Title: Snares of the Devil
Author: Emono
Rating: FRM
Fandom: Wrestling
Pairings: JeriMiz, past Morrison/Miz
Summary: Jericho keeps a very special treat for those long rides in his limo. Vamp fic!
Disclaimer: The WWE is not mine nor are any of it's child branches, it is the 96% property of the McMahon's and God bless the bastards that work for them. I respect the sexual preferences and identities of all the wrestlers on WWE roster, and who they share a bed with is really none of my business.
Warnings: Slash, blood, vampire

AN: I'm writing this because it was a scene in True Blood, though I can't remember what episode because it was pure luck I even watched it that long (not a fan) So bear with me. I might write more to it, I'm not sure. I'm going to use the 'Fascinating' aspect of vampirism here, I read about it a few novels ago and have been drooling to try it. Mm, my roots! I love vampires, always have (Lestat is the shizz), and I'm so glad I've been able to go back to the supernatural aspect.

"I don't care what your father said, he's not taking me out of the running for the championship" Chris barked at Shane over the line, headset firmly in place over his ear "I've beaten Batista more times than I can count. Shove him out, and give me my rightful spot. He's on the blue brand, he shouldn't even have this shot!"

Chris listened as the young man sputtered out excuses, a bored expression on his handsome face. A flat-screen TV was set onto RAW at the moment, showing the live events of his colleagues. But his eyes were out the tinted window, watching the bare landscape between major cities go by. He was on his way to a house show, he decided to opt out of the live event on his home brand in order to visit Smackdown, his driver making sure to keep it above fifty the whole way. He'd only seen two other cars for miles, but he didn't care. He'd have forever to watch people. Having been changed twenty years ago, he knew he'd stop aging physically in five or so years. He caught his reflection and gave a brief smile, he seemed to age like wine - always better, never worse.

Though lately, he'd been wrestling with red-stained eyes…the shade from overindulgence of his new pet.

Chris's suit lay pressed and clean against his collar, his loosened tie the only lax thing about him. Shane was talking himself in circles now, and Jericho knew it'd be only minutes before the human gave in and offered him the spot just to avoid the headache. It was well-known that people who got in Jericho's championship path were prone to injuries that left them out for a month or two.

"Be sure to inform Dave of my opinion" Chris cut him off, his voice as smooth as silk "And when he decides the belt isn't worth his time, you know how to reach me."

Chris tapped the headset, the line going dead. He tugged it off and tossed it aside, a scowl on his features. They couldn't muscle him out, he was one of the top predators in the industry. He was no Randy Orton, but he had years of experience on most of the guys around him. He was a breed above, he never got injured in the ring - not with his vampiric endurance and tough skin. The only ones who ever managed to hurt him were people who shared his 'disease'. People like Adam, little Bourne, Jeffy, or Shawn.

Chris growled at the mere thought of that bastard. He'd been around much longer than anyone thought, nearly a hundred years.

There were some things about vampires that no one seemed to get right. They stopped aging once their bodies reached a certain age, and those powerful enough could cast glamours. Sunlight was fine (though he tended to keep his shades very firmly in place when it was bright), he stayed away from garlic, and he didn't touch holy relics fore purely moral purposes. Shawn was one of the most powerful he'd met, he could cast glamours with the best of them, and he could Fascinate like a pro. That bastard had started more fights with him than he could count, not to mention their '08 feud.


Chris mind jolted back into the 'now', eyes flickering with light at the endearment. He turned his head, lips curling into a warm smile. He'd designed this limo himself, and he'd been very sure to have them install a bed-like seat of the softest leather material. This was done with great purpose His pet had woken up from his nap, and he looked beautiful.

His pretty Miz…spread out upon the supple material like an offering. He was stripped of all his clothing, the articles folded on the seat on the other side of the car. His long legs shifted restlessly, hands stretched above his head as he writhed. Every inch of him was smooth, shaved and toned into perfection. Without the spray tan, his skin was on the softer side of pale. That came with the territory, being the beloved and only pet of a vampire with a controlled but steady appetite.

