CM Punk is NOT how he is right now. He's got the Straight Edge Society and all. But he's all shaved, and he's got the long hair going.

It happened in a way no one expected.

Miz was in a brawl that night in the ring, a real showstopper for a live event. It was after the cameras had gone off, something to please the audience. He gave it all he had, taking on guys double his size. Big Show, Hunter, Cena, all those guys were involved. Unfortunately for him, Shawn was in it. He made sure to keep away from that bastard, but otherwise just let the moment flow.

There was a moment where he was too distracted to track all the others, and he didn't see Ted's fist until it was too late. He got busted in the mouth, lip splitting under the force. It knocked him for a loop, and it shocked the hell out of the blonde. Cena came up behind them and 'knocked' Ted down, giving the Southern boy a moment to ask if Miz was okay.

"I'm good" was all he'd managed.

Ted had expressed a sincere apology, then got up and continued the fight.

Miz got backstage before he realized his whole lower chin was covered in blood. The split was along his lower lip, causing crimson to leak out of him like water. He was halfway back to his dressing room before the adrenaline wore off, that was when he tasted blood.

Miz stopped right there in the hall, working his jaw to get rid of the ache. He wiped the sweat off his face with the towel a tech had shoved into his hands, not bothering yet with the blood. He had no idea what kind of tempting picture was portraying; body glistening with sweat, heart pumping at a high rate, cheeks flushed with the essence that was smeared across his lips and chin. His hair was ruffled, his first concern was to smooth it down.

When Miz tilted his head up, he found he wasn't alone. Across the hallway, leaning against the opposite wall as him, was HBK himself. The only evidence he was in the ring was his gear, he was seat free and his hair was smooth and pulled back into that lately-classic ponytail. Was it Mike, or was the man's face…younger looking?

"Shawn?" Miz tried not to sound alarmed, merely friendly "What are you doing here?"

"Now, now, don't be shy" Shawn pushed off the wall, taking a few languid steps toward the younger man "Chris isn't around. We both know what you've been thinking."

Miz pressed himself hard against the wall, fear starting to pump with his blood.

"I admit, I didn't take you for such an obedient pet, but I admit - I've seen good things" Shawn sauntered closer, boots clicking on the tiled floor "You've become quite a little vamp slut."

Mike felt his cheeks coloring darker, chin raising a bit at the barb on his pride.

"I saw what you did to Alex" Miz hissed "You're a monster, you know that?"

"Aw, baby-doll" Shawn drawled, ebony flickering at his irises "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

That's all Miz could later remember before it all went dark.


"Oh, come on" Jeff drawled, his human at his side "You can't be missin' me all that bad."

"Hell yes, I can" Punk grinned "Your brother is poor company compare to you."

"Don't I know it" Jeff snorted, looping his arm in his lover's. They continued on through the hall, the human leaning a bit on the other. They didn't get to see a lot of one another, what with that bastard Michaels bad mouthing Jeff and getting him fired. Drugs! Like he'd ever be caught with drugs! His Straight Edge angel would never approve. That, and he didn't need a fix - Phil's blood was enough to satisfy any craving he happened to have.

"I've missed you" Punk confessed softly.

"Mm?" Jeff raised a brow "Have you really, baby? How much?"

Punk gave him a smoldering look from beneath the veil of his lashes, "Too much."

Jeff was quick to push his human against the wall, near the curve of the hallway. He gave a quick look around, but saw no one. He fisted his hands in his human's hoody, pinning him to the cool wall. He sighed, pressing them close so he could savor Phil's body heat. Punk sighed and parted his lips, anticipation filling them both.

"Love you" Jeff whispered, then claimed the smaller man's lips. Punk moaned and tilted his head, deepening the kiss. They continued like that in bliss, lost in each other, feasting their hearts full on one another's lips. It had been much too long since they'd been together, and tonight would be intense.

