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Since meeting Edward Cullen sleep seemed impossible. His beautiful green eyes and his velvet voice haunted me in ways that made me feel more alive then ever. I imagined losing myself to him completely, not caring about Charlie or anyone else.

Jacob approved for some disturbingly odd reason. Maybe it was just the fact Jake didn't judge, he was the so what if his family was the polar-opposite of yours type?

But, this story couldn't have a happy ending no matter how badly she wished it too. And what would happen when Edward found out who she was?

The chief of police's only daughter. Could he still be interested in her then…

This whole thing felt like a page out of Romeo and Juliet, and everyone knows how those two ended.


I mean the possibility was there right, I could end up dead…

Was Edward Cullen worth dying for?

Was Edward Cullen worth losing her father's love over?

Charlie wasn't home, it was a little passed one and he most likely would not be home until at least four or five in the morning. A few hours ago he had told me he and the FBI were working overtime on collecting evidence against the Volturi and Cullen family, but everything was too circumstantial to hold up in court.

Around two in the morning as I sat up in my bed, my thought's racing over the predicament I was in; my phone buzzed.

Gulping, I stared at the name. Just seeing his name excited me.


I'm outside. Meet me.

My stomach in nuts and my heart racing, I leaped from my bed and ran into my bathroom to quickly brush my teeth and tend to my disorderly hair. Looking down I sighed at the bunny pajama pants and my wrinkly blue t-shirt. Welp, guess he was finally going to see the real me. No makeup or expensive clothes.

"Bella," His lips moved into a whisper as I approached his vehicle. Looking godlike and completely unholy, he stood leaning against his shiny silver car with his arms crossed. And then he flashed me a crooked smile that sent butterflies flying through my stomach.

Oh my god. It was chilly out, but I felt suddenly extremely warm.


Pulling me into his arms, he hugged my tightly. "It's good to see you. I apologize about the hour." His breathe on my neck threatened to send me into full on hyperventilating mood.

Standing back, I shrugged and then smiled. "It's fine."

Opening the passenger side door to his car, I quickly sat on the leather seat and watched as he scrambled to the drivers side with a huge grin on his face. The car smelled of his cologne and I inhaled the scent wishing to memorize it forever.

"Did I wake you?" He asked as if nervously as he drummed his fingers on the staring wheel and then fiddled with his touch screen radio.

I shook my head, feeling just as nervous if not more. "Nope."

Reaching his hand towards mine he turned to stare into my eyes, as I got lost in their emerald green beauty. Our hands entwined and it felt as If electricity were literally flowing through me.

"You're so beautiful Bella," He whispered as he leaned in my heart momentarily stalling as I inhaled his breathe and he finally pressed his lips to mine. It was as if the planet's had stopped orbiting, his lips tasted like heaven and as he parted mine open all I could imagine was being pressed against him like this forever.

It wasn't her first kiss, and this wasn't the first boy she'd ever dated, but at that moment it felt like he was the only one that ever counted. And could ever count.


A week had passed and I was still Alice's bodyguard; I was also still a liar. A traitor, I thought as Alice nuzzled my neck gently.

Rosalie was at work, Carlisle was at the casino, Edward was out with Bella, Emmett was still in the depths of hell Sicily, and Esme was with her beautician at some spa retreat for the weekend. I was lying to all of them, I thought as Alice stood from my couch in my apartment and retreated to the kitchen.

This was the only safe place they could be alone and be themselves. Public intimacy had to be avoided at all costs, and god forbid any of the maids or other security personnel caught them in her own home.

He'd be a dead man.

"Want anything from the kitchen Jasp?" She called from the fridge as he heard her rifle through his cabinets.

I shook my head as if he could see it and she peeked her head back into the living room. "You okay Jasper?"

Gulping the fear back, I looked up and smiled at the beautiful girl before me and nodded. "I'm good thanks."

Putting her hands to her hips she studied me apprehensively then sauntered her way over in her little white dress. With her, it was impossible to lie; she always seemed to know exactly what was on his mind.

"We will be fine. Everything will be fine. I promised," Her voice was musical to my ears and instantly seemed to soothe me as she wrapped her legs around me and sat atop me whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

As she straddled me, I felt myself go hard and my lips made their way to her neck as I kissed her gently. Then she tilted my chin up sucking my lips between hers.