Chris had to make sure not to feed on his boy too close to house shows or events, he didn't want Mike to perform at anything other than one hundred percent. After all, he enjoyed watching the faces of his colleagues as his boy surpassed their low expectations and shined with the best of them. With a little help from Chris himself, a few nudges and some heavy persuasive, he'd gotten his boy the spotlight he deserved.

The Miz was the one who'd stayed there, holding his position and rising even higher.

Mike's golden eyelashes fluttered, catching the lowered light to make them shine. His normally startling ice blue eyes were dark, pupils blown under the effects of the Fascinating he'd been put under earlier. Chris had played with him while they were still in town, but their fun had ended when Chris had received a text saying he was being pushed out of the title run. He'd let Miz fall asleep, allowing him to rest while he conducted his business.

Chris sighed lightly, seeing the purple shadows under his beloved's eyes. He tended to get a little overeager once he'd gotten the first taste of his blood, it was sweet to the last lick. He derived so much pleasure from feeling the boy moan and arch beneath him at the first initial bite, Miz enjoyed the feedings nearly as much as Chris did. Though he was Fascinated, the blonde knew he didn't have to do anymore than touch Mike just right to make him swoon and bow at his feet.

Miz wasn't the usual pet, he wasn't kept Fascinated to stay with his vampire. No…he was already in love with Chris, he fell much too easily under his spell and could be talked into anything. But Chris didn't enforce his power, he let the boy bend to it however he wished and would let him go in an instant - if he asked. Not that he wouldn't stalk him and try to win him back, but he couldn't live with himself if he thought Mike didn't fully want this kind of life.

"Chrissy" Miz whispered, tilting his head so his eyes could find his master. He smiled rather innocently, looking rather dreamy. Chris slid down the seat gracefully, coming to rest at the boy's feet. The blonde could clearly see the simple buckle collar fit snugly at Mike's neck, the word 'Jericho' scribed across it in dazzling silver. It was the one he only wore when they were in private. Now…the leather bracelets on his wrists? The ones that didn't buckle, but laced in place? Those were for the public, to show he was owned. On their soft inside was written 'Property of Chris Jericho' in the same silver thread.

Miz loved to wear them, and Chris loved seeing them on his pet in public.

Only when he wrestled was he bare of his mark, but most of the time he had love bits on his hips (just below his trunks line.) No one could see, but he could certainly feel them while he wrestled.

"Is my baby tired?" Chris murmured, reaching up and slowly running his hand down the younger man's smooth calf. Miz hummed in pleasure, his soft ungelled hair looking almost dark blonde in the tinted light. The vampire watched with baited breath as his boy hardened for him, cock swelling under just that one touch. That was another thing he loved about Mike, he was just so sensitive…so damn responsive.

Chris smirked at the reaction, "I'll take that as a no."

"Hungry?" Miz whispered, parting his thighs obediently.

"My sweet boy" Chris tilted his head, canines lengthening and sharpening three-fold "You always know when I need a snack."

With pure strength alone, Chris grabbed both of Mike's calves and dragged him closer until his cheek brushed the younger man's knee. He could've made this a hundred times faster, but he chose to draw out these moments. Not just for himself, but for his boy. The distinct scent of pheromones filled the air, the human's cheeks flushing as his blood started pumping harder. Miz shuddered, anticipation and the vampiric spell weaved upon him made every sensation that much more arousing.

Chris lowered his head, looking into his pet's dark eyes so he could see the ecstasy explode across his features. He pulled back his lips, bearing his fangs as his own eyes went dark. His fangs just touched the soft skin, slowly breaking through the surface and sliding inside his body. There! That was the pure pleasure he wanted.

Miz moaned, eyes rolling back into his head as he felt his master take what was his. He let his thighs fall open, hands grasping at nothing as he tried to find leverage for the assault on his body. It was just a speck of pain, then the utmost bliss as Chris slowly coaxed the blood from his veins. He could feel the wetness of the blonde's tongue against his skin, lapping up his blood.

All the individual sensations faded into one soothing suction. The pain faded, leaving only soft waves of pleasure in its wake. Breathy moans escaped him as he gave himself up to the sinful desire, his only want was that he didn't get to savor the exquisite pain that came along with this act. The spell, the one his master generously put him under, kept him from feeling any hurt.