Jeff broke the kiss first, the other whining in protest until he saw his lover's dark eyes. He arched his neck back, exposing the creamy skin to his lover. He knew what his vampire wanted, and he would gladly give it every time. Jeff's cool lips trailed across his cheek, down his jaw, descending to his jugular.

"Jeffy…" Phil whispered, eyes sliding shut "Bite me, please. It's been too long."

Jeff parted his lips, ready to bite down. Then he heard it, a faint whimper. He inclined his head, it hadn't come from his baby. Who could've made that sound? That's when he picked up on something else, a heartbeat that didn't belong to Punk. He raised his head from his lover's neck, shaking off the intoxicating scent and letting him go. Something was nagging at him, and he had to follow it.

Punk watched in minor annoyance as his lover backed up to the middle of the hallway. Jeff eased his head back, closing his eyes and taking in deep breaths. He looked like he was scenting the air, a very canine gesture when he was supposed to be a demon.

Jeff's eyes popped open, whipping his head towards the bend of the hall.

"Do you smell that?" he inquired.

Punk sniffed experimentally, "No."

Jeff scoffed lightly at his own stupidity, "Of course not, my bad. It's blood, fresh blood. Being spilled…even as we stand here."

Punk's olive eyes widened in surprise, "Where? Who?"

Jeff inhaled deeply once more, shock registering across his face.

"I smell Mizanin" Jeff started off down the hall "Come on!"

"Why are you freaking out?" Phil half-whined, hurrying to catch up with his lover "It's probably just Chris having a snack. Much like you should be doing."

Jeff shot him a look over his shoulder, taking his punk's hand once he was in distance of him, "I wouldn't give a fuck if I didn't smell Shawn too."

Punk blanched at that, doubling his steps.

Jeff took a sharp turn, coming into a hall that was off the beaten track. The sight that met him made him stop abruptly, his human stumbling forward three more steps before freezing as well. He gaped, pretty olive eyes wide and shocked. The vampire's fists clenched, painted eyes narrowing as the pupils in them blew.

Down the hall, Shawn had Jericho's beloved pet pinned against the wall. Mike had nothing on but his ring gear, bare-chested and unprotected from the determined vampire in the business. Hid head was lulled back, eyes closed, lips parted obscenely as he took the punishment. Shawn was buried up to the fang hilt inside the boy's neck, guzzling down the precious essence like liquid candy. He had a strong arm looped around the human's hips, forearm braced on his lower back to bring his lower body away from the wall.

Shawn showed no sign of stopping.

Punk turned to yell at his lover, to command him to save the young human, but Jeff was already there. He'd flitted past him, a mere blur of color for a moment, before appearing behind Shawn. Jeff's eyes were blown, his fangs bared like a wild animal. He grabbed the older vampire by the waist, heaving him up off his feet and tossing him into the opposite wall. Caught off guard, the elder vampire smacked into the plaster and sent hairline fractures creeping through the usually strong material. He scowled, lip pulled back in a snarl as his eyes found the youngest Hardy.

Mike gave a shudder before sliding down the wall, specks of crimson trailing after him. His eyes fluttered shut, consciousness slipping from him. His eyes fluttered shut, slumping over on himself once he hit the ground. He was out in seconds, the severe Fascination had overwhelmed him.

"Hardy" Shawn spat "You have no idea what you're messing with."

"I think 'ah do" Jeff drawled "Just a washed up, has-been who likes to fuck with other peoples pets."

"Jackass" Punk muttered, scooting down the wall until he knelt by the younger man "Mike, dude?"

No response. He checked his pulse, sighing in relief when he felt the steady thump.

"Back off" Shawn pushed off the wall, rolling his neck.

Jeff didn't back down, "Phil…get him back to his room."

Punk started to curl his arm under the other's legs, bracing his other hand on his smooth back.

"Don't you move him an inch, Punk!" Shawn barked, startling the younger human so bad he snatched his arms away.

