Superhero Heathgar and sidekick Dair /

Normal POV

It was dark everyone was sleeping the fire had gone out so everyone moved closer together to keep warm. Heath was sleeping peacfuly as his brown hair swept in the wind and his purple hands laid on his stomach the others were all laying on there side or stomach they were all dreaming about diffrent dreams, but Heaths was the most interesting.

Heath POV

Dream world

I was in my office sitting in a comfy chair writing down some notes on my wooden desk as my friend Dair filed some paper work. I then heard noise only my bionic ears could hear, I jolted up from my seat, and ran towards another room Dair knew what was happening and quickly rushed over to the same room.

When I got inside the room there were rows upon rows of capes and belts " Dair hand me cape #24." I said, Dair picked up a yellow cape and handed it to me I quickly draped it around my shoulders as Dair put on his red cape and a belt that had a fire symbol on it.

"Whats the situation captain?" Dair asked as, I fumbled to get my belt on with a ghost on it.

I finally got it on "There is this woman she needs our help the area is just south of Celedon." I said as, Dair nodded and prepared the purpose of the belt were to sustain our power until the bitter end each belt had its own power me and Dair knew this situation was going to be a tough one.

The Heathmobile was my prized car, and it got me everywhere it was a small car it was big enough for me and Dair together plus a few supplies it could fly also witch was a big design was basically a submarine with my face on it and purple it was easy to control even in the toughest and Dair quickly jumped into the Heathmobile and got going.

Dair drove the car while I just sat next to him looking at the city we were flying above it was beautiful and green it look like the people of the city didnt have a care in the world, but of course that wasn't true or we wouldn't be going on this mission.

"Captain do you hear the call and were is it coming from?" Dair asked as, we were about to touch the ground.

"Its right here Dair I must say your doing a great job on heightening your senses." I said as, I opened the door a jumped out with Dair by my place we were at was a park it was filled with swings and the grass was very green.

What we saw was a young woman crying herself to death she was a seviper morph and had black spiky hair, me and Dair went to got talk to her and ask her a few questions.

Her face lit up when she saw me "Super hero Heathgar you made it." She said, giving me a hug

I was known as Heathgar to fellow civilians, but Dair and my co-workers knew me as Heath or Dair was known as well Dair, but you get the picture.

"So whats the matter?" I asked, giving her a tissue to dry up her tears.

It seemed to do the trick and she began talking "Well my name is Lias and well my phone got stolen." She cried, me and Dair took a step back who would commit such a crime.

Dair took out a notepad and started writing down details of what happened "OK now so where were you before noticing your phone was missing?" I asked as, Dair got a little nervouse as we were taking on such horrible crime.

She thought about it for while before answering "Well I was at The sub shop,the hair salon,then I went to go pay some bikers the money my boyfriend owes them down by the convient store its the only one in the city so it wont be hard to find, and last but not least I was at my boyfriends house his name is Chrisco if I remember correctly." She said, me and Dair just froze up the famous Chrisco was her boyfriend he was a famous singer and he wasn't scared of anything.

Dair began starting up the car as I went to inform are client "Thank you for all the info we would please like a map to show us the way." I said, she handed me one and me and Dair were off.

"So captain were should we go first?" Dair asked me.

I thought about it "The sub shop I'm hungry so it would be great to get some food." I said, Dair gave a nod and started flying towards our destination.

When we arrived the sub shop was nestled in a little corner it was basically a sub stand they didn't seem very busy, so me and Dair were able to talk to the cashier quickly.

"What do you boys want?" The girl asked, she was a Azumaraill morph she had the ears feet and tail of an Azumarill she also had pretty blue hair but she seemed rude.

I wanted to get this interview that she didn't know about over and done with "We will take an Italian sub to go please." I said.

"Two italian subs you got that Al." The girl shouted.

"Yes Lilly I got that." I heard the guy say.

Lilly got mad "Who the $*! are you calling a bitch?" Lilly asked with rage in her eyes.