Sometimes, the pain was all he wanted.

Chris drank deeply, letting the elixir soothe his appetite. He'd never tasted someone as filling as his boy. Maybe it was because he hadn't fed off anyone else for nearly two years…maybe it was because he loved his pet so dearly…or maybe it was because he'd taken Miz as his own when he was still a virgin. He wasn't planning on letting Mike go, he couldn't stand the thought of someone else touching him.

Like Morrison. When Chris met his pet for the first time, when he first started admiring him as a young star on a title run for the ECW championship, he quickly realized the chemistry between Morrison and The Miz. He could see the potential in them, and it made him sick to watch them connect and bond. Just when they'd started a tentative relationship, just when they'd began to kiss and touch like lovers, he'd decided the time was right.

Jericho swooped in and stole Miz from his lover's arms, quite literally. He'd broken into their hotel room where the drunk champions were celebrating their shiny new belts. He'd come in to see the two of them rolling around on the bed together, half naked and fused at the mouth. Chris couldn't have helped himself if he'd tried, he'd been flooded with jealousy and rage. So he'd taken Miz by the waist and lifted him off the pretty boy.

That was the first time he'd Fascinated his pet, he'd grabbed his chin quite firmly and gazed into his eyes. He could still remember his nervous stutter, the breathiness of his voice, the tremble of his body as he gave in to the sensations.


"Sleep, Michael."

And Miz had obeyed, collapsing into his waiting arm. John had rolled off the bed, wide-eyed and fearful. He was one of the few who was in on the vampire secret, seeing how close he was to Shawn. Using the comfortable space, Chris had gently laid the boy upon the coverlet. Then he'd turned on John, pinning him against the wall with inhuman speed and barking at him to stay the hell away from Mike - forever. John had whimpered something about their championship titles, and Chris had given him leeway on that.

So the next day, John ended it with him. Miz never knew why, but he'd never really cared, because later on that day he'd found himself approached and flirted with by Chris Jericho himself. Mike had fallen in love with him like that, and weeks later he found himself the pet of a vampire.

Morrison had never quite forgiven Jericho for breaking them up, but the vampire didn't care about a human's petty feelings of rejection.

Familiar opening notes played on the screen, machine-gun-like pyro going off.

Eyes now glazed over with a blood red sheen from his feeding, Chris looked up with is mouth still latched upon his pet's wound. He saw none other then Batista come out on RAW, making a grand entrance. He'd been considering a brand change, and this title run would cement it.

Chris sat up, ripping his fangs from Mike's leg and snarling at the screen. Crimson stained his chin, fangs still extended. Miz gave a faint whimper, a slight pang of hurt going through him at the rough movement. Chris turned back to his pet, eyes still red even while a sympathetic expression came to his face.

"Hush, sweetheart, I'm sorry" Chris's voice held an undertone of growl, still in that rough state between predator and protector. He leaned down, soothing the bite with a few long licks. Vampire saliva was a well-known healer. By the time they arrived at the next city, it would be nothing more than red circles. He kissed the shiny puncture wounds, hoping he'd made up for it. He hated being rough with his boy…at least, not like this. In bed…those rules were different.

"Didn't hurt" Miz sighed, lashes fluttering "Don't you want more?"

"No, Mikey…I'm done" the bloody glaze was starting to fade as he regained his composure, he grabbed a handkerchief out of the door's spare compartment and dabbed at his mouth with it "Go to sleep if you want, love. I have a phone call to make."

Miz nodded slowly grabbing his pillow and curling it beneath his head. Chris smiled at the childish display, though he didn't offer a blanket. One of the reasons he had Miz travel with him everywhere was for the visual stimulation. He loved gazing at his exposed pet, savoring the warmth that rolled off him.

Within a minute, Mike was off in dreamland.

Letting his gaze linger on his love, he snatched up his headset and slipped it over his ear. He pressed the redial button, his fingers dancing back across his pet's calf.

"Hello?" Shane answered hesitantly.

"We need to talk."