Jeff clenched his jaw, muscles ticking dangerously.

Shawn licked his lips, lapping up the crimson there. His fangs disappeared, lips curling into a smirk. He lost his anger, a sense of calm washing over him.

"Nevermind" Shawn purred, stuffing his hands into his pockets and starting a saunter down the hallway "Take him back to his room. Take care of him."

He paused, tilting his head back to shoot a smirk at the younger vampire.

"And tell Chris what happened."

Jeff's fangs faded, watching the older man go with a fading fear. He turned around, finding his human once again cradling the fallen brunette. The Hardy could smell the weakness on him, see it in the pale shade of his skin, the dark circles under his eyes. Shawn had been trying to drain him, it was pure luck that he'd shown up in time to stop him from killing the kid.

"What are we going to do?" Punk inquired softly "Chris just went out for a match, and he's got an interview afterward. He won't be back for two hours."

"We'll do what we can" Jeff went through the plan in his head first, then parted his lips to reveal it "We'll give him some water, some food, and try to revive him. Once he's awake we'll get him showered. Chris will have a fuckin' cow if he smells Shawn on his boy. We won't touch him after he's clean and aware. Then you'll go back to the hotel room, and I'll stay here to explain to Chris what happened."

Phil chewed at his lip ring. His vampire knew best. Chris was known for his temper when it came to young Michael, and he was sure he didn't want to be around when that bomb went off. He hated that they couldn't do more for him, but he told himself it was for the best. He picked Mike up, hoisting him into his arms with a little difficulty. Though treated like one sometimes, Miz was no boy - he was full-figured.

"Gimme that" Jeff smiled fondly at his lover, taking the brunette easily into his arms and carrying him bridal style "Come on."

Phil followed obediently, black lacquered nails slipping between his lips.

He only chewed on his nails when he feared the balance was about to be upset.

This was one of those times.


One of the light techs had the unfortunate fate of looking down at his clip board when Jericho stormed through the hall. He gave a rather high-pitched scream when he was picked up by his neck and tossed into the wall in one smooth movement. Chris was prowling through the arena, teeth bared to show his fangs to the world. He didn't care about the unnatural ebony glaze over his eyes, nor that he was growling loudly.

Jeff had just managed to tell him that Shawn had laid hands on Mike today.

To say he was livid was taking it lightly.

"Where is he?" Chris spat at young Teddy DiBiase, swinging him around to face him properly. The blonde shuddered, dropping his eyes to the floor. The vampire scowled, giving the boy a sharp shake and jolting him from his bashful state. Those rather lovely blue eyes slid up to meet his, complete submission on his handsome face. He would make anyone a good pet, his nature was perfect for that of a dominating vampire.

"Where is he, Theodore?"

"In your dressing room" Ted replied evenly, glancing briefly toward the direction of it.

Chris released the boy, not giving a second thought as he prowled around the corner. No other crossed his path, and any who did merely cowered against the wall until he passed. And when he finally spotted the door with his name plate on it, it was all he could do not to rip it right off its hinges. He twisted the knob and tossed it open, satisfied when it knocked a hole in the wall with an audible crunch. He was ready to scream at any trainer or medic that happened to be in there, but snapped his mouth closed when he realized it was just his mate inside.

Miz was lounging on the couch, one of those trashy gossip magazines cradled in his palms. An old pair of jeans lay in waves of fabric along his crossed legs, his old maroon hoody zipped up to cover his bare chest. He was looking pale, the purple shadow beneath his eyes were more pronounced than from a regular feeding. There was a bandage on his neck and a weary look on his face, not even a flush to his normally warm face. His spray tan had been washed away, along with any obvious scent of Shawn. There was a frailty to him, like someone who'd been violated.

That thought set Jericho off again.

Mike looked up, smiling weakly. He tossed aside the magazine rather carelessly, letting it drop where it may. With a visible effort, he braced his palms on the couch, slowly lifting himself up until he managed to get to his feet. He wobbled for a second, but managed to stay standing and give a stronger smile.

