Okay, I have 6 chapters planned for this one. It shouldn't take me too long, but I have only two weeks lift of college (decided to quit after first term. Turns out I'm not a college girl, not enough self-discipline for it...) so it will be at least that long before I post up chapter 2. I had to start this because I finally finished the anime.

In my opinion, this anime doesn't get enough publicity. It is amazing, and deserves to be seen as much. I have recommended it to several friends, so hopefully it will spread around soon.

Because there are a few different versions of the characters' names, I will list the ones I used:
Zed (obviously...)
Jiko (also called Zico, personally I like Jiji better both because it is like a play on his name and because it means "old man.")
Sebastion (does he even have another name?)
Robes (same as above. Though, I am too lazy to put the accent mark above his name every time I type it...)

Warnings: Shounen Ai (yes, this is a ZedxNoa pairing), spoilers for those who have not seen all the episodes. So, if you haven't seen the entire anime don't read, unless you don't mind spoilers, then go ahead and read. If you don't like male x male pairings, don't read either, and if you do, don't flame it. I hate that.

I do not own Kiba :'(

Chapter 1: To the Place Where the Wind Blows

His mystic blue eyes stared at the dawn light, white wings open fully to glide on the soft air currents. How long had it been now, since he had left that world? Where was he now? It wasn't Calm, or Tempura, or Neotopia.

It wasn't with Noa.

Zed found that as the days went by, one at a time, the ache to just see his best friend again grew larger and larger, threatening to burst from his chest.

But he had chosen this. He had decided to fuse with Amil Gaoul, not Noa. He had decided to leave, not Noa. He had decided he should never return.

Three years, the spirit inside him answered, breaking Zed free from his brooding thoughts.

"Come again?" the white-haired male asked, not even bother to look around, having long since gotten used to Amil's comments.

It has been three years since you left, it specified, answering his unspoken question.

"You've been keeping track?" Zed asked, flapping his Amil Gaoul-given wings rapidly to safely land on a roof top before hiding them. As he used to in the old days—the old days being back when he had originally left and had yet to become used to Amil Gaoul talking to him—the teenager looked over his shoulder as if looking at the speaker.

Yes, Amil replied.

"Why?" The question held a great deal of confusion. What did the time matter to Amil? Was he counting down his years left alive? Did he regret giving up that eternal life to prevent Tasker from being resurrected again?

I knew you would ask, eventually, came the cool reply. Amil Gaoul's personality had not shown through well as a spirit, but now that he was able to freely talk, it showed through just how arrogant he could be. You are only human, and I know I am not enough company for you alone. You should go back to see them, even if you only view from afar. And yet he could also be quite kind. Although we both know you won't be able to. Scratch that. A smug voice like that can't be kind!

Still, Zed turned to face away from the sun, looking up at the awakening sky. "Three years…? That means I'm 18 now. Has it really been that long?" Summoning his wings again, the boy-turned-angel took to the skies, and the glowing green portal that awaited him.

His dark eyes stared at the dawn light, weak arms resting on the arms of his wheelchair. How long had he been in it now? How much longer would he be? A month? A year? Ten years? Would he even live long enough to be out of it?

Would he live long enough to see Zed?

His mind wandered to the missing boy constantly now-a-days. He wished to just see his best friend again, even if it was only from a distance.

But Zed had chosen to leave. Zed had chosen to follow Amil Gaoul through that portal. Zed had decided to not come back yet…

And Noa knew there was nothing he could do about it, except for wait.

"It's been three years now," a female voice said sadly, the same female that always pushed his wheelchair and used her healing shard to prolong his life.

"Yeah," Noa agreed, just as sad, looking out over Tempura from the top of that hill the girl said that Zed used to always do so from. "Three years since he left."

Roia glanced down at him, his somber mood reflected in her sorrowful eyes. She knew Noa missed Zed more than she did. "Three years since all that trouble went on," she stated. "Three years that you've been in this wheelchair."

"Yeah," Noa agreed again, ever complacent.

"Ah!" Roia suddenly exclaimed, startling the other teenager into looking up at her. "Ginga sent a message over," she cheered. "They are closer than he had expected. He said it should only be a couple more weeks, a month at most, before it should be ready."

His dark eyes lit up at that. "You mean that-" he began to ask before she cut him off.

"Yep! That means I was right! I told you so!" she jeered good naturedly, giggling quietly and receiving a soft chuckle from the dark-haired male. A soft chuckle that turned into quiet coughs as his body rejected the enjoyment, or any sharp movement, for that matter. "Ah, I'm sorry!" Roia profusely apologized, trying to bow while still retaining her grip on the wheelchair handles.

"Don't worry about it, Roia," Noa said kindly once the coughs subsided. "Your only intention was to help lift my mood a bit. It helped, but I don't think…" He left the sentence open-ended, knowing quite well that Roia understood perfectly. It was no mystery to the girl where her companions affections lay, and they definitely weren't on her.

No, those affections flew off with Zed.

The winds gently blew his snowy hair, hair that he had kept in its short, spiky array. The clearing was the same one, the breeze was the same one, the windmill was the same one, but the situation was different. He knew this place now. And Jiko wasn't here fighting with a Jimoto soldier. Jiko wasn't even here at all, any more.

The thought pained him. He had caused Jiko's death by losing to Tasker's will those three years ago.

