their uniform should be.

In that situation, Luffy is wearing a red jacket, the school logo on his left chest pocket, that is open in the front which shows his plain white t-shirt beneath. He also wore a blue slacks and simple red tennis shoes. His tie is inside his jacket's right chest pocket since he have to wear it and this is 'technicly' wearing it.

"I hate you for making me wake up so early. School starts in one hour and we can get there by a ten minute walk!" Luffy mumbled, complaining like a 10 year old kid deprived of getting a cookie.

"Oh so that means you don't want your six stacks of pancakes for breakfast?"

"I love you." Luffy corrected as he giddily jump on the couch, waiting for his breakfast.

Yuca sighed at the fast mood change. Maybe if he just cooked breakfast, Luffy will woke up instantly and just run to the kitchen himself. He won't be dress but at least they can get breakfast out of the way. Better than having to barge into his room every morning to see the teen still sleeping.

"Where's your brother?" Yuca asked as he put the bacon in the microwave. Ace is a student at New World College and his classes starts in 30 minutes!

"I think he's still sleeping!" Luffy said in the mouthful of bacon, that is somehow already taken from the microwave from the younger D.

Sighing, the blue haired man walked towards the older D.'s room, reminding himself to make more bacon along the way. With that, he entered the room without even bothering to give a knock and put his hands on his hips as he saw Ace spawn on his bed in a messy way.

The renown sadist cleared his voice.

"Oh my Luffy! What a beautiful girlfriend you have!" Yuca yelled out in a sickeningly sweet voice. "Are you gonna-"

Yuca found his collar grab by an furious Ace, who is giving off an disturbing aura that can make a shark tremble. Yuca only gave a lazy expression and pointed his thumb towards Ace's bedroom door.

"Oh yeah. By the way, breakfast is ready." Yuca said, his voice lace with enjoyment at Ace overprotective reaction.

Grumbling cusses and curses at the 'demon', Ace pushed their suppose babysitter out of his room and started to get change. Yuca can't help but smirk and walked towards the kitchen to make more bacon. Well, at least he got his side of entertainment today.

"Seriously Ace. You're eighteen years old. The least you can do is get an alarm clock." Scolded Yuca, who narrowed his eyes at the freckled man.

Ace just rudely wave Yuca off as he continue to stuff his face with pancakes, bacon, eggs, and such. Luffy was doing the same thing also, happily eating the breakfast that was provided for him.

Then simulously, the both choke from overload of food inside their mouth..

"CHEW BEFORE YOU SWALLOW!" Yuca yelled out slapping them across the head with a frying pan, which somehow help bring the food down their throats. The two of them soon after panted several time as they refilled their lungs with air.

Yuca growled, rubbing the place between his brows.

"You're more trouble than you're worth, I swear..." he grumbled as he loudly dropped the frying pan in the sink.

Ace mumbled a few, unnecessary words before stuffing his mouth with some scrambled eggs, slapping Luffy's hand away from his plate from time to time.

Ace doesn't want to go to college today. The lectures are too boring for him. Being polite to everyone is just tiring. Plus, he didn't finished his summer homework.

"You know what? I don't feel good today.. maybe I can ski-"

Before Ace can say anything else, he got kicked out of his apartment, literally, his book bag following along and hit the poor teen in the head.

"WHAT THE HE-!" Ace exclaimed as he saw Yuca at the front door.

"It's almost time for your lessons." Yuca told him, smiling innocently.

"But, if you are even late for your lessons, I. Will. Know. First tardy, I'll let you off. Any more than that, I'll make sure you will personal 'run' to school..."threaten Yuca, who was actually smiling through all this. Ace shivered as he knew, behind the smile, is a demon just waiting to come out and eat everyone's children. He doesn't even want to know what Yuca meant by 'run'.

Ace, being the most mature one of the brothers, knew Yuca wasn't this...how would you say?...unpleasant? Yuca would always care for them like some kind of father would. He would be the number one recommended father for Luffy. Before Shanks of course. But the pressure of taking care of both of them pretty much to got him already. Plus, being the sadist he already is didn't help Luffy or Ace.

"Well, have a good time at your lessons!" the sadist said with a sickingly sweet smile and closed the door right there in front of Ace.

The pyromaniac can't help but stick his tongue out childishly to the door.

"You OK Yuca? You've more tense than usual." Luffy mumbled quietly, not sure if he wants, the surely irritated, teen to hear him.

The blue haired teen sighed as he rested his head on the kitchen table.

"Well..." He started, growling silently.


Yuca felt a cold sweat run down his neck as he look out at his front door, seeing Monkey D. Garp, smiling. A smile that he knew spelled trouble for the young man.

