This Gold forevers best friend he is letting me use his account to make my own story. this will be a pokemorph story that will use Ocs now before I show you what you need their are some rules the rules are:Complainig will result in not using your legendaries,no Eeveelutions (Tho Eevee in general is fine)no pokemon from the Pikachu you are not specific I will fill in the blanks or not use your Oc. Now that I have shown you the rules you can read what you need.

Name:First and last please

Gender:Important incase your Pokemorph has diffrent gender forms.


Species/side:Pokemorph (have the powers of a pokemon)

Pokemon they are a hybrid of:Try to pick a original one.

Body:Skin color,height,weight.


Hair:Color,length and style

Clothes:Make it interesting. I hate it when all people wear is a white t-shirt and jeans. Really. If you are a pokemorph, try to wear something that suits your morph. Like, a noctowl would dress formally and wear mainly brown.

Personality:You can put whatever you want here but be descrpitive please.

Flaws:Put at least one to be realistic.

History:I want how they turned into a Pokemorph and why if you dont put it its fine but keep in mind that if you dont I could make them the most miserable include family

Moves:Only four

Pokemon features:Must have at LEAST three. POWERS DO NOT COUNT AS FEATURES.

Okay that is what you need either submit through reviews or PM Goldforever.