There isn't anything you can do about that now, Amil stated, always the sensible one. Besides, don't you think Jiko would have been happy to die the way he did, fighting against what he once thought he wanted? He was able to do something useful in the end, that is sure to have made him happy, especially after what happened with your mother.

"Yeah, I guess so," Zed sighed, having heard that argument a hundred times before and still finding no valid contradiction for it. Looking around the clearing with his almost trance-like blue eyes, Zed brought his shard caster hand to his shoulder blade.

What are you doing? Amil asked, worried as he felt the barrier between his power and Zed erect.

"Not yet," the savior replied. "I don't want them to see just yet. And if possible, I don't want them to see at all…" He could feel the key spirit sympathize with him, though he also felt the strong disagreement with his decision. "If you don't like it, then take control. I know you can quite easily.

No, Amil replied. I have lived my fill of lifetimes. You have experienced barely eighteen years. This is your life to live, and I have had enough life to feel no regret with dying. I have seen enough war to be happy to find a way to stop it.

Zed couldn't help but smile at that, and how much alike they sounded. The only difference being, as Amil Gaoul said, he had less than a score of years, while the spirit had lifetimes' worth of fighting and killing.

His now yellow-brown eyes gazed ahead of him as he made his way through the nest of trees. It wasn't dark and scary, but calm and peaceful, and he found himself believing he could simply live in this forest, away from everyone and everything else.

"Who goes there!" a voice called out.

But he wasn't alone, and he wouldn't be alone here. And the spirit-boy did not believe he could be near people for any given amount of time anymore. "Stand down," he said as kindly as he could, finding his voice strange and unfamiliar, despite using it with the voice inside his head. It had, after all, deepened a bit as he grew, and gained a cold edge he could discard from the months and months of loneliness.

"State your name!" the shard caster guard commanded, Tempuran spear angled towards Zed's throat. "I will only ask one more time! State yo-" He was cut off.

"Zed," the white-haired male replied. "My name is Zed."

He could see the guard physically stiffen at that, and look him over carefully. "N-not possible…" he stuttered a bit, tip of his spear disturbing the dirt. "It-it really is you, isn't it, Zed?"

"Ah," Zed replied, his typical replacement for 'yeah.'

"Please, come with me!" he practically shouted in hysterics, seeming quite flustered and determined to get the snow-haired teen to follow him. Zed didn't try to get away as the man grabbed his wrist and dragged him through the forest, towards where he very well knew that Miki and Roia and Robes and Sebastian would be.

But not Jiko.

Jiko was dead.

Several people seemed to recognize him as he was pulled through the village. Gasps and whispers were shared and spread, making his arrival precede him. Sebastian was waiting at the door to the Tempuran "palace," looking quite annoyed and unbelieving in the rumor. His characteristic frown caused his eyebrows to knit together and create deep lines on his forehead, his hands clasped behind his back in annoyance. He had heard things like this before, but not in a couple years. This was just going to be…

"Zed…?" he breathed, barely audible as the male walked up to stand just a few feet in front of him.

"Ah," Zed replied, not looking at Sebastian, or anything in particular. His gaze was far away, trying to figure out what had possessed him to step foot in this place again.

A somber tone crept into the elder's rarely opened eyes, noticing the distinct change in the boy's demeanor. His travels, his time away, had hit him hard. "Come, you must be hungry," Sebastian said, motioning towards the structure behind him with one arm.

"Ah," Zed agreed, lacking his usual luster.

This did not please the older man. This Zed was not the one he saw leave to go face Task and Tasker. This Zed was half-dead inside and searching for the half that was alive. "There are a lot of people who have missed you. I will bring you to see them. I'm sure you've missed them too." He received no answer with this.

Grumbling silently, Sebastian gently knocked on the door. "Come in," came Roia's soft voice, it too worn down over the years. For not the first time, Sebastian found himself hating the key spirits that could cause so much pain to children as young as them.

Her back was turned to the door, allowing Noa to gaze out the large window, and she didn't turn around until she heard the distinct click! of the door closing. Then she froze, breath caught in her throat.

"Roia, what is it?" Noa's soft voice asked, the raven-haired male trying to turn his head enough to look passed her.

The girl noticed that Zed flinched slightly at his best friend's voice, looking up from the floor but looking passed her to the wheelchair.

"Zed?" she asked slowly, cautiously. Noa found his voice stuck in his throat, that single word he had been waiting what seemed like forever to hear temporarily shutting down his brain. "Is that really you, Zed?"

He gave a slight nod, not much, but enough to be noticeable to the girl watching. Said girl quickly turned back towards the window, gripping the handles of Noa's wheelchair and turning him to face the snowy-haired male.

"Zed…" Noa whispered once he found his voice. "You came back…"

"Ah," he replied, trying unsuccessfully to smile. It had been so long, he had forgotten how. "I came back…"

I like how I did this one! It seems (to me, at least) different from my usual writing style, but I still think it's good. Also a note, no, Zed is not an angel, that is just used to describe what he looks like. Spirit-boy represents how he is now half-spirit half-human. And trance-like blue eyes was the best way I could think up to describe Amil Gaoul's eyes on Zed. It did look like Zed was kind of in a trance.

Hope you enjoyed it, all two of you who will probably read this.