Sympathy took a backseat to his rage, and that strong whirlwind of emotion drove his next actions. He closed the distant in seconds, the edges of his image blurring as he surged at the human. Miz yelped in pain as he was grabbed by the shoulders and picked up, feet merely brushing the ground before he was slammed into the wall. He blinked the tears from his eyes, refusing to give into the pain. With one swipe of his hand, Chris had parted the material of his jacket. This exposed his neck and chest, but what caught him by surprise was the sudden rip of the bandage from his throat. The wound was revealed, and the smooth planes of his skin were now vulnerable to attack.

The blonde scowled, "I can still smell him on you."

Mike gasped, resting his head against the wall and hoping for the best. He could see the gleam to his protector's eyes, he knew what was to come if he wasn't careful. Another man's scent on him was not tolerated, that was one of the first rules they established.

Mike parted his lips, ready to give an excuse or apologize (he wasn't sure which), when his master parted his own. That one glimpse of fang was all he needed, and with a whimper…he prepared to give himself up completely. Chris didn't give him time to bare his neck, he dipped down and slid his fangs rather smoothly into Shawn's bite.

Miz shuddered, groaning at the sensation. He refused to fight, another rule when it came to his vampire. What was the use? Chris was a hundred times stronger than he could ever be. Instead, he relaxed and rested his full weight against the wall.

Chris pinned his boy down, digging his teeth in with more strength than he really should have. He wasn't worried about how much his pet was hurting, all he could focus on was the sweet ambrosia of his blood and the riddance of Shawn's smell. He rubbed his hands over the warm chest he'd worshipped with his own mouth, making sure his scent stayed on his boy. He took long pulls off the sweet throat, gulping Mike's essence down with a relish.

Mike started to squirm, raising his palms up and putting them to his protector's shoulders. The pleasure was gone, he could feel himself going soft as a heady burn began to build up in his neck. He groaned loudly, pushing at the older man with what strength he had left.

"Chris" he rasped, blurry eyes fluttering open and staring at nothing "It's…too much. Let me go."

His pleas fell on deaf ears, Chris was much too concentrated on filling his hunger.

"Please, Chris" Mike wet his lips, trying and failing to gain back his voice "It…it hurts…you're taking…too much…"

Again, he was ignored.

Chris felt his pet relax once more in his arms, groaning in content and wrapping his arms around his waist to pull him closer. Mike sighed, the vibrations tickling Jericho's fangs. Slowly, Mike's hands smoothed up his arms, finally resting on his back…and in his blonde hair.

"Take it…take it all if you want" Mike cooed, a faint smile on his lips "It's yours. It's all yours."

Something snapped inside Chris, his eyes flying open when he realized just what he was doing. He gasped as he pulled off his pet's neck, cringing when he saw the flow of crimson from the wound. Mike was already starting to fade into unconsciousness, eyes falling shut as he started to slide down the wall. Jericho easily picked him up bridal style, carrying him to the couch and laying him out. He wasted no time in lapping up the scarlet rivulets, closing his mouth over the wound once more. This time, he soothed the burn with a few solid licks, making sure to seal it closed.

"I'm so sorry" Chris whispered, devastated by what he'd almost done. He cradled his pet, nuzzling his brunette hair and enjoying his clean scent. There wasn't a trace of Shawn left on him, but that gave him no excuse for what he'd done. He had almost drained his sweet pet, he'd almost destroyed his whole life for a case of jealousy. Chris kept dropping kisses across his hair and neck, even his forehead.

Chris sighed, whispering, "This wouldn't happen if you were like me, Michael…if you were a vampire…I'd never have to worry about hurting you."

Though Jericho couldn't see it, there was a flash of hope in Mike's blurry eyes.

The slight smile that curled his lips said that he wasn't opposed to the idea.