"Y-Yes? Do you need something Garp?" Yuca questioned hesitantly, forcing a smile on his face. It wasn't that he didn't like Garp. Sure, the Vice admiral's presence is amusing and fun most of the time. And his visits aren't bad. It's just... the aura he have when he came here... Luffy have that same aura when he's up to something...special...

If possible, Garp's smile got even more mischevous than before.

"I heard that you're also entered in Grand Line High, right?" Yuca heard Garp questioned, almost in a devious way.

If the raven haired boy isn't his best friend, he would be cursing Luffy for blabbing out to the wrong person.

"I do... Why do you want to know..?" Yuca asked slowly, backing away just a bit while he contemplate on whether he wants to find the answer or not.

Garp is grinning from ear to ear.

With a snap, movers came into his house and started to pack his stuff.

"What in the h-"

Yuca shivered as he found two big, and strong, hands grasp his shoulders in a tight grip. The blue haired victim slowly find his eyes back at Garp, horror is etched on his face.

"I'm moving you next door to Ace and Luffy's Apartment."

The dreaded aura slowly came out of Garp's body even more, making Yuca sweatdrop on the back of his head as he saw threatening grin form on the Vice Admiral's mouth.

"You will take care of them... right?"

Flash back ended

So in other words, Garp pretty much threaten him to take care of his grandson's business. Oh well, not like he have other things to do.

Looking at the clock, Yuca stood up from his seat, making the raven haired teen jump, who have a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"Y-Yuca?" He questioned as he felt him grab the back of his jacket.

"Time to go."the blue haired teenager said calmly as he grabbed both his and Luffy's book bag. He started to drag Luffy out by the back of his collar.

"W-Wait a minute! MY MEAT!"

Yuca dragged Luffy and Ace down the street. If you are wondering why in the he- Ace is also being drag along, here's the story. While walking towards the high school, he saw Ace...at an arcade. So the consequences; the blue haired teen ended up dragging the two D. brothers.

The passers didn't give them a single glance. This is not the first time they saw Yuca drag the two boys to school. If not dragged, then pulled in cages with wheels.

It's a fact to everyone that lives near the street where the three usually take, the winter hat wearing teen did this since Ace is in middle school and Luffy was in elementary school. Even when Ace was in high school and Luffy, in middle school, they both still get their butts hull off by their renown caretaker. Now in the present, they get drag off by Yuca in their high school and college years.

"I don't get why I'm doing this again..." Yuca mumbled in irritation as he ignored the pouting looks from the younger brother and the annoyed look from the older D.

Yuca was glad at the fact that the High School and the College is close by to each other. He was so ever glad. Ace wasn't though. What a nice impression on the first day of college. Getting hulled off by a high schooler. A freshmen none the less. Luffy was pretty use to this by now, quietly snickering to himself as he thought about how his brother is now included into the dragging business.

Yuca sighed in relief as he saw Edward Newgate walking towards New World College. Edward Newgate -widely known as Whitebeard- is a accomplish teacher and lecturer in NW College. A father figure for many students, including Ace.

"Whitebeard-san!" Yuca called out as he quicken his pace towards the huge man, making it more painful for the two who are getting dragged.

Whitebeard turned as he heard his name, chuckled as he saw the two D. brothers being drag once again.

"I ask you to please take your 2nd Commander to class, I have no time to deal with him." Yuca pleaded as he handed out Ace, who has a bright blush on his face.

Ace rather get seen from one of his friends rather than pops seeing him in this situation!

The man inspect Ace's face for a moment before giving off a laugh of humor, finding the situation pretty amusing.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sure! I guess I'll save Ace from your clutches." Whitebeard joked as he grabbed the collar the Yuca was grabbing and put him down gentle on his feet.

"Come Ace! Don't you have classes soon?" bellowed Whitebeard as he pushes Ace towards the college.

Ace made sure to glare meaningfully at Yuca, though it's his fault he put this on himself.

Sighing, Yuca rubbed the bridge of his nose and pulled Luffy up to his feet.

"Come on... " Yuca said tiredly as he walked towards Grand Line High. Luffy, still hyper all the way, giggled and skipped towards Yuca, jumping onto his back.

"Oi, oi, oi, you got feet you know."

Me: I'm ending it here because I want to know whether I should exclude Yuca out. I don't mind it really. I could try to replace him with...I don't know. Shanks? Garp? Makino? Some ideas would be helpful ^^ Or maybe just Ace would be enough.

Zoro: So, you're gonna exclude Yuca out?

Me: why not? I don't mind at all.

Zoro: Then why do you have him here in the first place?

Me: Saaaa~ Who knows?