Boyfriend Stealer

Chapter 7

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As Jim lay in his bed, he smiled as he recalled the hug shared between his first officer and himself. It was what he'd wanted for so long. He turned on his side and fell asleep awhile later.

The next day, at breakfast, Jim blinked as he saw Spock sit down next to him. He raised a questioning eyebrow.

"You never sit with me, Spock" Jim says quizzically. Spock looked at Jim with his usual, emotionless face.

"If you wish to be alone I can leave" he says simply. Jim immediately grabbed his wrist.

"No…stay" he says quietly. Spock smiled and nodded.

"Yes Captain" he says. They ate in silence, stealing the occasional glance at each other. A few times, their eyes met and Kirk's face would slowly turn the lightest shade of red, while Spock's flushed a light green. Both men stood to leave, blushing again as their eyes met. Spock didn't realize what was going on. Why was he blushing so much? He told the captain to go ahead of him. Jim nodded and left. Spock watched him go then suddenly placed a hand on his stomach as a sharp pain shot through him. Now he was confused. He decided it was time to pay a visit to the ship's Chief Medical Officer.

Jim was wondering what was taking Spock so long. He was sitting in the captain's chair and looking at the empty science station. Without Spock there, Jim felt like he was just…there. Empty. He sighed. Then, he heard the doors open and whirled around to see if it was Spock. His eyes lit up when he saw that it was, then darkened when he saw the look of anger in Spock's eyes. No…no it wasn't anger. It was something…else. Something deeper. Jim watched as Spock sat down, closing his eyes and biting his bottom lip. Jim raised an eyebrow and walked over to him.

"Spock, is something wrong?" he asks, concerned, placing a hand on Spock's shoulder. Spock shivered and bit his lip harder.

"I must request that you not touch me, captain" he says, his voice low and emotionless. Jim removed his hand.

"Talk to me Spock" he says, now very concerned. He looked down at Spock, concern lacing his gaze.

"Go sit down, Captain. Don't worry about me" Spock says, glaring up at him. That glare would scare anyone absolutely shitless. Jim nodded and sat down again, watching Spock, wondering what could possibly be wrong with him.

When everyone got up to go to bed for the night, Jim followed Spock from a distance.

"Stalking him now, Jim?" Bones asks, eyebrow cocked, looking at his sneaking Captain and best friend.

"No…he won't tell me what's wrong with him…I need to know" Jim says pointedly. Bones rolled his eyes.

"He's going through a vulcan condition called Pon Farr" Bones says, annoyed. Jim raised an eyebrow.

"What's that?" he asks, curious.

"It's a psychophysical condition in which vulcans go into heat and literally NEED to have sex. Otherwise…they die" Bones says apathetically, watching Jim. Jim stared blankly for a few moments, then got a huge grin on his face.

"So he needs it?" he asks

"Jim you don't understand…right now…he's EXTREMELY violent and has a fever for blood" Bones says, a warning tone in his voice. He looked at Jim with a look that said 'if you go near Spock tonight you'll never walk again.'

"You should know that I can handle myself by now, Bones" Jim says, clapping his best friend on the back before walking away. Bones just rolled his eyes and muttered something about Jim being an idiot and Spock being a hobgoblin.


Jim knocked quietly on Spock's door.

"Whomever it is, I must insist that you depart now" Spock says through the door, his breathing hitched and his tone low.

"Spock, open the door" Jim says, crossing his arms.

"Jim I cannot. I do not want to hurt you" Spock says quietly.

"Spock I am ordering you to open this door" Jim says with authority. After a little rustling and a few moments, the door opened to reveal a very disheveled Spock.

"Captain I must request that you depart, for your own safety" Spock says, panting. Jim shook his head and walked in past Spock.

"close the door, Spock" Jim says. Spock obliged. Jim watched as Spock turned around to look at him. Jim smiled at him, a small, seductive smile.

"So…you need to get laid, huh?" he asks, laying out flat on Spock's bed, then bending one knee and resting his arm on his knee.

"I must remember to talk to Doctor McCoy" Spock says, doing his best not to look at Jim.

"Why don't you come sit down, Spock. You don't look so good" Jim says, patting the spot next to him. Spock quickly sat down and closed his eyes, trying to regulate his heart beat again. Jim sat up after a moment and wrapped his arms around Spock.

"Let me help you, Spock. Let me be the one" he whispers softly into the Vulcan's ear. Spock gasped softly and shivered.

"It must be someone I am bonded to telepathically" he says softly back. Jim grasped one of Spock's hand and placed it on his temple.

"Then bond with me" he says softly, almost desperately. All he knew is that he wanted Spock. Badly. Spock gasped when Jim said this, then nodded and bonded with Jim quickly. Jim accepted the bond and gasped at the sensations it caused him. When it was finished, both Spock and Jim were panting. Jim looked at Spock.

"Open your eyes, Spock. Please" Jim says quietly, stroking Spock's cheek. Spock took a deep breath and opened his eyes. What he saw before him was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. Blue eyes bore into his and then his brown eyes turned black and, within one second, Spock had Jim pinned to the bed and straddled him. Jim's eyes widened.

