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It seems that not one day had ever passed where they didn't know eachother. It's almost like they had been together since they were born. They never really cared that it wasn't true because all that mattered was that it felt like it. The four of them were best friends and promised eachother that day in fourth grade that they would protect one another, always.

Twelve year olds Logan Mitchell and Carlos Garcia were the last ones in the locker room after hockey practice. Their best friends, Kendall Knight and James Diamond, had said they'd wait in the front of the school for them. It had already been a rough day at practice due to Carlos being sick and Logan fretting over the B- he got on his spelling test. James and Kendall didn't mind because everyone had their off days but that didn't mean four other players were okay with it.

" Dude Danny, Ryan, Brett and Luke were so mad today." Carlos commented as he put away his stuff in his gear bag. He wasn't lying either.

Danny, Ryan, Brett and Luke were easilest the bulkest players on their team, next to James that is. They were also the rudest and cockiest. They had been upset with Logan and Carlos and would have let them know it if Kendall and James hadn't been there. The four boys had made it their mission to rough up Logan and Carlos everytime they messed up. It had gotten bad enough that the coach had cancelled the rest of practice due to the fact that none of the boys were focusing. The four bullys had already left the locker room so Kendall and James had deemed it safe for them to wait outside.

" I don't understand why, everyone has their off days. Today was ours but whatever lets just get out of here before James comes in and threatenes us with his comb or something." Logan responded and zipped up his gear bag.

Carlos chuckled even though he truly felt like his head was going to explode. He had been sick since last night but knew he couldn't miss practice so ended up coming to school anyway. Logan had told him it was only a head cold but man, he felt awful. The bullies harsh treatment hadn't helped his cold either and now all he wanted was to go home and sleep.

Logan had been playing close attention to Carlos which explains why he didn't hear the footsteps. Logan wanted to be a doctor when he grew up so when he learned that his best friend was sick, he jumped at the chance to look after him. Which is another reason he was so off at practice. James, Kendall and Logan had silently taken on the responsibility of looking out for the smaller Latino boy. Besides being the youngest and smallest, he was just innocent and they all loved that. They wanted to protect that, so it explained why Logan immediately pulled Carlos behind his body when he heard Danny's taunting voice ring through the locker room.

" Hey stupids, where are your little bodyguards?"

Here stood Danny, Ryan, Luke and Brett. Two things that stood out about these four was; they looked furious and cold. As much as a twelve year old could. Anyone could tell that they were up to no good. Logan felt Carlos move in closer to his side at the sight of the bullies.

" What do you want Danny?" Logan questioned, thanking the Lord that his voice didn't shake. The last thing Logan and Carlos needed was for them to know they were afraid.

" You two dweebs messed up our practice and we think you need to be punished for it." Danny explained as if it made all the sense in the world.

Suddenly Carlos was being ripped away from Logan, but Logan had no time to do anything about it. Ryan and Danny had pushed him into the cold metal lockers behind him causing him to yelp as the locks smashed into his back. Logan winced as Danny grabbed onto his shirt and repeated the action.

" Logan!"Carlos yelled as he watched Danny hit Logan in the stomach. Luke and Brett were holding Carlos back so he couldn't help his best friend. He could see Logan was in pain but he couldn't do anything to help him.

" Shut up." Luke growled and elbowed the Latino in the ribs.

Carlos gasped in surprise and pain but the pain faded when he heard Logan cry out. He looked up to see Logan on the floor holding a hand to his jaw. It was obvious Ryan had punched him because his right fist was still in the air.

" Stop it!" Carlos shouted, despretly trying to shake off Luke and Brett. Their combined strength was just too much to struggle against. He only had one last hope and he didn't even know if they would hear him but he had to try.

" Kendall, James! Help!" Carlos screamed ignoring the way his throat hurt, right now was not the time to be sick.

It was faint but James had heard it. He had always had the best hearing and right now he was thanking the Lord for it.

" Did you-" Kendall started but stopped when James ran towards the locker room. That answered his question.

Kendall dropped his bag and ran after James who had already reached the locker room doors. Their hearts almost stopped when the two best friends heard a cry of pain. They knew him well enough to know it had been Carlos. They ran in and stopped at the scene, their anger slowly building.

Logan was on the floor holding a hand to his jaw, pain obvious in his eyes. Danny and Ryan were standing over him. Carlos was being held by Luke and Brett with his eyes screwed shut and trying to get his breathing under control.

" What do you think you are doing?" Kendall hissed with his fists clenched and his eyes on Danny.

Everyones eyes turned to Kendall and James, Two pairs in relief and four in…. fear? That was understandable considering no one had ever seen James and Kendall so angry before. Luke and Brett let go of Carlos, who dropped to his hands and knees. The four bullies backed off, they hadn't been counting on the two of them to show up.

" N-nothing." Danny lied. Wrong move.

James didn't give the boy anytime to rethink his answer. He just swung with his anger and no thought. His fist landed straight in the side of Danny's face, hard enough for him to hit the ground.

" Come near them again and your done for." James warned furiously. The frightened boys grabbed their friend off the floor and made a mad dash for the exit.

Kendall and James focused their attention back on their best friends. Carlos had made his way over to Logan and was checking where Ryan had hit him. Kendall and James immediately dropped down next to them, checking them over.

" You guys okay?" Kendall questioned softly.

" Will be. Thanks guys." Logan mumbled and moved his jaw around a little hoping to get rid of the ache.

" No need to thank us." James assured him and patted his shoulder.

" Yeah, were best friends. We keep eachother safe, no matter what." Kendall promised with a smile.

The four of them had every intention of keeping that promise.

Now five years later the four best friends from Minnesota were going to find out how far they will go to stay alive and together.

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