Fuck, if he had to get killed over this then so fucking be it.


"I don't have it. What the fuck you want me to do?" A man of about forty looked up at me with pleading eyes.

I squared him in the jaw.

"You have three days to bring me the rest of Santiago's money, or you lose both you're legs," Not recognizing my own voice, with one final swift quick to the man pleading I walked away.

Angelo, one of Santiago's crew studied the scene apprehensively and gave me a look that said "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Shrugging, I pushed the man's back door open with my blood-stained hands and waited for Angelo to be beside me.

Looking up at the clear beautiful sky, I gritted my teeth. Another hard days work. "Where to next?"

Angelo who looked to be only about a year younger then me, rifled through his pocket and took out a list of names.

"Antonio Aguilla."

Spitting the tobacco I had been chewing onto the grass, I wiped my hands on my jeans and walked straight ahead.

"Lets fucking go then."

It had only been about two weeks but I'd learned the ropes as quickly as possible. For me to survive here, I had to be the biggest man. The hardest man. The man no one wanted to fuck with. Even Santiago started looking at me with more respect.

For about a week it had been me following Sal around while he did his dirty deeds. Now he had Angelo follow him around making sure Santiago's debts got paid.

This was small-time.

Once I got trusted with the bigger dealing, then I'd have real power. No one would dare disrespect me.

Fuck it, I'd be the fucking king of Sicily.

That night the crew and I headed to a local bar; there were no laws against minors drinking here. No laws at all it seemed actually…

A few local girls danced around wildly throwing themselves at the guys, married or not and they splurged on shots and cheap bear smoking cigars and laughing freely. Guns holstered and knives pocketed, this was a no bullshit zoned. No one would fuck with us here.

We owned this town.

Heck, we owned the entire god-damn country.

Drunk off my ass, I stumbled around and bummed a few cigarettes from some locals in the back patio taking in the fresh air and shaking my head at the change of scenery this was for me.

No black cards here or full stretch limos. This was a shit hole of a place, hell on fucking earth.

A young woman walked in front of me giggling, she had long blonde hair and it reminded me of someone's.

Dazed, I watched as she curled her fingers gesturing me to follow.

Shrugging, and imagining she was Rosalie. I followed.


What the fuck was Tanya's car doing circling Bella's block? Feeling my eyes blaze, I looked down at Bella who laid against me in the passengers seat and I inhaled slowly trying to keep control of my anger. A black Mercedes with the license plate FLPRINCESS had just circled her block twice.

"Bella, can you do me a favor and put you're seat belt on." It wasn't a question.

It'd been three perfect weeks since I'd met Isabella Swan, and shit had been too quiet on the Denali front. Heck, it had been too quiet on the Voluri and the Cullen front as well.

I watched as she fumbled with her seat belt and finally put it on, taking the car off park I put my foot to the gas and sped off chasing the Mercedes as it whipped a right turn.

"What's going on Edward?"

Feeling my nostrils flare and avoiding her gaze I shook my head. "Just a psycho ex-girlfriend. Ill take care of it."

Had Bella not been in the car, I probably wouldn't have lost her. Fuming, I parked a few miles passed her house and slammed my hands against the steering wheel.

"Calm down Edward. It's okay, I don't care if she knows where I live now."

He had made it a conscious effort to see her almost every night after taking care of business, my fucking mistake.

My phone buzzed, annoyed I quickly checked it and then had the urge to chuck it out my window.

I told you Id find out where she lived. Love you always, Tanya.

Recalling the text message I got a few weeks ago from her and didn't bother reading, I groaned.

"Bella, I'm sorry I got you involved with these people…" I couldn't even finish my sentence we never talked about our family, who they were or what they did, but I knew she knew. Everybody knew.

She shook her head as her eyes started to water. "Are you breaking up with me?"

My heart sunk and I began to get anxious. Was she fucking crazy? "No silly, I'm fucking crazy about you. Why would I do that?"

Her lips began to tremble as she blurted out, "Because my dad is the chief of police."

Blue and Red headlights and the sound of sirens up ahead did nothing for what I felt like at that moment, fear, realization, and pure shock.

My jaw hung open as I, Edward Cullen was probably in the first time in ever: Fucking speechless.

The Chief of Police's Daughter?