"Holy shit you're fast" Jim says, chest rising and falling with his hitched breathing.

"Be quiet" Spock says, leaning in and kissing Jim hard and roughly. Hard enough to bruise. Jim didn't care. He had what he wanted. He kissed Spock back and arched up into him. Spock growled in animalistic pleasure and bit Jim's lip, pressing his tongue into Jim's mouth and exploring Jim's mouth hungrily. Jim let out a soft moan and French kissed Spock back. Spock broke the kiss and looked down at Jim, who was panting a bit with his eyes closed. Spock bit his lip at the sight before him and kissed down Jim's jaw to his neck, to the nape of his neck, the bit. Jim let out a soft cry at the sudden bite then moaned softly as Spock sucked the bite and left his mark on Jim. He reached up and ripped, literally, Jim's shirt off and threw it on the floor. Jim shivered at the sudden cold and arched into Spock's touch. Spock pushed him back down so he was laying flat and kissed down his chest to his nipple, which he licked then bit roughly. Jim cried out loudly and shivered in pleasure. Spock continued, then switched to the other nipple as his hand made it's way down Jim's torso to his pant line. Jim whimpered when Spock's hand stopped moving, making Spock laugh deeply. Jim opened his eyes, then gasped and quickly shut them again when Spock gripped him hard. Spock squeezed him and massaged him roughly, causing Jim to arch again and press his ever-growing erection into Spock's hand. Spock smiled and easily removed the Captain's pants, tossing them aside. He left his captain devoid of clothing and admired him before continuing to touch him. Jim moaned and cried out Spock's name before cumming all over Spock's hand. Spock smiled and watched Jim as he panted hard and shook softly. Spock held his dirty hand up to Jim's mouth. Jim understood and began cleaning Spock's hand, running his tongue over the palm and slowly, very intricately, licking Spock's fingers clean, flicking his tongue over the tip of his finger. He shivered.

"You do not understand what you are doing to me, Jim" he says softly, letting Jim finish.

"Yes I do. Because of the bond, I feel what you feel…you feel what I feel" Jim says, reaching up and stroking his cheek again. Spock leaned into the touch, then quickly, and roughly, flipped Jim onto his stomach.

"That is indeed the case…and you will thoroughly enjoy this. It will hurt though, and you will bleed" Spock says, running his finger down Jim's spine. Jim shivered.

"I can handle it, Spock." he whispers softly. Spock chuckled and adjusted so he was supporting himself over Jim.

"Alright. Prepare yourself" Spock says seconds before entering Jim. Jim gasped as he felt Spock's manhood inside him. After a few moments, Jim had adjusted.


Spock did so much more than that. He began thrusting into Jim slowly and rhythmically, then picked up a very rapid pace and hard thrusting. He left bite marks and bruises all over Jim's back. Jim screamed his name loudly and dug his nails into the sheets, pushing up onto his hands and knees.

"Spock!…T-touch…Aaah! Touch…me!…" he screams loudly, sweat flying as his head whipped back and forth.

"Beg" Spock says softly, yet very seductively. Jim shivered at the mere tone of his voice.

"P-please…aaaaah! Spock….Spock! Touch me…ahh! Please!…" he screams, biting his lip hard and causing it to bleed. Spock chuckled and obliged, reaching around and beginning to pump Jim in rhythm with the thrusts. Jim screamed louder than ever at the fact that Spock was now touching him and the fact that Spock had found his sweet spot. He screamed Spock's name repeatedly, louder and louder, until he finally came again. He collapsed, supported by Spock, who came inside him moments later. Spock withdrew from him and lay down on his side, Jim next to him. Spock was right. Jim was now bleeding and he knew he'd be sore tomorrow, but he didn't care. He had never been happier. He turned so he was facing Spock and opened his eyes. He looked at the beautiful face that lay next to him. He reached and gently traced Spock's lips. Those lips that had caused so much pleasure and sweet pain. Spock opened his eyes and smiled at Jim.

"I am sorry our first sexual experience had to be this" Spock says, a bit sadly.

"I'm not. That was absolutely amazing. I like it rough" Jim says softly, blushing ever so lightly.

"I shall keep that in mind, bondmate" Spock says, smiling. Jim smiled back.

"So can we read each other's minds?" Jim asks curiously.

"In a sense. We can hear each other's thoughts and see what the other is thinking about" Spock says matter-of-factly. Jim nodded.

"Cool. Well, we should catch some sleep. I know I'm going to be hurting tomorrow" Jim says. Spock looked down.

"I am sorry to have caused you pain" he says dejectedly. Jim tilted his chin up.

"You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I loved it and I love you" he says, kissing Spock quickly.

"there's your goodnight kiss, now go to sleep" Jim says, closing his eyes and nuzzling into Spock's chest. Spock's arms found their way around him and enveloped him as he drifted to sleep. Spock fell into sleep moments later. Spock and Jim's breathing patterns now matched. Two hearts became one.

Meanwhile, a few rooms over.

Doctor McCoy lay awake in his bed, traumatized beyond belief.

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