Title: Teenage Wasteland. (A mob family story) All Human

Genre-Drama, Romance, Crime, Comedy

Summary: The Cullen family is notorious throughout Palm Beach for their involvement in crime, fast money, fast cars, and the life of luxury. The Cullen teens are about to experience life, in new ways. Edward, Emmett, and Alice have always been treated differently than other teens their age. Edward is the eldest brother and has a lot on his shoulders, trying to please his father in every way possible. Emmett, the middle child, is rebellious and always wants to do exactly the opposite of what his family wishes of him. Alice is Esme and Carlisle's baby girl, she is extremely over-protected by the family, and has no idea what really experiencing life is. When the three siblings run into three people that could change their outlook on life entirely, how well will the heads of this dangerous family react?

(To avoid confusion) Character Info:

Edward Cullen - Turning 19, Freshman in College

Emmett Cullen - Turning 18, Senior

Alice Cullen - 17, Junior

Rosalie Hale - Turning 18, Senior

Jasper Hale - 23, College Graduate

Bella Swan - Turning 17, Junior

Jacob Black - 16, Sophomore

Carlisle Cullen - 37, Mob Boss.

Esme Cullen - 39

Rating - Mature. Foul language, and all the regular stuff teenagers do.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight characters or the series content.

Living in West Palm Beach, usually meant you came from money, and plenty of it. Carlisle Cullen was only fourteen years old when he emigrated to the United States from Scotland. He only had a few dollars to his name and no papers. Being an orphan he ended up working on farmland for an extremely wealthy family. He fell in love with the family's eldest daughter, Esme. She was two years older than he and was arranged to marry a man named Charles Evenson. After Esme's father had caught the pair kissing in the stables, the family threw Carlisle out. Esme stole whatever money she could find in her home and went in search to find the man she truly loved. Young and naïve, they ran away together to the United States, where they hoped to start a brand new life. Carlisle found a job at a casino in West Palm Beach as a busboy and Esme worked as a nanny for a wealthy family around the area. The casino Carlisle worked in was owned by the Volturi family, an Italian mob family. When Carlisle was seventeen Aro Volturi, the head of the family hired him to do a variety of odd jobs.

At first they only consisted of delivering packages, driving around some acquaintances, or just plain old picking up coffee. The money was great, more than Carlisle had ever seen, and it pleased Esme more than anything. She had grown up living like a queen and he felt bad for not being able to spoil her in the way she had been used to. Odd jobs, turned into dangerous jobs. One night after Carlisle had watched Aro's brother Marcus shoot a man in the head over a gambling debt, he thought it was about time to call it quits. But fate had other things in store for him. He went home to break the news to Esme but before he could tell her he no longer wanted to work for the Volturi family, she announced she was pregnant with their first child. Carlisle Cullen was only eighteen years old.


19 years later…

Edward Cullen sat in his Volvo S60R in front of Tanya Denali's massive mansion. They had been dating about a month. His father's closest friend and ally, Aro believed it would be a splendid idea to have Edward date the girl. Her family had close personal connections in the Russian Mob. The eighteen year old girl wasn't beautiful but she could be described as cute. She had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, was fairly short and very thin. The really annoying thing about her though, was she was very high-maintenance, and could be described as snobby and vain. Edward had already been waiting outside for half an hour and was becoming extremely agitated.

"Please hurry so I can get this over with." Edward mumbled to himself as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Hi!" Tanya's absurdly childlike voice scared the shit out of him as she popped her head inside his car. She just stood there waiting for a response instead of just getting in and sitting down.

"Hey. Let's go," He replied as kindly as he could possibly manage. Usually Edward was top notch when it came to being polite and using his manners, but there was just something extremely irritating about this girl that sometimes made him slip.

He maneuvered his car out of the driveway slowly waiting until they were out of sight from her home before he sped down the street, barely giving the girl a chance to put her seatbelt on.

"Where are we going?" Tanya asked making Edward flinch at the shrill of her voice. This relationship would work better if she didn't speak, at all.

Flashing her a killer smile, "Café L'Europe." It was the most expensive restaurant in town, suitable for her tastes. Today if she complained about the food or the service, he would just tell his father he gives up. And those words never left his mouth when it came to his father.

She stayed quiet for a minute. What a relief.

"Ed…" She started and paused, he looked at her hating the fact she called him that, she had mischief in her eyes. "Why don't we go to the beach?"

His brows shot up. "What for?"

Her hand reached over to him and made her way down his pants and she began to rub. "I want to show you something."

He quickly took her hand away as gently as possible, wishing he could smack it. "Don't you think it's too soon for that Tanya?"

She shook her head, pulled up his shirt then started trailing kisses down his stomach. He was going to crash if she kept this up. Edward made a mental note to make sure his sister no longer talked to this horrid girl, she was an awful example to be around.

"Stop," He told her coldly. Tanya didn't listen or didn't care.

I'm being molested. Edward thought as he attempted to push her head away from his body. Nothing was working so he parked his car on the side of the road.

Tanya looked up at him. "If you let me do this Ed, I'll tell my father what a great boyfriend you are. Daddy will be pleased at hearing how you have been such a gentlemen towards me, and so will your father. Besides I promise you'll like it."

Edward wanted to smack the smirk right off her face, the evil bitch had just blackmailed him because she wanted to give him head. What the fuck? He didn't answer, and instead watched as she unbuckled his pants and placed her mouth on his cock. Closing his eyes, he imagined it being someone else less childish, irritating, and snobby. He wanted someone whom he could find beautiful inside and out.



"Fuck! My dad is going to fucking kill me!" Emmett yelled as he stared at the now completely destroyed Maserati. There was no fixing this one now, his dad would be home in the morning to find his favorite vehicle missing. The thing had been customized entirely to Carlisle's tastes, and it was his most prized possession.

"He can just buy another one man, don't sweat this. Besides what did your dad expect after he took the keys to your Benz away?" James, Emmett's friend, assured him. His dad despised James, and believed him to be a very bad influence. He wasn't from the wrong side of the tracks or anything like that. His father was also very wealthy, a criminal lawyer in fact. It's ironic how often he had to use his professional career to get his son out of trouble.

Emmett shook his head in disbelief as he stared at the broken car. Why did he think racing James' Ferrari with his dad's favorite car was a good idea? "What am I going to do?" He asked aloud to no one in particular.

James patted him on the back and looked up at his face. "Damn, you're bleeding. Let's get you to the hospital. And I'll take care of everything."

They both walked to James' car that was in mint condition - obvious James had won the race - which reminded Emmett he now owed his buddy five-grand. Stupid bet.

On the way to the hospital James made a call. "Hey Mr. Black may I speak to Jacob."

When he was done, Emmett turned to him. "What was that?"

"There's this kid named Jacob Black, he lives on the other side of town. He's insane with fixing cars." By the other side of town, he meant the normal side consisting of the middle class.

All Emmett could do was nod he had a splitting headache, and only expected it to get worse when his father came home in the morning.

"Don't worry buddy, while you get checked out I'll have a tow truck tow the car over to this kids house and he promised to have it fixed by morning."

Fixing the damage he had done seemed impossible in only nine hours, but whatever, it was either go along with James' idea or have his father kill him. He wished he could tell Edward what was going on, but he would probably give him some speech about accepting responsibility and manning up by telling our father the whole truth before he got home.

Fuck that…

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