I couldn't really see the guy as he was in the back of hte stand preparing orders, but I could at least hear him and right now he was probably crying.

"I wasnt calling anyone a bitch." The guy groaned

Lilly seemed satisfied and directed her attention on us "My boss is such a jerk." Lilly said as, she began chewing a wad of gum.

I was a little nervous asking this girl questions but hey it was I had to do to fine the missing candy "Can I ask you a few questions I am investigating a crime?" I asked as, Dair got out a note pad.

"Sure what do you need to know?" Lilly asked, her blue eyes staring at me.

I gulped before asking "Well this lady came here with her phone today she had black spiky short hair and she lost her phone do you know were it is?" I asked

Lilly thought about it for a while "Well no I don't think I saw the phone." Lilly replied, putting another wad of gum into her mouth.

"Can I ask you a few more questions?" I asked, Lilly gave a nod.

I thought about for a second before asking "Well what phone do you have?" I asked

Lilly searched in her pocket for a while until she finally dug it up "This is it my boyfriend Diego gave it to me." Lilly said as, she showed us a pretty pink phone.

I studied it for a while it had texting and web search on it and of course you could make calls, but it didn't exactly match the description of the missing one, so I just handed it back to her.

"So who is this Diego person?" I asked, my red eyes nervously loking around the area.

Lilly smiled at me then answered "Well he is the most awesomest person ever he has the the coolest hair it black and red and magnificent wings in other words he is a Staraptor morph." Lilly said

Me, and Dair were stunned we had never met Staraptor morph "Was he here when the lady came to buy something?" I asked, thinking of what a Staraptor morph would do to me.

"Well yeah he was acctualy here when she was here but maybe it was just a coincidence." Lilly said.

I studied the sub shop, but there were no clues that the phone was stolen, the grass was green and there were no footprints so me and Dair thought nothing had happened there.

"So were dose Diego live?" I asked

Lilly smiled then answered"Well I cant tell you that." Me and Dair instantly frowned "But I will tell you were he works, he works at the Celedon game corner as one of the dealers." Lilly said, this made me and Dair instantly happy we would go there tonight when it opened.

"You have been great help." I said as, she handed me our sub and I payed for it but suddenly the gum she had been chewing landed on the sub the pink subtance made its way inside the sandwich making all sticky and inedible.

"Can we have our money back please our sub sandwich is gross?" I asked, Lilly got really mad.

"Hell no get the &%$ out of this shop!" She yelled, me and Dair compiled and quickly went back into the Heathmobile and took off.

I watched over the trees get smaller and smaller as me and Dair got higher and higher "Were should we go next?" Dair asked, keeping his eyes on the sky.

I thought about for a while "Well the Hiar salon I dont want to go challenging bikers just yet." I said as, my purple hands faded in and out.

"Okay the hair salon, Heath what the hell are you doing?" Dair asked as I took a bite out of the sub.

"I want what I paid for and the gum makes it taste better." I said, before consuming the whole thing.

Dair sighed "You do realize that gum was in someones mouth." Dair said as, I began chewing the left over gum.

I knew exactly what to say "So what the girl who was chewing the gum was hot." I said, continuing to chew the gum.

"Your hopeless wreck." Dair sighed.

back into real world

I woke up with a jolt it was already morning everyone was eating breakfast which consisted of raspberry's and stolen pancakes from who knows were.I sighed and got up looking at the beautiful clouds as they passed by.

Erich instantly noticed me and called me over "Heath come have breakfast with us." I nodded and headed over and sat on the log.

"Heath did you sleep well?" Dylan asked as, his mullet got slightly dirty from the syrup on the pancakes.

I remembered last night and what a dream it was."Yeah but it was pretty hectic." I said, while Erich handed me some pancakes.

Everyone looked at me like I was some crazy Pokemon "Anyways today we are all going to head out deep into the forest I know there is a stream near it were we can get some fresh water." Erich said as, I just plopped the whole stack of pancakes into my mouth.

"Sound like a plan." I said